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OK, we gotta hurry cause you need to put $500 to $1,000 in your bank account before the bank closes this afternoon. No Problemo -

I'm going to give you this simple little technique that you can use anytime you find yourself short, want to invest in the latest $197 online marketing course, or just need some extra cash to tide you over until all that AdSense money comes flooding into your mailbox. :p

How can I be so sure this will work? Because I use it myself and have for years. It has never failed me and, when you learn to do it properly, you will never worry about minor financial emergencies again.

Intrigued? Good. Let's get started...

First, just Google the word "Lawyer", "Dentist", "Chiropractor", or any other profession that has deep pockets (plenty of Moolah) and needs to advertise.

Google automatically knows where you are located and pops up a handy little list of local merchants that fits your keyword. Click on the "Places" button (in the left sidebar of your browser) to expand the list. We will use this for our research.

Next, click on the "Place Page" link to the right of the listing. What we are looking for here are the businesses that have not claimed their Place Page and will be easy targets for our approach. You will know who hasn't claimed their page because at the very top of the listing page will be the comment "Edit this place - Business Owner?" and there will be very little information about them or what they specialize in. Perfect!

Make a list of about 4 or 5 businesses in the same general area that have yet to claim their page and, for heaven's sake, put on a clean shirt will ya? We are going to visit these people who need our help and I don't want you looking like a "Goob"...

If you haven't already guessed, we are going to be offering to claim and set up their page for them.

Don't know how to do this yet? Don't worry, just click this link: Google Places Help everything you need to know can be found here. Trust me. It's easy.

Now, one important thing you need to know before you approach a prospect is that Google has already set up the place page for mobile. Just remind the client that nobody uses the "Yellow Pages" to look up numbers anymore - They use their computers or "Smart Phones" and it is super important to have their page set up correctly with all the vital information a person needs to make a well informed decision to use their services.

A good price point is anywhere between $350 to $500 for this service so, if you need $1,000 just get two clients.

It Works; It's Easy; You Can Do This -

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    Looks like a good idea actually. The only thing I will say is it might take some time if you find a bunch of listings who have already placed their pages and have to hunt through to find some who haven't. Good idea though.
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    Good idea. What makes a business owner want to pay someone $300-500 thought when they can set it up as it is pretty simple?
  • Profile picture of the author ADukes81
    Great idea Mike!

    Do you call the business first or walk in "cold" with a packet of information to give them?
  • Profile picture of the author EvcRo
    Sometimes i'm so upset because i wasn't born in USA
  • Profile picture of the author Player87
    I will try this and will come back with my tests.
  • Profile picture of the author paulie888
    I've been aware of this strategy for a while now, and a lot depends on the city that you're targeting. In a bigger city like mine, the majority of the lawyers, dentists and chiropractors have already claimed their Google Places listings. The situation may be different in smaller towns, but from what I've seen many of the high-value big city businesses have already been approached about this.
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    I have found 5 dentists within 4 or 5 miles of me that have not claimed their listing, two need a website.

    Off to go make that money!
  • Profile picture of the author ADukes81
    Thanks for the great idea Mike!

    I'll be back to report my progress.
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    Is this service free to the owner by google?


    do they have to pay to be placed verified?

    I am not sure I understand the benefit to the owner. For instance, if I google, chiropractors + county, (or city etc)... I will see the business name just like their competition(the only difference is the owners I target isn't verified).

    How important is verification? What's the benefits of this to the owner again? :confused:
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    That's brilliant! Also, I know this would work great in my area - most of the folks around me have internet but aren't very savvy when it comes to doing anything except pointing and clicking. I'm sure it's the same for a lot of folks out there. The thing that's nicest about this is that it will never run dry - most local markets will have a pretty steady flow of new business ventures opening on a regular basis.

    Thanks for sharing that - I think I'm going to try this out tomorrow.
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    How difficult is it to set up their page for them?
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    Nice sharing with great ideas
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    This is a great idea! I think the key to getting out of such situations is taking action

    I was in such a situation just 2 weeks ago.. I needed 400$ urgently.. It wasn't really a life or death situation, but I was still pretty desperate.

    I started by writing articles on Fiverr, tried some offline marketing through flyers for some CPAs and I ended up creating my own WSO. I am about to launch it and I hope it will bring me much more than 400$.

    People in similar situations might take other paths, but I think that the key is to take action.
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    Mike: This looks like a great door opener and a way to make some quick cash.
    Here's a couple of questions:
    If a business has a fair amount of information in their places listing, but hasn't been "Verified" are they still a candidate?
    Is there some ranking or improvement in their listing after claiming or verifying their listng?
    How do you handle the Verification by phone when Google needs to contact the business owner to confirm?
    Thanks for your help and great system....Tim
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    Hey Guys,

    Sorry it took so long getting back to you -

    I hope you have had some success with this little money maker.


    I don't know where you live, or which browser you are using but, if you are in the U.S., it should show up.

    If you don't have a physical address, you can use a P.O. Box but, it has been my experience that Google doesn't like this and it will be harder for you to rank well.


    I Never Cold Call! I have a thing about phones - Most of my sales come from face-to-face meetings.

    Not long ago, I walked into a tobacco store and was lucky enough to run into the owner...

    Me: "Man, I am glad to finally find someone selling electronic cigarettes. (This town just recently passed an ordinance against public smoking) I'll bet you sell a lot of these things."

    Owner: "Yes, we do but it looks like the interest is starting to peter out."

    Me: "Nope - It's just that hardly anyone knows you've got em. Looks like none of you guys are advertising."

    Owner: "What do you mean?"

    Me: "Look... (I pulled out my Blackberry and searched for electronic cigarettes through Google) ... See! None of the tobacco stores even mention that they are selling these things and... WHOA! I just noticed that you haven't even claimed your Google Place page yet. Man, you need to fix that quick."

    This little exchange didn't just open the door for me to hit him with my proposition - It kicked it open right in his face. After I explained that nobody uses the Yellow Pages to find stuff anymore and how with some work he could have a "Kick Ass" Places Page that lists exactly what he has to offer the rest was easy.

    My trick (If you can call it that) is that I don't try to sell them anything. I just explain what they need to do and let them approach me about setting it up for them. I quickly establish myself as an expert through the explanation.


    Yes, they are still a candidate because in all probability, their site is not properly SEOed for the keywords that they want to rank for.

    I am glad you brought that part up about Google's verification.

    Immediately after you claim their page for them, Google will give them a phone call and will give them a verification number. The Owner will then need to call you and give you the number so that you can start the process.

    Hope this helps some -

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    I beleive your idea is quite sound an maybe even can you please tell me how much money you have actually made doing this...
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  • Profile picture of the author TZ
    Originally Posted by MikeRogers View Post

    ......and, for heaven's sake, put on a clean shirt will ya? We are going to visit these people who need our help and I don't want you looking like a "Goob"...
    You had me until this line.

    I can't partake in any business venture that requires NOT looking like a Goob

    Seriously, I did this with a busines in my city and I set up a $500 payment per month. Been solid for 4 years now. I had to link him to #1 in Google, Bing, and Yahoo! for the Calgary.

    Method of finding cold calling was based somewhat on your research Mike.
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    Now this is the kind of information that I freaking love about WF, absolutely brilliant Mike.
  • Profile picture of the author Aira Bongco
    This is great Mike. Problem is it works on your country alone. Other countries have more elusive professionals. Simply put, they do not see the value of an online presence. Oh well...

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