How much are businesses paying for yellowbook sites?

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Does anyone know how much businesses are paying for these simple 1 page sites that they get from yellowbook?

Here is an example: Roofing Contractor Hamilton Township, OH - Ryan's Remodeling

They all look pretty much the same and they have a domain name for a re-direct.

I assume these sites are included as part of yellowbook advertising package.

Does anyone know the details of how it all works and how much it costs?

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    I know of a sure way to find out.

    Call YB and ask.
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    Last I checked, $79/mo I believe.
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    I found a site by the name Worldadslist dot com. It's a B2B & B2C e-Marketplace, also an Online Advertising provider. They have a good package to offer especially for new businesses, you can find the package by clicking on the 'Membership' link on the main page. Have a look at the site by visiting the address provided. Thank you.
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    $79 blows me away. I had no idea you could get people to pay so much for so little!

    This should be an easy way to scoop up money by the handful: Just type this into google:

    "Yellow Book USA, Inc. All Rights Reserved" "XXX-" where XXX is your local area code.

    Now you have a list of hot local leads who are currently paying $79 every month for a crap one page website.
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    I am intrigued by this discussion....

    The website looks pretty rudimentary to those that are very internet and tech savvy,,,but to mom & pop plumber--who never had a 'web presence' before- it might look great!

    if it is making their phone ring --they likely don't care if it is fancy or plain Jane!

    I am new around here.. but I have been at yellow pages( I am old so I used to sell the paper version!!--you know--the actual "book") ...When i was leaving that temporary post in life, the web page option was just entering the marketplace...and I am pretty sure that the total cost per year is more than $79/mo!!!

    Also, I sold AdzZoo for a year and their program is definitely higher! than $79 / mo-- I think the smallest plan starts at~ $125/mo (for VERY small target area) and goes pretty HIGH for a 50 Mile radius! (please don't hold me to the exact amounts..but the concept is that other services are probably charging more than we think they shoul..

    hope this helps!?
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    If no one knows this, I'll just call, but does the $79 include a video too, like the one that's on that website?

    If so, $79/mo is pretty cheap...
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    Also, who owns the domains? Yellowbook or the business owners? Anybody know?
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    Not everyone is looking at yellow books now a days, $79 is too much.
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    One thing I noticed is that the majority of the YP sites don't have keywords embedded.

    We all know how to check for those. Just right click on the site, select view page source, and then look for the keywords.

    Keywords are one of the things we all would help our customers with.
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    That 4 month thing isn't too hard to get around. Like mmoconnor said above you can do a search to see who's using yellowbook sites.

    "Yellow Book USA, Inc. All Rights Reserved"

    If you want to see who's been there a while, just add the year before it.

    "2010 Yellow Book USA, Inc. All Rights Reserved" "XXX-"
    "2009 Yellow Book USA, Inc. All Rights Reserved" "XXX-"

    You get the idea, even those ones that are dated 2010, if they bought in December their 4 months is about up and you can find out when the domain was registered and how old the site is with a WHOIS search.
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    I did a whois lookup on a YP site and then a reverse IP lookup.

    160,075 other domains all share the same IP.
    x129.00 per month
    $20,649,675 Monthly Recurring Income
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    lol I need to get me a piece of that pie.
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    I did run across something interesting while browsing around.

    Auto Repair Chicago, IL - Grand Auto Center 312-226-1500

    Auto Body Repair Shop in Chicago¬* |¬* Collision Repair¬* |¬* Mechanical Repair¬* |¬* Auto Body Painting

    Same company, two different websites. Are they paying for two different websites? What sense does this make?
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    The flash site rates an 11 on Website Grader.
    The YP site rates a 12.

    In other words... both sites are doing absolutely NOTHING for this business owner.

    Both sites expire in in 4 months or less... Go gettem' Tiger! This business needs your help!
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    Well I don't live in Chicago, but where I do live there's over 20k businesses using yellowbbook websites, i'll be looking into this over the weekend. I smell a gold mine
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    Look in this forum for The Bower Method (by John Durham) which includes a script which mentions yellowbook pricing as part of the call. But you are not calling people who already have a YB site, though you could.
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    I'd like to know where everybody is getting their prices at that are posted in this thread. I just called yellowbook, and here's what they told me:

    We cannot give you prices over the phone, prices depend on industry and how many pages you want.

    I was transferred to 3 different people and when I asked to be transferred to sales they said unfortunately we can't because they are out in the field with the customers but we can have someone call you back and discuss it with you. I said forget it. Anyways, the very first lady I spoke to did tell me for a 1 page site it's $39/month but there's an upgrade to a 3 page site but didn't have any more information than that. She had no further pricing.

    Interesting. There's a big difference between $129/mo and $39/mo.
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    They also offer packages, for example i was offered a special of $59 p/month. Yellowbook ad, listing and 5-page web. It also included unlimited changes or updates to your site. Was just starting so it was a good deal. They own the domain but after the year contract you can buy your domain from them. Which is what im gonna do. Already started to work on a new site and then will transfer to domain.

    By any chance how can i check what software they using to build them?
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    What would be the best price to buy a five page lovely looking website with free domain, hosting, video ad, mobile compatible site, facebook page and many more.. ?

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