How Do You Find Business Owner's Name?

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I used to be able to go to to find the business owners name. That site now redirects to Info USA. How can I find the name of the business owner online?

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    I've used with success.
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    Another source:

    Find a Business

    Also check out your states business registry. If you can't find the info between these two resources it will be pretty hard to find.
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    You can also go to your local secretary of states office website and do some research...

    The business filing name will have the owners name and contact info....

    Generally speaking...
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    If they have a web site, you can sometimes get the information by using WHOIS
    ( and similar sites) to find out who registered the domain name.

    Also if they are a corporation, there will at least be some information with the state corporation listings (though if they incorporated in Las Vegas, you aren't likely to get much)
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    I agree, whois gives better results only if they have website.
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    You can use
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    thanks, the information here is very helpful.
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    Hey Mobilemarketingkings - for bulk business owner names, e-mails, and addresses what I've found works best is smaller niches.

    For example, a niche like food trucks have an absolute need for a mobile presence and we're talking the whole package - mobile website, native app, SMS campaign, etc...

    And generally, there are large groups of food truck associations in major cities that have direct links to the owners contact information. There isn't a long line of gate keepers that you need to sift through and the response rate is much higher.

    It's just one example, there's several other niche goldmine especially for mobile marketers. Hope it helps. =)
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    Places scout will gather that data for you, phone, name, email etc.. it has worked much better for me than traditional methods but the best source for me other than that is BBB it will tell you who filed, who is the manager basically decision maker so your not just calling to speak to the owner (sometimes the owner is never at a place of business he has appointed management) so that's been the most valuable sources for me hopefully this helps you guys.

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