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As many of you are aware of , my state was hit hard by last weeks storms. I have sold 2 new contractors this week and should close many more in the weeks to come. Between insurance and FEMA money, there is work for months/years to come. FEMA director compared the devastation to Katrina and 9-11. I was very fortunate to only have trees down and no power for 3 days. Everyway you go from my house, there were F4 and F5 tornados within 20 minutes of here. Contractors are ready to spend money on all types of advertising. They need leads and lots of them. After talking to a few this week, I decided to contact a few national lead companies to see what there pricing structure was like. From what I have seen, they are wanting $35-60 per roofing leads. These are sold to numerous companies. A local guy I signed up , said he was paying between $100-250/lead for exclusive leads in 09 when we received a huge storm. I plan to start selling leads on the side. Can anyone help with a possible script? I think I could crank out 3-5 in a 2-3 period nightly. I may sell the leads or I may run them. Any script/lead list advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Are you looking for someone to write a script for you or are you just looking for general advice?

    The thing about scripting is that it never turns out how you expect the first time around. It has to be developed, tested, and refined.

    I can give you more advice if you let me know what you're looking for.
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    THanks for your response. I am looking for a script and any ideas to handle the situation. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    My first business out of school was a 25 seat telemarketing center. Over a three year period we serviced a couple thousand clients. A major portion of them were contractors and roofers. I can give you some general ideas if that's what you're looking for.
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    Thanks Matt. I am definately interested in any ideas I can get from you.
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    I am mainly looking for B2C(residential roofing).

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    Hey Chris,
    I, too, live in Alabama. F5 tornado hit a couple of my local hometowns as well.
    Where are you located? If you'd rather, you can PM me.

    Good luck!
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    This really isn't a 'lead' post but I will mention one thing to you, that after Katrina, the insurance companies wanted 3 quotes from independent roofing contractors. Lots of contractors I know literally spent all their time doing 'quotes'. Some of them got smart and started charging a fee ($150) for making a formal quotation of the work, measuring the roof and finding the number of squares is the big thing. The homeowners don't have the money to do the work without insurance payment and need the three quotes to start the insurance paperwork.

    The large companies that have a deal with the big companies charging a fixed 'per square' price got most of the work. Experienced roofers willing to climb on roofs and measure could do 8 plus quotes per day.

    Maybe a business model of funneling them quote work? That was how Katrina and Ike was in LA and TX with the insurance groups, not sure if that has changed.

    Just a thought.
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    I am located around Huntsville Alabama
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    I can't wait to see Matt's script.
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    I have had one roofing client for a few mths. Now, in the past week I picked up 2 others. They spend money on all advertising. They spend stupid money on leads. Do I want to knock on everyones doors and call all day? NO! However, I will do some cold calling . I was thinking about how high unemployment is in this area so I have decided to do a little outsourcing. I have found a handful of canvassers and telemarketers locally since this post. 2 of these have roofing appointment setting experience. 2 of the 3 roofing clients has already hinted at a possible payment plan. The other one wants the leads as well. In the next 24 hours , I will pin point all that down. I am paying these guys $25 a verified lead. All payment will be done on Friday.

    Any advice on a script for generating storm appointments?
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    any advice on this?
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