Thrifty Nickel and Penny Saver Offline Ads Question

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I'd like to know if anyone in this forum has experience buying bulk classified advertising with the Thrifty Nickel, Penny Saver, etc... and can give some direction.

I've been testing a few bizop campaigns lately with varying success.

Any input from someone currently doing offline bizop stuff using classifieds would be appreciated.

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    I have found simple classified ads with a toll-free phone number and website pull quite well. Here's the source I use for bulk advertising:
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    Thanks, that's who I've been going through.
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      The is a reply about:Nationwide Newspapers Advertising

      This is a source but what happens is the ads are faxed to the papers and will be placed the following week. Plus the cost of the ads are much more than I would charge.

      I am saying that not meaning anything towards that company it is just that they have our National Rates then they charge the extra that they want to keep for themselves.

      On my side I have the actual rates and I can give discounts off of them.

      If you would like more info please reply.

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    I can help you with any questions you might have regarding the Thrifty Nickels and American Classifieds. My name is Chip and can give you ad quotes. Plus any information you might be wanting about number the cities, circulation, etc.

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