How I Used Groupon To Make $9k for A Weeks Work As A Small Business Consultant

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This thread is all about how to become a small business ‘Groupon’ consultant to local businesses and get paid to make your clients happy.

This strategy will definitely bring you money and kick start your business in the short term irrespective of whether you are struggling or never really made money online as yet.

Groupon is a daily deal site that promotes local business. They have millions of potential customer names in a database and they will promote your business for you. As a small business owner this is the hottest marketing strategy you can use to promote your business if done correctly.

Here is the story…

A friend of mine has an offline business in Chicago. It is literally two weeks old and he planned on opening three brand new locations in Chicago.

He wanted to run a Groupon promotion to get clients, but wanted to knock the ball out of the park and really explode his offline business.

He asked for my help.

Now before I tell you how we crushed it for him online, I wanted to say this. I did this as a favor to one friend. My primary focus for making money online is selling amazon and other affiliate marketing products. Now I have a ton of clients asking for my help.

The point I want to make here is that if you follow what I share with you, you can literally start making and earning a good living consulting with small business owners.

I am going to show you how.

Before we go any further, here is what we accomplished for my friend.

He runs a series of offline fitness boot camps. We filled up all his boot camps with paying clients.

When we ran the Groupon promotion for him we ended up with 905 people who bought the deal. It is not the highest number, but certainly in the top 5% in this market segment.

Here are the results:

See the red circle above? 905 people paid $40 for the deal. There were some refunds and not everyone will take the deal. Groupon is paying him 50% of the 905 deals sold. We have currently converted around 300 people from this deal that are paying $97 a month for a 12 month contract. You do the math on how profitable this could be.

My friend was ecstatic with the results. He graciously paid me $9,000 for my help.

Now he is sending me a ton of clients to do the same for them and getting referrals on a consistent basis.

I am not even looking for more work; now I only take on clients that have high margins and are willing to pay me 50% of their Groupon commissions. I will consult with them for a week and set up everything if I know I will make at least $10000 for my efforts.

Here is how we did it:

Groupon is a traffic and conversion machine. They have their own traffic and will promote most offline businesses for you and your clients. Also they are the best at conversions. The way the site is designed allows these great conversions to occur.

Here is how I consulted with my friend and helped him crush it-

1. I ran Facebook and Google ads to the Groupon page to drive a ton of traffic. I did not rely only Groupon itself.

2. A week before the campaign, we started promoting heavily on Facebook. We sent messages and told people on his fan page that were about to run this special promotion. Hint…If you are a consultant, this is what you can do for the client to help them become successful.

3. We built a ton of online buzz for this Groupon deal.

Now, here is where I really helped my client turn this into real hard cash-

Once a client bought the Groupon voucher, we sent them to a special website which we set up. We gave them instructions on how to claim their voucher and more importantly collected all their information immediately. This is where most small business owners drop the ball on this.

We also ran a free trial offer and asked people to sign up for a $1 for an upsell package. In this way, we collected their credit card information and we automatically rebilled them after the first month was over.

Finally a week after the Groupon promotion, we ran another special promotion to all those who bought the service. We offered a voucher of slightly higher value for their friends and family and we had a 9% conversion rate.

Right now we have database of hundreds of new clients as well as the ability to promote them and their family on a monthly basis.

So I literally took my entire online skills and knowledge and applied this with an offline business using Groupon.

My client is set to earn over $333,000 for his new locations this year alone in recurring billings.

Now you may be wondering how this applies to you and how you can make money from it.

It is really simple actually. I am helping a friend build a consulting business with this right now.

Here is how you do it-

Step 1. Look at the Groupon promotions run in your local city every day. Just sign up to Groupon and check for the companies that are not receiving a lot of clients from it.

Either send them a message or call them up and tell them you can help them crush it online with Groupon. You live in their city so it will be easy to contact them. If not, hire someone to make calls for you or write postcards or direct mail pieces to this business.

You can also tell them that they only pay you when they make money from with Groupon.

I would suggest calling them up, if not send them an email. If you want to make money you need to be aggressive and contact these companies.

Step 2. For those companies that are making money with Groupon call them up and congratulate them and tell them they doing an awesome job. But then go on to say that you can help upsell these clients to remain loyal customers and also make their Groupon campaigns profitable for them.

This is what small business owners struggle with; they do not know how to make these Groupon campaigns profitable.

This is so hot right now that most businesses are willing to listen to you. Also, once you are successful in your first campaign you will start to see referrals without the need to actually seek out new clients.

I know this is a very long post, but I wanted to share this latest innovative marketing strategy with you. Small businesses need help to get clients and turn this into a profitable lead generation system.

I just shared with you my high level strategies that I applied. There are a ton more tips and tools that you need to implement to get real results.

Being a Groupon consultant to small businesses positions you uniquely, allows you to get results immediately so you can show proof to clients. You get paid for your work and end up building long term business relationships.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find one client planning to run a Groupon promotion and help them.

You will never look back….

Now I have created an entire system of how to help the client crush it with Groupon, the tools, upsells, emails etc. Everything I used to help my client build an awesome sales funnel and get results.

Post your questions below and I will do my best to help share these resources and tips with you.

Oh and if you like this kind of content just let me know by hitting the like button.

Thanks and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.
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    Wow, awesome tips. Thanks a lot, I may have to look into this.
  • Profile picture of the author Jayden Rivers
    Woah, awesome man, this is a really different new spin on local business!
  • Profile picture of the author Boston Joe
    Quick question: Is the $1 upsell the same upsell that you are charging the $97/mo?
  • Profile picture of the author jr1228
    This is an amazing strategy, Neil! I have sent you a PM.
  • Profile picture of the author RajaRajan
    excellent post! i like this and i know a few people who could benefit. would you care to make a WSO or something with more details on stuff that you will be doing or that you are doing already?

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    Now that was an informative post. Thanks for sharing that.
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    great idea and thanks for sharing this info and idea.
  • Profile picture of the author clnrdr64
    Thanks Neil,That was great info and I appreciate it. I know one person using Groupon but I didn't realize it could be such a valuable tool. I will definitely be looking into it.

    good stuff
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    Valuable information here and a sound offline/online marketing strategy.Highly appreciate it!
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    Take note everyone... This is war room style info being shared here... Props to ya Neil for the killer info!
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    Originally Posted by Neil V View Post

    A friend of mine has an offline business in Chicago. It is literally two weeks old and he planned on opening three brand new locations in Chicago.

    Great stuff and I can't wait to try this out.

    I'd like to know how you deal with this new business not having any testimonials - did you proivide them, did the client have some already? This is one of the things Groupon looks for when you set up your business on their site.

  • Profile picture of the author greenovni
    Neil! I have to congratulate you, the "assessment" video with "just pay $1.00 for the assessment and when you come in, we give you $2.00 back!" is genius, not to mention the jedi mind tricks that the video uses to get the people to sign up to the recurring billing!!!


    That, my friend, was IM at its finest!!!!
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    this is a very fresh idea. Groupon is indeed social proof for others to buy. People trust Groupon and are more reluctant to hit the buy button because of it, but what you should have done is signed up for their affiliate program, then start pushing people to it. haha but nevertheless this is a brillant idea, while everyone is chasing the same old Boring SEO, Fan Page, Mobile Page, and other pages up their alley stuff, Neil V goes on the opposite direction and leverages platforms that are just as powerful for business owners.
    Great Job Neil!
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    aw yeah another cha-ching moment. great job guy. I don't like Groupon after hearing too many bad stories but maybe I'll try them this time and get my local community into it. We'll see. Thanks for sharing.
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    Amazing marketing strategy. I am an athlete who also wants to put up my own small business. Perhaps, I might try Groupon one of these days.
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    Wow! I am super impressed with this info. Thanks for sharing. It is amazing how many spins can be put onto offline marketing.

    This info alone has made my head spin with ideas. After running an offer on Groupon for an offline business i also own i know just how lucrative this can be.

    With a little imagination this info you have provided can be taken to so many different levels and anyone in the offline marketing arena should have ideas flowing through their minds on how they can monetize this info.

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    WOW! This is some amazing information here. This will really help me out with getting some new offline clients. I really need to ramp up this business.
  • Profile picture of the author BlogDiva
    Neil, I sent you a PM with a few questions. Thanks
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    Great information it would be awesome if this idea does really work!

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