Price for Mobile Websites?

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About to start selling mobile websites to get my foot in the door, so:

1) What price should I charge?

2) Or should the price depend on the business?

Thanks in advance!
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    They are usually in the ballpark of $250+
    Since they are extrememly easy to make but there is still tons of factors only you can decide the price.
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    where to sell mobile website, online?
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    $250+ depends on client and difficulty... For example is it going to need to function like a full on web app as well... I have had to build extremely complex and dynamic mobile sites integrating it heavily with a cms price was a lot higher then!
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    Well, I have a potential client in my area that has only one location and has a current groupon bought by 600 people with two days still left.
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    For a basic 5 page website $250-300 but if more complex features are required then you will need to charge accordingly.
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    I usually charge $215 for a basic site but I am also marketing SMS at the same time. And I often sell mobile sites for $300 up depending on the upgrades...
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    250$ for 5 pages
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    The price depends on quality of the url, which includes traffic, alexa rank, pr, etc..
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    package up a mobile website and a simple wordpress site for $1,000
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    Wow! I have t o agree with both Chief Naka and damasgate. Though the economy may be tough for all it does not mean the value is any less, that is if it is being presented to the right type of clients.

    Some things to consider when qualifying your prospects and this is a must and never lower your price without taking something away from the package being offered.

    1. Does the client have a brand awareness (logo, letterheads, t-shirts, etc.)

    2. Where are they marketing and how are they currently marketing their business. (Print, Local Coupon Magazine, Yellowpages, etc.)
    * This is really going to tell you if the are worth the time and effort.

    3. If their marketing online find out where and how and are they paying for it.

    While I know this may be obvious, most do not to this degree of finding out what the experience was and why the had success or not.

    This can in most cases opens the door for drilling down more and building the relationship.

    Having set prices for the service you provide is also important to show (of course just for the basics packages). Also provide add-on services with pricing on a brochure or pricing sheet. This give the impression that you are confident with your pricing and your business.

    It not necessary to close the deal immediately unless you want to come off desperate and season business owner will smell this mile away.

    With all the information gathering you have obtained and provides for an opportunity to close the deal, then let the business owner know that if what you have shown as your basic packages works for them lets move forward. Collect the check.

    But if you really want to turn even a mom and pop shop in the a money machine then take note and read these twice.

    Here is an approach that some of you may or may not have thought about. But before that have you truly thought about all that you want to offer your clients, I mean really really thought about it and how.

    I know all to well what it is like for you guys to want to just make a sale to maybe pay a bill when your starting out and that is fine. Again we all have been there too.

    Besides thinking about what you really want to offer your clients be it just Mobile Websites, or SMS Marketing, QR Code Marketing, Landing Pages, Coupon Pages, Directories, whatever it is makes all the difference in the world whether you will stay in this mobile game or not.

    See we are to our clients and or potential clients suppose to be the experts, right? Then as the perceived value should be not only for the products and services, it should be that they need you worst than the really think.

    I was taught long ago that presentation and perceived value is everything. So how much research have you done on that businesses you going after or the competition in the same industry before attempting to make contact with your prospect. Or are you walking in to the business and asking is the owner available though you have not set an appointment much less reseached to see if they qualify for your time? That is also a determining factor concerning your closing ratios.

    Now how do I know this its really simple. For those of use that are old enough to remember the abusive telemarketers who would call are until 9 pm at night (before Caller ID). Well remember it wasn't so bad at first, but then a few years later it became annoying to say the least. It was intrusive and that is how most business owners feel when a bright sales person comes unannounced or tries to sell the guy. Don't be like the thousand before you that have tired to sell them SEO and Websites and Social Media.

    Their firewalls are up and don't have the time or the patients for another 30 minute to an hours pitch on the latest greatest. Take what you have discover from the business owner and customize are really long term strategy for bring them more business.

    By laying out a phase block plan of action of implementation this will surely provide your client with a better visual of how you will grow his business through mobile marketing.
    This is just one of the major ways of how you distinguish yourself as the expert and not a fly by night.

    This way you can educate them in such a way and make them feel like a part of this magical process, that when the time comes to present price it becomes miniscule in comparison to the value of the marketing strategy. Just make sure that your numbers are realistic and that you leave room to over deliver. You will be their hero.

    Creating a mobile website that can deliver all aspects of the marketing strategy is a task as well, but not impossible. Is there a mobile site that delivers the needs of all clients, but yet provide us as mobile consultants the leverage to have a long term business relationship with each and every client with monthly service fees that would allow us to live a comfortable lifestyle???

    Give me your thoughts and more will be revealed as to whether a mobile website can be created or really does exist right now.

    Warriors United Always!

    Have a Pleasant, Positive, and Properous Life!

    Ray G.

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