Have You Guys Heard About Google Talkbin For Mobile, Customer Reviews etc?

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Like the title says, have you guys heard about this at all?

Curious to hear people's thoughts here regarding this as it sounds pretty interesting.


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    Nope but looks interesting. I signed up but waiting for access. They said they have just been aquired by Google.
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    Never heard about it,could you explain what is it?
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    Does anyone else have any thoughts regarding TalkBin? I could see this making mobile a lot more interesting...maybe not though.

    - Jim
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      Just found this "real world" example photograph on a blog:

      Google’s TalkBin CRM Tool in the Wild

      Also another video explaining it briefly:

      And a success story:

      I figured Google was looking for a way to solve one of small businesses' MAIN "marketing issues", and thus, an offline marketer's main issue: EFFICIENTLY AND COST-EFFECTIVELY STREAMLINING CUSTOMER FEEDBACK.

      If Google can get this "direct, quick, anonymous feedback" platform out there like they have been doing with boost, etc (and not just in the typical techno-progressive areas like the NW and California), I don't see how the majority of third-party "review solutions" will be able to hold a candle to Google's "ease of use", trust, brand awareness, etc.

      Of course, the issue I then think about is people gaming the system...but it looks like they've got some protections in place by the sounds of it. I'm wondering how they handle it, just assigning different numbers for different questions, testimonials....

      Who wants to register on 3rd party sites, fill out several fields of info confirm e-mails, etc just to write/text "You guys are doing a great job! I come to Derral's Auto whenever my car is acting up, and I always get treated right and quoted with a fair price!"?

      Time will tell I guess, but it is nice to see Google is being proactive and really going after the stuff that most SMB's are struggling with.

      - Jim

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