Marketing A Home Remodeling Company- Ideas?

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I have a friend who owns a home remodeling company. I recently sent him two recent leads from my local roofer website that I have ranked on the first page. (that I haven't been paying much attention to)

I get a few calls every month and I wasn't doing anything with them so I figured id send him the leads.. and see if he gets anything out of it.

He was curious as to how I got the leads. I explained to him that I have a roofing company website and when people are searching online for a quote from a local roofer. They call the number on my site.

He said, " but your not a roofer!", "I know" I replied. Small pause..........

He was either puzzled, confused, or disoriented.... I don't know, but then it clicked in his head.

and he excitedly shouted WTF!!! "Your getting LEADS!!!, YOU CAN SELL ME THOSE LEADS!!, I CAN PAY YOU 5% PER JOB OR SOME SH!T!!".

WE HAVE TO HAVE LUNCH!, He then asked "Can you do that for kitchen and bath remodeling? or anything to do with home remodeling?"

I said yeah i can do that.

So were suppose to meet for lunch, but i wanted to throw some marketing ideas at him rather then just having one method available to generate more business for him...

Any ideas you guys can throw at me? as far as marketing a home remodeling company?
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    Set him up with a mobile website linked to a QR Code. Then have him put the QR Code on a sign that he can put in front of houses that he is remodeling.

    This way neighbors can see who the company is that is remodeling the house and can scan the code to get more information.

    You can even put in an opt-in for a "Neighbor Special"-- if somebody puts in their name, phone number, and e-mail address, then they get sent a coupon for 20% off services.

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    any other ideas would be great
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    Hey bro, havent seen you around in awhile! Good to see you posting.

    I use to write 5-7 home remodeling leads per day as a part time telemarketer. It was my first TM job ever...

    Anyway, this wont be relevnt but just to throw it in... Cold calling is excellent for home remodeling leads... Appointments... You just tell people you have a home inspection guy out in the neighborhood, giving free roofing inspections... remodeling quotes, whatever... and ask if there is "anything i can have him look at for you while he is out your way....", and set the appointment.

    Easy peasy breezy, but nothing to sneeze at.

    After that job I made extra money on the side for a couple of salesman who later quit the company and came looking for me to write them leads... This was years later.

    So, not to be a broken record, but if you can get a good appointment setting client for remodeling its an easy gig. I would charge $50 bucks a lead PLUS 5% though.

    Again, irrelevant to your true question, but maybe helpful. In appointment setting you want to be choosy about your gigs... home remodeling is a good one, because people have insurance to cover things, and can get easy home improvement loans... its a healthy market for salesman. People need websites but they LOOOOVE their homes.

    The only issue with home remodeling is trying to explain to a small shade tree construction company that they have to pay up front... medium sized and bigger remodeling companies know the drill.

    But if its no loss to you to let him try them, go for it. 5% of a 50k job is $2500, but most of your jobs are going to be $3-10k Jobs, so lets call it 5k average... you are making an average of about $250 per "close".

    How many deals can this guy close in a month?

    At $50 per lead, you could easily make $250 per day in 4 hours per day of calling if you have a good consistent client , plus $250 average per close..

    This may not serve you now, but put it in your back pocket, it may later. You have decent phone skills so it would work for you if you ever needed it.

    @ Carmack

    Perhaps the construction companies with rooms of 20-30 telemarketers are beating you to all the good leads....
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    What types of remodeling does he do exactly? If it's cosmetic then try looking up

    "cityname bathroom remodeling"
    "cityname kitchen remodeling"
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    Link him in with home design blogs to gain authority. Linked-in too.

    With the above...web and mobile:
    A design app would be nice too, A checklist app - a simple one or link-to that gives tips and computes material estimates for type of job.

    Then it links to him for a final estimate or questions.
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    Get some short 1 minute videos of his work and post them on your site and YouTube. It will help with some Google rankings and definitely help with relationship building with potential clients.

    Jerry W. Williamson
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    Get him to start networking with Real Estate investors.

    Real Estate Investors are people who have money themselves or are connected to people who have money.

    They understand the value in remodeling to increase the value in their investments.

    They network constantly with other Investors, Bankers, Real Estate Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, etc.

    And all these people know other people who owns investments, (or homes) that might need remodeling at one point or another.

    he could create ebooks like, "5 remodeling tips to increase the value of your home/investment" or "3 Do it yourselfer mistakes that could cost you thousands" and you can get him to give these away for free so he can capture these peoples contact info, and then follow up in the future.

    The real estate group that I am a part of meets once a month and most people in this group (there are about 60) have on average 12 investment properties. These properties include regular houses, townhouses, apartment buildings, and commercial businesses.

    Lots of opportunities for him in that kind of crowd.

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    For roofing maybe you could network with gutter cleaning companies for warmish leads if they notice roofs in bad shape. Offer a commission to them for the lead. Have you had any other ideas since you posted?
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    You could dig up a list of newly purchased homes in the area and target them with mailings or even door hangers... A lot of times when people buy a home they have a list of things they'd like to change.
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    Of course, an oldie but goodie should work.

    Create a Free Report about how to not get ripped off by a Cheap Home Remodeling Company, blah blah blah, yada yada yada.

    Then create some follow up emails that contain videos in them about why a person might want a home remodeler etc...

    And sell the automated follow up/lead generation system.
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    The company I work for is a Home Remodeling Company (windows / siding / roofing / doors / gutters ) and we are trying to make a bigger presence on the web. I'm stuck at how to help promote this , Social networking and all. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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    There are many tips by which you can do the marketing of your company. Your ideas are also appreciable and you can follow any one of them. This is important for renovating company that they provide a good satisfaction to their customers. So you should focus on these things also.
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    I have a home remodel client and the guy that owns it wants to do a percentage as well. I might do it I'm not sure quite yet.

    The thing is there are no exact match searches for the type of services he provides, so it'd be hard to get him business I think.
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