Cold Calling Rant! (about Mobile Websites)

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Hey all,
So I've been calling up people all morning offering mobile websites, and no success.

My first chosen method was to use the bower method and try to give away free mobile websites (with hosting after month trial,) but that didn't work out. I was following the script, and it seems following a thorough script is not ideal in this business model. All I could hear was "no thanks, bye."

Then, I decided to switch up to a more friendly tone, and talk with them as they were my friends and try to come down to a meeting. No success. Although one was interested, but after I tried to close her on a meeting, she said that she'll have her webmaster look at it. Ok great.

I then became desperate and just tried to offer free advice and free mobile websites with absolutely no catch (seriously free 100% with no hosting upsell whatsoever), and people would even decline this offer.

I don't mind building free mobile websites, because it'll give me experience and a portfolio to show, but even offering free stuff is hard.

Is it me, or the people have became skeptical?

I know the first client is always hard to get... but I'm losing my faith.
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    Wouldn't you be skeptical about someone calling you up out of the blue like that (the same way 5 other people have called you out of the blue this week) while you're trying to run your business?

    I know some people have success with cold calling, but after a handful of cold calls, I knew that it wasn't for me.

    Try switching up your approach. There are some pretty good prospecting methods here in the offline section that people are having success with, including sending out reports, walking into the businesses and striking up conversation, etc. Maybe cold calling just isn't your particular way to success with this, like it's just not for me.
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    Have you checked out my free training videos?

    Sounds to me like you need help with your script, qualifying prospects, and questioning skill set...clean these up and you'll start getting some success. So far, people haven't heard much of a good enough reason to keep talking with you. Here's why:

    Business people don't understand or know much about technology. They know just enough to make use of it. So when you come in and start talking about "mobile websites", they probably have no idea what you're talking about. Then they think it's some kind of gimmick and shut down. Same thing happens to SMS blast providers.

    Find out if they want more sales dollars coming in the door. Then the way you can help them achieve this is via a greater online presence. Don't educate them too much about the technology--that will just scare or bore them. Focus on financial results and the problems you can solve.

    Another thing that has come up for you is the discovery that more people may be involved in the decision making process other than the first individual you speak with. Make sure to ask, "Before we move forward, is there anyone else who's involved in making this decision, who should be here with us now?" Even die-hard business owners who want to look like they stand alone have someone they bounce ideas off of.
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    Where do the your leads come from? perhaps you need to invest time and research the business before calling them. Use and find out who the owner is and ask for them.

    Research their competition let them know you know what their competition is doing say you can out do them.
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    Thanks for your replies.

    I'm using John Durham's script, maybe the problem is my voice; cold calling might not be for me. I have a list, with the owner's full name, so I'm sure they are the decision makers.

    Nonetheless, what's annoying is people interrupting me in the middle of my sentence and saying "no thanks" and hanging up. This is just rude.

    I just called an auto repair shop, and this is how it went:
    - Hi, can I speak to [owner's name] please?

    - This is me.

    - Hey my name is [my name] and I'm the owner of a mobile marketing consulting company here in [city]. Real briefly, the reason I'm calling is that I saw your website this morning but noticed you didn't have a mobile website. [I put emphasis on the word "mobile" to make it clear].

    -Oh what do you mean?

    -What I mean is that you do have a regular desktop website, but you don't have a mobile optimized one, and that might cost you some potential clients that visit your website through a mobile phone.

    - I'm not interested. bye.

    Jason, I am going to check out your offline sales training, hope it'll help me.
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    If it's not working, change up your script. If you've read the giant thread Scott started, he gave his initial script which is what you are using, but a few pages in shared his new script which talks about getting them more business via mobile. I had the same lackluster results and now I'm going to mix it up.
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    I didn't find that new script from scotth.

    However, I built this script and I'm going to try it tomorrow:

    Hi, can I speak to ____ please?

    _____? Hey, how are you doing? My name is ___ and I'm a local web specialist.
    [saying mobile marketing consultant doesn't really attract business owners, and as soon as they hear "marketing", I noticed that they associate it with "telemarketing" which makes them put on their sales-shield. So I'm going to try web specialist.]

    The reason I'm calling is that I saw your website
    this morning and was wondering if you had any concerns
    about it lately.

    [Let him talk]

    Okay but I see that you don't currently have a mobile website,
    and this might cost you some potential clients that visit
    your website through a mobile phone.
    Do you have any plans on building one?

    Well ___, we're currently having a promotion here at _____,
    and we can build you a mobile website for no charge. In exchange, we
    would appreciate a review from you.

    How does that sound?
    I just want to land one client, even if it's a free one.

    I've seen your videos, but couldn't grasp the concept you were trying to portray. It seemed too vague to my understanding.
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    Yeah Cold calling works but is the numbers games you have to call many people and polish your script every time. Not an easy tast when you are just starting out. What works for me is showing up in the business and acting like a customer. If they see you as a customer and not as a sales man they will pay attention.
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    How about a more important question.

    Why are you cold calling?
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    It sounds like this is the first time that you are trying out cold calling. Here are a few things to keep in mind. Cold Calling is an art form that requires careful study and experience to get it right. I have done alot of cold calling in the past, not so much now but I still do it occasionally.

    The first thing is your offer has to be relevant to them. Using a script is always good but like many have already said you may need to tweak it and keep tweaking till you get it right.

    Be persistent. Try not to get discouraged when someone hangs up on you. It happens all the time and most of us are guilty of hanging up on unwanted sales calls. Why would you expect them to be any different. It really isn't personal.

    I think you have two killer benefits to lead with. 1) Your are going to help them make more money via gaining more customers through mobile marketing. Who doesn't want more money. I might frame it like this, Did you know that you are loosing XXXX amount of $ because you do not have a mobile web presence? This is going to cut right to the chase and tells them what you can help them with.

    2) You are giving away a free mobile site that can help them attract more customers and business! This is going to sound too good to be true so you have to carefully script your offer here. It might go like this, "I'm calling a number of businesses in your area and for the first X number of businesses I'm setting up a free mobile website that you can use to generate more customers. The reason I'm doing this is because I'm just starting to work with your type of business and I'm building a new portfolio. There are 13 spots left. Would you like one?

    Stephan Schiffman has an excellent book on Cold Calling. "Cold Calling Techniques That Really Work!"

    Hope this helps and good luck!
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    Originally Posted by lirikh View Post

    Hey all,
    I was following the script, and it seems following a thorough script is not ideal in this business model. All I could hear was "no thanks, bye."

    Then, I decided to switch up to a more friendly tone, and talk with them as they were my friends and try to come down to a meeting. No success.
    In call center management language we would say "You are having trouble getting past your greeting and you need to work on it because the probationary period only lasts 7 days...".

    For some it takes 3 or four eight hour days to even start hitting their groove and for things to "click", they work through it to keep their jobs, through ten times the pressure most of us will put on ourselves working from home....

    Just a fact of life, being your own business person doesnt change the fact.

    You have to master your approach, you cant just "try it". You have to stick with a method till it works, especially if 100,000 other telemarketers who use it and the world around you is saying it "does".

    ...and thats what its sayin my friend.

    Good luck.

    Ps. If you were in a booth doing the exact same thing for ATT...and said that to the guy next to you, he would probably say "I dont know what to tell you, you just gotta work through it...", and you would hear him closing a sale 30 minutes later. Fact.
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    No we dont serve canada leads at this time.

    Im just giving it to you straight from the hip like I would if you were on my team. I would probably call out from my desk "just keep saying the script"... and 3 hours later I would say "Just keep saying the script"....and two days later I would say "Just keep sayin the script".

    Of course dtaylors script will work too and is very good... but no matter what the script... You have to work it till it clicks and a few hundred calls in you may still be feeling like its pointless, even a few DAYS in for some (I was one of those)... but you "Keep saying the script"....

    Someone told me just like Im telling you "You just have to work your way through the wall..."....and believe me, it was a thick one. lol

    Its not only about the phrase, its about "How you turn it" and that can take more practice than most care to imagine sometimes, but anyone here who has had to do it for 6-8 hours a day (and there are plenty here...) can understand what Im saying.

    Pick a script and say it VERBATIM , untill you have masterfully refined every word.

    It was once said that "Millions of dollars can be made off of one single phrase turned properly".

    Another Ps. In any event, taking a few days to work yourself through the fire at high intensity, still leads to prosperity faster than waiting on a deal to fall out of the google heavens... once you master it , its easy, like riding a bike and you can do it over and over.

    Its one of "those" things in life, and well worth it.
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    You should try something different than cold calling. The same people you're contacting on the phone, can be just as easily reached via direct mail. I would create a direct mail campaign showing your prospects what you're contacting them for, and show them examples of what they can expect to receive from your services.
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    I always have a script on my computer screen while I'm cold calling.....and in the beginning I will tweek a word here and there that I feel more comfortable saying or when I get a better response ---

    and after about 100 calls - the script is 95% there.....and i use it as a "outline" ONLY ----

    then....each conversation takes on it's own script depending on the response....

    when I do this I sound and feel much more comfortable and have waaay more success....

    Once you get this down it doesn't matter what your selling --- it's always the same --- the only change is the product or service knowledge....

    I hope this helps.....
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    I can relate to something John said recently. I did my cold calling today and got an appointment on the first call. I was high as a kite. I knew then that I could make money with this. I'm just not sure I want to though. I almost think I'd rather visit them in person, drop off a custom QR code directing them to page one of an optimized site and then a regular QR code to their site.

    We'll see if a check cashes soon. I'm not decided on cold calling, even though I know it works. Ha ha!
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    Jgregory, thank you! Your post was educating and enlightening.
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    You can do as much cold calling as you want but there is no better way to get in front of prospects than getting off your butt and walking the streets to see clients.

    It's a lot harder for people to be rude when they are standing in front of you and I have had far more success with this than calling people on the phone. They get hundreds of calls but NOT MANY people actually take the time to go and see then face to face.
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    First of all cold calling is an art I know I taught it proffessionally for 20 years,A womans voice is acepted with less skepticismn and a native English speaker but the phone unfortunately has been abused over the years by many companies an idea would be to think out of the box and email companies or individuals owning websites in a complimentory field at the top of google and try that with your offer,you could outsource this work on fiverr by instructing an assistant as to who to contact.
    Regards vivi62
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    Chuckle - I am often amused at posts from "marketing experts" (what you are representing yourself as ) who have little understanding of marketing processes.
    eg - a well run ( proven script, targeted audience, promoting a product the target is familiar with) telemarketing campaign can expect - from 1000 contacts - 100 who will listen - 10 who wil be available for folow up - 3 who will really consider the offer - 1 who will buy.
    Now, those figures are extremely general but give an idea - many telemarketing companies have 3 levels of operators
    the caller - finds people who express an interest in the product...
    followed up by the apointment booker ... who "qualifies" the leads as viable
    followed up by the closer ... who actaully makes the sale

    now, you are trying to sell a product that many of your prospects don't even know exhists on your first contact to unqualified leads mmmmmm
    going by the figures above 1:1000 will be a good result!

    OBTW - using a telephone to call people is usually called telemarketing
    cold calling usually refers to visiting people in person without an appointment.

    I would never consider telemarketing a web service unless it was just to get emails for
    follow up with a IM course on how to use the web for marketing - sprinkled with free offers of more indepth info (ebooks - with specific offers inside) on specific subjects eg gplaces which require the prospect to go to my site to obtain ,- and be exposed to my offer on providing those services.

    Marketing is a numbers game - and in business you will only succeed if you know your numbers.

    Any how, what chance are you at selling an internet marketing service if you can't use the internet to market your service?
    Answer that question with your actions and you will succeed!
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    your either born with it or your not, tough break kid.

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