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My wife and I are starting to sell Avon. We have a list of 20 ideas on how but was wondering if anyone here had some ideas.
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    When yall started your Avon business, they didn't give yall a handbook or guide as to how to sell your products? I would think Avon would do better than this... as a successful member means a successful business. I see their ads on TV all the time... what made you guys want to start an Avon business instead of anything else?
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    Well I am already running an online business. This was just a cheap way to bring in little more I thought.
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    I did something very simliar many years a ago... my advice for selling Avon would be to:

    1. Host an Avon Party with friends and family @ ur home
    2. Have friends host Avon parties at theirs
    3. delivery at least 200 catalogues per week. 1 in 10 with spend $10
    4. Deliver leaflets to sponsor new reps
    5. Hold and attend weekly or monthly training for new reps
    6. create biz cards
    7. place ads in free classifieds
    8. give work colleagues a catalogue to look at

    hope this helps

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    Lol. I just gave some big philosophical answer on a tangent in another thread... now heres a dose of reality about what people really want to know here: "How do I sell avon"?

    Back to earth.

    Target people in their 50's - 60's. Theres a good start. Or advertise that Avon has been upgraded and its not the same, this is avon for a "new generation".

    Or advertise that "Everyone is going back to Avon", and create a myth that becomes a reality, and people will rush to see what everyone is going "back to".
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    I think you could probably make more selling a $7 ebook online. What is the profit margin on the Avon products that you sell?
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    Does Avon do catalogues?
    Do they charge for them or are they free?
    Either way deliver around 200 catalogues to every letter box on your road, take a left or right outside your door and deliver around 100 catalogues on one side of the road then cross over the other side of the road and deliver another 100 on your way back.
    I assume u have lots of neighbours and that you dont live in the middle of nowhere.

    Each catalogue should be placed in a clear plastic food bag to keep it dry with a note saying,
    "Please leave outside with or without an order I'll be back tomorrow"
    Why tomorrow? firstly it encourages them to look your catalogue that day, plus saying tomorrow saves printing costs. no need to print every day of the week!

    Then the next day collect as many catalogues as you can.. and expect to receive around $1 per catalogue on if u deliver 200 u'll get around $200 in sales.

    typical example
    would be 200 catalogues out 20 new customers @ $10 each = $200 sales.

    still with me?

    then with the catalogues you've collected, place in a new clean fresh bag and deliver to another road.

    For neigbours who did not leave the catalogue out, you'll need to get them back by knocking and/or leaving a note saying,
    "sorry I missed you, please leave catalogue outside with or without an order tonight after 6pm"
    we call this your stragglers... then after 6pm you'll need to go out and collect them.

    If your paying for your catalogues its important to collect them in and reuse as many times possible.

    With your orders, simply deliver the goods when they arrive to your customers and they'll be just down the road from you!

    Any further questions, just let me know.

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    They're not your grandmother's company anymore. Their latest gift set is called "Step up 2 Sexy"!

    You can sell online using their website and they will dropship for you. Promote using a blog, facebook business page, twitter, make a hubpage, etc. Sign up for an auto reponder service and you can capture their email addresses to send them info on each new campaign and a link to the Avon website to order. You'll be building a targeted list.

    They have a line of anti-aging products that is very popular with the twenty and thirty somethings called "Anew".

    Basically you will be spending time promoting the products online and driving traffic to the order site. (lots of info on this forum on how to do that). No need to do all the legwork and time consuming pick up and deliveries. Sounds like a plan to me!
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    Yes there is a lot leg work involved. Delivering catalogues, collecting them again, then collecting the 'stragglers' then delivering the products... however, if u like the fresh outdoors then its fine. The truth is.. I dont do catalogues anymore... it works but it is a lot of effort.
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    Do you have any children or grandchildren? I sold Avon briefly when I was pregnant and on maternity leave. I had a maternity shirt made advertising my Avon business, and a Avon onsie made for my daughter. People would stop me to comment and ask for my information .
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    Advertise in every possible way you can and everywhere you can. Your efforts will payoff!
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    Get a domain for your Avon website (which has a built in autoresponder) and promote it that way. No need for catalogs which get pricey. Focus on getting everyone you know to do an eParty and give them a commission on the sales generated through their friends buying products. Avon may not be for everybody but they are still a major global corporation so obviously there are lots of customers out there. It's almost Christmas, so hurry! Good luck!
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    Advertisement, coupons and catalogs would be a great help. Make them aware the promos or any other event the AVON is promoting.
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    Hi i have recently started working for FM cosmetics federico mahora fm cosmetics maybe this can work for avon just aswell

    We also use a method which works very well called "fragrance angels"

    This method is perfect for people under 18 who cant register, maybe your friend has a daughter/son Ect who wants to earn a little extra cash or students ARE PERFECT FOR THIS

    you arange to pay them a % which will be down to you and the indvidual
    and then when they turn 18 you sign them up into your team..

    we use this method and it works very well

    Hope some of this is helpfull
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    price cut all the others just like big business
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    AVON is a lot of leg work, I know a few people that it pays off for, but they do have to put a lot of time into it.
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    The other way Avon makes you money is by signing up other people to sell. Using multi level promotion, Avon will pay you a commission on the people you sign ups sales total. You don't even need to sell in case you have people selling for you, you sit back and let the money come to you!
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    Create a side service that you can promote on Craigslist in the 'Services' section under Beauty. Be creative - maybe a Mom and Teenage Daughter First makeover party or something. Take photos or videos of the events and deliver real value. You might make a customer for life out of the daughters if you are their makeup artist and they will certainly talk about it with others if you make it memorable and emotional..
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