What does ValPak cost?

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I know I can call my local ValPak office to get their price, but it's after hours and there are some knowledgeable folks here so I thought I'd post it here.

What does it cost to run an ad in a ValPak mailing?
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    I believe it is based on the number distributed. So each area is priced differently. I could be wrong, but I think you will have to call your local rep to have them price out the area you buy for distribution.

    Tim Pears

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    It's specific to each city because it's a franchise model, but generally it's priced by zip code. The general estimate is around $35/1000 mailers.
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    Thanks guys.


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      There is a company around here, that is like ValPak but it puts its flyers in a 5.5x11 booklet. Charges around $700 for 60,000 homes for a full page in it. There was over 60 businesses doing full page ads, the booklet goes out every 2 months. A few half page ads in it too. I did the math and research awhile ago when I was interested, it cost him between 11-13k to produce the book and get it to 60,000 homes via Canada Post. There is 2 like that, and ValPak and another one identical to ValPak in my city of 160,000............
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    $495 per zone by me last time I did it - long ago! Got one call and no job out of it - not a fan.

    Growing older but not up!

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    Lol, I had to Google to find out what ValPak was! I'd seen the name a couple times on threads here, but I'd never heard of it outside this forum so never knew what it was...

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    This was along time ago, but my brother paid somewhere around $1500 for 4,000 houses and they did design the coupon for him. I don't think he got any exclusive, so there were other of the same business in the mailing.
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      If you're going to use ValPak, be sure to use direct response lead generation methods. Otherwise, you might as well throw your money out with the trash.

      You obviously need a powerful offer for people to visit your opt-in page or call a 24-hour recorded message.

      Be especially sure this is going to your hot, target market. If not, it's just a mass mailing at best gets a 1% to 3% response. Conversion from suspect to prospect with further diminish your return.

      You may be better off to design a bold post card, get targeted mailing addresses of your primary prospects, and mail a direct response offer to these.

      Beef your response rate by follow-up calls behind the mailing. "I'm calling about the postcard you just received... oh you didn't see it, it offers..."

      Better to send a 100 cards to a hot list, than 10,000 to deadwood. It's cheaper too.
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    Good information thanks for responding guys, if you are reading through this pay attention to this stuff. It's gold
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    We have a few companies, MoneyMailer, ValPak, CouponMail. There are several companies out there to consider.

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