Need marketing ides for Car Rental business

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Have a new client who owns a car rental business and I need help coming up with ways of marketing this for him.

Also, would an sms marketing campaign make sense for this type of business?
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    If he's not part of a national brand you are probably best figuring ut a couple niches and really focusing on giving great service to them. I would take a "support local biz" approach to other local community businesses and organizations. For instance, approach all the local universities and colleges. Work with them to give them great rates, maybe even offer to sponsor something. They can then suggest to visitors to check out his company on their site it literature for visitors. Fund some medium size businesses and offer the same thing for employees who need a local rental. Chamber of commerce members if he joins, local government etc.. This is a biz dev approach but in a tough market like car rental I think you need to appeal to the community to build support over time.
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    Find out what his current marketing campaigns are both offline and online and fill in the gaps.

    I would try video marketing if you have the resources. You can also seo his site for local searches. Or you could try a flyer campaign. Put a discount QR code on it where they have to opt via email or text message to get the discount. In fact you could do the discount code across all avenues, the website, the video marketing, the flyer and his print/tv adverts if he's running any. That way you can get emails/sms numbers to blast to later. I would use the emails/sms on a regular basis with special offers or repeat notifications during holidays or when ever big events are happening in your area. It would be an ongoing campaign.

    That's just off the top of my head. Hope it sparks some ideas.

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      I would hesitate to give any advice regarding marketing without knowing a lot more about the company.

      Who are his competitors?
      What is his current business like in terms of clients and bookings?
      What are his target markets?
      What does the culture of his company look like?
      What are his strengths?
      What is his positioning?
      Why should people use his company and not his competitors?
      What kind of a budget does he have?

      I could go on. You get the point. Offering marketing ideas without enough background knowledge would not be the right way to go.

      So figure out what questions you need to ask and go get the answers.

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    hi my daughter does this all the time for people ,find the most popular mini celebs in your area on facebook and ask them to send out an ad on their facebook page for your business, you could offer them a small payment or free drinks or a special voucher or you could get them to advertise the business for you and send interested parties to a website to claim a voucher for money off a car rental and capture their email address.
    Other methods include holding a free bikini car wash at the rental place,you just pay the girls I promise you will have more people stop than you can handle.
    If you use the fb idea make sure the local mini celebs have more than 4500 friends and preferably more than one account.My daughter uses all these methods and more and has a massive response to any opportunity she promotes.
    Hope that gives you a few ideas
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    Why should people choose his car rental business vs a company like National? I would advertise on TV. Don't get into a price war. There's one rental company in my city who's offering $9.95 per day on the weekends. See if he can do a similar thing in his business. If he already has previous clients, send out monthly promotions to these customers to see if he can get them to rent a car again. I would also recommend some sort of internet marketing/website presence also... allowing people to book a car online.

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