Best Laptop for Business and Internet Marketing?

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In the market for a new laptop. Would like a screen size of not less than 14" and I hear i7 Processors are best- agree? Leaning on staying with Windows since many programs are not Apple compatible still. Appreciate the feedback- Thanks!
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    Just sold my Asus transformer tablet for a laptop that fits what you are looking for.

    Got a Samsung series 7, but not the model from best buy. Get the one with the built in SSD express chip, which makes it start, run, resume & shutdown much faster. You can get find this model for well under a grand, well under a macbook pro, which is what this pretty much is..

    The version I got has an i5 (plenty for anything other than heavy video production), graphics card, 6 megs ram, 750 gb drive, 14" hi-res MATTE screen, backlit keyboard and very light. Battery life is generally over 5-6 hours REAL WORLD, not brochure time. It is also pretty much as light and small as the ultrabook class, yet it still managed to include a slick slot optical drive, which is useful to install software, and burn disks for prospects.

    Love the backlit keyboard, but the matte screen is a bigger plus when you take the laptop out of your house because glare is a big problem in many lighting situations on a typical glossy screen, which is what most other laptops have.

    Only issue I found was poor internal wireless, but that was easily solved with a cheap usb plugin that is almost flush with the side.. Usb 3 is a nice addition, about 3-5 times faster transfer in my experience.

    Might go back to the next version of the Asus Transformer tablet, but right now found the total capability of a laptop is better for the jobs we need done.
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    I have a Dell Latitude E6410 refurbished.

    Core i7
    6 gigs ram
    14.something anti-glare
    backlit keyboard
    512 meg dedicated nvidia graphics
    wifi, bluetooth, etc.
    256 gig HDD
    3 year accidental damage protection

    all for about $1,200 from the Dell refurb site.

    best laptop I've ever used including (no offense to the guy above me) my mom's macbook pro.
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    I am a computer tech by profession and I will tell you what I tell everyone else.

    Go to BestBuy Office depot etc.
    Look at the high end laptops and then make notice of their specs.

    Then work your way down comparing the specifications.
    For most applications an i3 processor will do what an i7 will.
    Most of the time you can find a decent mid-grade laptop with last years high end specs and stay in your price range.

    Key points to remember:
    The more ram the better.
    High end graphics are not important unless you play games or do alot of video editing.

    Just start at the top and work your way down and you will end up with a laptop you are happy with.
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    I've had a Dell for a number of years and it still runs like a champ! In my experience, it's more about whats on the inside though than the name on the outside.
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    Dell is always good for business. It is used more than hp or anything plus it is very reliable. Dell XPS?
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    I use my macbook pro i7 with a 23inch monitor attach to it. A lot of my favorite tools are not MAC compartible so i use Parallels Desktop and I couldnt be happier!!!
  • Profile picture of the author stone2010
    I use my macbook pro i7 with a 23inch monitor attached to it. A lot of my favorite tools are not MAC compartible so i use Parallels Desktop and I couldnt be happier!!!
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    I won't even post in a thread that mentions both Macs and PCs!


    Anyway I moved away from PCs shortly after Vista came out. What a nightmare that was at first.

    Between work and play computers we have about 8 Macs and run Parallels/Win7 on 3 of them for a handful of apps that are not Mac friendly.

    Now I'm not limited by budget but if I was a Mac would not likely be my first investment. I would check Craigslist and Ebay and try and find a great deal on a PC from someone upgrading to the lastest and greatest.

    I sell my Macs on CL and they really hold there value. Great from a seller stand point but not a buyers. You can however find great deals... some steals if your fast on PCs via Craigslist.

    Keep us posted,


    P.S. Yes I know that Macs are technically PCs too (personsal computers) anyway good luck.
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    I have a Toshiba Satellite with an i3 and it works awesome. I rock dual monitors at the office and a bunch of browser windows open and it never really slows down. Only cost like $450ish too. Worth every penny.
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    Lenovo is good, because it provides a high-pressure sodium lamp. I do not care about the Samsung line - the touchpad is terrible. Dell has some nice units, but you have to go business class.For business it is best to use lenovo laptops for the better use.
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    Why is this in offline marketing? I don't know, but don't buy into macs unless you actually have a real need for it, it's a pretty big investment going for the higher end models and you can find yourself suffering from shiny object syndrome if you do!
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    Funny story: Last month I was in the room when a colleague was on a conference call with an IBM executive. He jokingly said "I hope you guys will let me in your building carrying my MacBook Pro." Then the IBM executive reluctantly admitted that they're all using Macs now too, now that they've sold off their PC division as Lenovo.

    Not to flame the Mac vs. PC wars but I found it pretty damn ironic - and comical - that the sales division at IBM is using Macs these days
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    I like them both.. but i gotta say when i meet with potential clients and i bring my laptop to show them stuff they always say something about my macbook LOL
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    I use my Lenovo PC with a 23inch monitor attach to it. I have had a lenovo for 5 years and it still runs like a victor! It is always superior for business.
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    Id recommend ASUS with AMD processors --not as power-saver as intel but fast...
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    id recommend HP, tried and tested machines they have!
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    I'm usin Dell Inspiron, works pretty well
    The seller told me that Dell and HP are best laptops
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    next round i'll be getting one of the new touchscreen ultrabooks. super thin and light for a full function laptop but also converts to a tablet. Best of both worlds.
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    I'm ready to upgrade too. I spoke with a computer techie today and this is what he recommended. Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E420 with the i5 6 gb of memory. He said to replace the hard drive with a solid state drive SSD 128 gigs. He claims the speed will amaze me. Doing all that and getting a portable hard drive to hold video files and pictures, it would cost just under $1000.00

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