How To Make $125 A Day Recycling Wood Pallets

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This post is concise, but will walk you step-by-step into the the profitable business of wood pallet recycling. After your finished reading this article you'll be ready and able to start your own wood pallet recycling business.

Anyone can run a wood pallet recycling business and it's easy to get started. You can easily make $125 a day and there is virtually no expensive equipment to buy and you can get started with little to no money.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: There is only a few things you'll need to get started in your own wood pallet recycling business. A pick-up truck, a pair of work gloves, an electric drill, a hammer and some nails.

You might want to build up the sides of your pick-up truck, so you can haul more wood pallets per load. Keep in mind when your out collecting wood pallets you'll want to make as few trips as possible, which will help keep your gas expenses low and it save you time and that puts more money in your pocket.

FINDING WOOD PALLETS: Finding wood pallets to recycle in your area is much easier than you might think. Everywhere you go like department stores, malls, factories and any business that produces or sells large volumes of products you'll find wood pallets lying around.

When you find wood pallets simply go into the business and talk to the manager or owner and tell them that you will remove their wood pallets for free. They should be happy to give them to you, as most companies have to pay to have their wood pallets hauled off.

Explain to the manager or owner that you will stop by and pick up their wood pallets on a regular basis and by doing this you'll be establishing a route and a relationship with each company that you pick up wood pallets for and this way they won't give them away to anyone else.

Once you have collected all your wood pallets you'll need to sort them by size, because your customers buy wood pallets by size. For example a common size is 36"x48", so place all your wood pallets this size in one stack and by doing this it will make it easier for you to deliver the size your customers want.

REPAIRING WOOD PALLETS: Any broken wood pallets can be quickly repaired by simply taking the worse of your broken wood pallets apart and using the stock to repair the others. Most wood pallets are made from oak and oak that has been seasoned is very hard to nail through, so to get around this problem simply drill a small pilot hole for the nail. All broken planks on a wood pallet must be replaced before selling it.

SELLING YOUR WOOD PALLETS: Manufacturing companies in your area will buy your wood pallets. Simply call or visit each company and let them know you have wood pallets for sale. You can usually sell your used wood pallets to them for $2.50 to $3.50 each depending upon their condition and size. A busy company will order 50-100 pallets every week, so if you can get just 5 companies buying 50 wood pallets from you at $2.50 each, 5 days a week then you would earn $625 a week or $125 a day.

The wood pallets you can't sell to manufacturing companies can be sold to a local pallet company. You can find pallet companies listed in the phone book. Most wood pallet recyclers simply sell to a pallet company, because it's easier, but your profits will be less.

Once a company buys pallets from you there is no waiting to get paid. You'll get paid upon delivery. This is one of the great benefits of the wood pallet recycling business. Another benefit of the wood pallet business is that you are the boss and you choose your own work hours.

CLOSING COMMENTS: As you can see by reading this post the wood pallet recycling business is pretty easy to start and that anyone can do it that's willing to do a little work. You don't need a large investment like other business start-ups require and you can start making money right away.

I wish you much success in your new wood pallet recycling business!

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  • Profile picture of the author Chuck Avants
    Thanks for the good information.

    I see ads for free pallets all the time on Craigslist. You could pick up some this way also. Just check out the free section.
  • Profile picture of the author Dawn Wise
    I drove by a construction site yesterday where there were about a half dozen empty pallets stacked by the side of the road.
  • Profile picture of the author eva dora
    $125 gross. You have to factor in the cost of gas, depreciation of your car, insurance etc...
  • Profile picture of the author Rus Sells
    A mention that a truck and trailer is required to make decent money at this as well.
  • Profile picture of the author Ihearttaters
  • Profile picture of the author SalinaJohnson
    This is the business of sorting, refurbishing,and re manufacturing. and when ever you will research on such kinda business the you will find good chances . This type of business are always accented and easy to set up
  • Profile picture of the author Seantrepreneur
    Martin, you never cease to amazing me with your nontraditional ways to make money. Although they might seem a bit off the wall sometimes there is no auguring that if someone were to do this you can make some good money.

    If anything you provide people with hope knowing that they are never "stuck" and there will be SOMETHING they can do to make some cash.

    Keep it up!

  • Profile picture of the author BillBert
    I love this forum for the postings such as this one... I probably will not pursue this opportunity, but none the less, I enjoyed hearing the idea and I may pass it on to some locals who are always looking for ideas.

    Thanks for sharing.
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  • Profile picture of the author MartinBuckley
    I would like to add that besides selling pallets, that if you are handy and creative minded you can use the pallets for the wood and turn them into furnture, such as a friend of mine used to make a killing turning pallets into futon frames and selling them to college kids cheap and he had a commission deal set up with a local bedding store to offer the futon mattress to college students at a discounted price if they bought from him.

    I just wanted to share this idea as another way to make money with pallets.

    To your success,

  • Profile picture of the author dre332
    Martin, this post is awesome! This has to be one of the easiest offline businesses to start.. Apart from a lemonade stand lol
  • Profile picture of the author b5willi
    What about renting a U-Haul trailer or a truck?? so you wouldnt have to deal with messing up your vehicle.. what you guys think?
  • Profile picture of the author b5willi
  • Profile picture of the author DesertSand
  • Profile picture of the author dave147
    Another excellent idea from Martin. I know a few people who already have a pick up truck lying around. I'll pass it onto them. One of them are bound to run with the idea.
  • Profile picture of the author Daniel LaRusso
    This is a great idea and definitely WILL work. I'm glad you put this up here, as it's definitely a workable business plan. The problem is, most people don't want to put in the hard work to do it. I know it's on my radar for extra income ideas. Thanks for the share!
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  • Profile picture of the author george b
    After reading and staying hidden on this forum, Iv decided to pop out and say thank you martin, not only do you post useful and helpful tips and ideas, but the amount you post on this offline section is incredible!

    I always enjoy reading your posts so keep it up!

    Thank you.

  • Profile picture of the author jking1
    I'm so amazed with the pictures you shared here Mark! There are indeed a lot of ways of recycling pallet woods and we can even sell them in much higher prices. Those pallets are considered junks by some manufacturing companies but they can still be worth thousand of bucks.

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