Phone and Email Scripts?

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I know this has probably asked before, does anyone have any scripts for contacting offling leads, via calling or email? I am offering WordPress websites an Google places services.

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    There are several threads in this forum about cold calling and scripts. Use the forum search function.
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    Where are you getting the leads that you are cold calling? The script that you use would sort of depend on that ... I can post some ideas here too with that information ...
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    @MaxwellB - Oh yes, I think calls through a list source would all probably use generally the same script We'll see what OP says
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    Good scripts cost you money. When I write a script for a business, it's $1000+. They are going to make so much money off of it, that's a steal.

    You can go see a basic one that you can adapt for your own use here.

    And it isn't about the script. The script is not some magic bullet that will make the prospect close their mouth and open their wallet. It's about the process that the script takes you and your prospect through. Or else it's just words.

    Without a consistent sales process, you'll be a sales zombie...wandering around, wondering why you get to take a bite out of a customer from time to time, and why they run away from you the rest of the time.
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    The forum has plenty of good information. Good luck and have a great confidence when cold calling/emailing!
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    Been looking for some scripts also, thanks for this post and the ideas share here.
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    Yeah well having just been banned for a week for "self-promotion"

    because I offered FREE webinars for months to share GREAT SALES TIPS to people and NOT try to sell them a single thing

    I'm a little bit peeved at the blatant "Hey I can help you do this at a price, just PM me" that I've seen many instances of upon the few hours following my return.

    When I see any more of these, I'm gonna flag them. Consider yourselves warned.

    Obviously offering to help others at no charge is commendable and in the Warrior Spirit.

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