Free Audio Here- and Letter Of Apology to Offline Warriors.

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Below is the free audio, but if you would; please indulge this letter. If not then dont; "You arent my market" :

Dear Warriors,

I am writing this and offering this free gift as an apology to the Offline forum.

A few months back I issued the pro 90 xtreme offline challenge, and started out the first 30 days on fire , made a lot of progress...

Then I went to a court hearing regarding an intense custody battle that blew me out of the Water on December the 7th 2011, and it meant a lot of personal changes, and I got lost, went into an emotional abyss / tailspin for the first time in years that was just a real deep funk, got distracted from my goals, and my obligations... and ultimately I failed to meet the 90 day goals.

I reset the goal twice, and I promised things and didn’t deliver... I ended up getting like 30-40 refunds for the first time ever... I let my customer service go down the drain, and basically, even though it wasn’t my intention, I disrespected my customers by falling behind, continually promising to catch up and never did.

It was a shocker to a lot of people including myself, usually Im stronger than most people I know. In fact for years I have been a solid business and even spiritual counselor. I thought I could handle ANYTHING, and Im still standing here so I guess that’s still true.

Trust me , it takes a lot to knock me down, as some of you know. This was an intense blow.

During this season I had customers telling me they were tired of my “bukll$***, instead of the usual “Thanks I made a lot of money this week due to your advice”, and they started sending me hateful emails, which I knew were not hate, but rather hurt and disappointment, so I couldn’t blame them.

Other expressed that I had hurt and disappointed them, which is even harder than the hate mail, because I really love my customers.

Sooo....Anyway, on the ninety day program...

After years of offline success, building Million dollar companies, managing hundreds of telemarketing, promoting scores of programs offline, and generally just being the best in my field, I didn’t just fail this last season (90 days). I failed “miserably”.

I failed you, and I failed myself. There was no excuse... I just got lost. Something really shattered my personal world, and all of my reasons for being John Durham seemed pointless for awhile...

I have since bounced back on the legal end to some degree, and not all hope is lost, and I am going to live to fight another day.

In any event, I REALLLY REALLY disappointed my readers this last season, and you know what?

I reaped exactly what I sowed... Isnt that always the case?

The laws never fail, even though sometimes we do... it isn’t because there aren’t laws to assist us, because they always deliver ALWAYS....whatever we sow.

When you succeed you deserve it, because you are reaping what you sow, but when you fail and people are mad at you, you usually deserve that too, because you only reap what you sow, and for that failure and negligence, I apologize.

After years of being seemingly invincible, this season I was introduced to my own personal kryptonite.

In this season I was divorced, lost my family, left with huge bills, legal fees like CRAZY, tons of travel back and forth, going through a ton of emotional distress...My bills increased and I lost half my income due to the personal distractions, maintained a big 5 bedroom house by myself, feeling alone and not wanting to have anyone over or socialize, or go anywhere, fighting CPS for custody of my grandchildren, lost a TON of customers who I don’t blame...

Ultimately, Lost a lot of respect on the WF... which is very meaningful to me because for years this has been my online family and I have enjoyed a great rep for being a top Warrior mentor here.

In short, its been a rough season, the roughest of all my 42 years, in fact rough in a way that I never even knew life could be. Seriously.

I spent almost a month just staring at a ceiling praying for answers... I felt literally emotionally paralyzed for the first time in my life, and I knew what some people meant when they felt they just couldn’t get up.

Whew! Its hard to admit this stuff , and maybe even “not smart”, but I have always been real with you and will continue to be.

Some will say “We don’t want to hear this John... Well, then you aren’t my friend. Just because Im sharing vulnerability doesn’t mean I’m not a champion. Don’t read it then.

Even lions sometimes laydown and go in a corner and lick their wounds, when they are wounded, and as my friend Dan says “Does a Lion care what an Ant thinks”? Hardly.

Anyway, moving on...

Im sending out a letter to the 90 day list today, and Im going to do what great Warriors do... when they let you down, they come back and make it up 10 times harder.

My 90 day list has already received something like 6 audios from me and 6 or 8 reports that are easily worth hundreds of dollars...

My 90 day goal is going to be more like a 6 month one it seems... in the interim Im writing them a report that will out line the entire A-Z on how to do this from start to finish so they don’t have to wait on me to succeed... Some of them already have so that’s awesome!

I can say this because I shut the program down so this isn’t spam by any means.

The people who signed up for regular emails and reports for the 90 day durations will now get audios, videos and reports for another 90 days. The value is INSANE, despite my personal set backs in this season.

To the rest of the Warrior Forum... I offer thi9s gift.

To some this gift was just an other motivational audio... to me it was the BEST audio in the whole series... and regardless of the personal set backs I experienced following this recording,. Its still true and my own results are proof of everything I say on this audio.

And Dammit, Im still a LION, just one that got wounded in battle, if you tease a Lion when he’s down, have fun, but when he gets up I hope you know how to climb trees really fast! Lol

Anyhow, I love the Warriors and the Forum... and if you don’t like sincerity, then I guess you wont like this post, but Im always going to be that, so you may not like me either... and if you jest about it...have at it... Im not pretentious. Why? Because I don’t have to be.

Most people, don’t have the offline knowledge or experience at selling in their whole body that I have in my finger... So you are just making your own self feel better, but you aren’t affecting me.

I have sold literally 50 million dollars in offline business and Im still me...

Just have been in recovery from some serious battle wounds, and still have more success stories to my name than virtually any other offliner on this forum. Not bragging just stating a true fact, and next year just as many people will succeed off the models I share here.

Where do these models come from?

Well in the call center game you usually have 5 different programs being promoted at any given time and I have ran a few of them into millions of dollars... in that process I have also analyzed and tested a TON of models, programs,, you name it “successfully”.

And I don’t know where you come from but “I” come from the the Warrior forum, these are my roots, and we are made of some strong fibers... Even though at one time I was just as new and starry eyed as most of you, and probably even more ignorant! Lol

So anyway.

I love you guys, please enjoy this audio, because every word of it is true, and the ninety day goals are still happening it just aint gonna be 90 days!

Still my list will get a ton of Value, if they can see past the disappointment of the initial 90 days!

In the Bible it says that when you are trapped by your own words, go and admit your wrongs and "free yourself from the hand of the fowler", so you may run like a gazzelle again, and you can live to be an inspiration for another day.

That is wisdom.

That’s what this letter is about... owning up, and clearing the air.

Yes I realize there is a mess to clean up, but this is where Im starting, Iwill lose a lot of loyalty...and I know that... there will be a lot to rebuild, and I know that, and Im willing to do that...

Some will think this is a cop out, or emotionally irrational "drivel"...and I know that... the knowing of that makes it "rational". Still, if you think that, Im willing to deal with it...

Some customers will be lost FOREVER....and I know that, my apologies, I hope you got a lot of value, even though right now all you see is disappointment.

This letter is as long as it needs to be, and I think I have said all I can say here... If it gets deleted I understand, but I think its needed, because I represent the WF to a lot of people and they need to know we aren’t cop outs who don’t own up.

I could change my Warrior name, as many do, or try to game the system, start a new account and disappear then re appear under a different name... But thats what "Posers" do, not Warriors!

This guy is tried true and altruistic not only to money but to the Warrior CAUSE!

So moving on...

Check out my free gift to you here. Every word is true!

Much love,

John Durham/ Bonifide Striped Warrior
Please enjoy the Audio.
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    Hi John, you don't know me but I feel like I know you. I latched onto you almost immediately upon my arrival here at the WF and have really held on to your every word ever since joining the warrior forum. Even though I don't post much, I read lots and can say without hesitation that I have learned more from your words than from any other warrior on this forum - period! You are a legend as far as I am concerned. If I ever got a chance, I would love to sit down with you and talk (I mean listen really) to you.

    I couldn't get into the P90x because I got there too late and could have kicked myself. I knew that I had missed the opportunity of a lifetime because I so wanted to be a member of that group. It appears that it has not all gone as planned but I know this is because of the challenges that you have faced during this difficult time. I would have been happy with what you said you have given to members already, it sounds like a lot for the price for membership.

    Your true fans will be able to see through what you describe as your own failings and I wouldn't worry too much about losing loyalty or about the naysayers either, the cream always rises to the top and you have come out on top again, nuff said. Keep up the good work and please keep posting your pearls of wisdom. For newbies like me, it's nothing but PURE GOLD!!!

    Enough ranting from me, I better get on as I try to navigate this offline jungle that I love so much. I haven't made any money yet but this was largely due to the fact that I was not taking action on what I had learned because I had a JOB that was killing me and I couldn't focus. I'm free now from the job having lost it and have to make my new life work so I am excited about the future. I am sure I can get there with your help and with the help of some of the other Warrior Soldiers here. Just keep on keeping on John, you know how many people you help so I don't have to remind you. Can I imagine the WF without John Durham? I don't think so!

    P.S Thanks for the free audio. I'm gonna listen to it right now.
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      John, this is another reason why I've always felt you were one of the most sincere, giving, and truly, truly caring warriors on the WF. I don't know if you remember, but, I made a post in this section of WF a few months ago about issuing a "challenge" to successful warriors to help me make some, much-needed, money because I'm the sole caregiver for my sick, elderly father and I was losing my job at christmastime and you gave me the advice (and a free report, that we all got here!) to call 100-200 small businesses with less than 5 employees and sell them on web design (this is the short version of what you advised). Well, due to the issues, I've been faced with in caring for my father (and other life-challenging things) I didn't get to put your advice into play until january and I havn't been able to consistently make 100 calls a day yet, but, I've made money EVERY time I've done it! From the very first day I pushed myself to follow your advice Ive succeeded in landing a meeting with at least 1 business owner within those 100 calls and my closing rate is like 70%! This "success" I've finally begun to achieve after my 3 years here would not be happenng right now, if not for you having the ability to light the fire that's been dying to be lit in me (in all of us!) that I'm now just beginning to run with!

      And now after reading this incredibly heart-wrenching "apology" (as far as I'm concerned there's no reason to apologize for being a vulnerable human with a heart!) and listening to what you've gone through these past few months and knowing what you must have been going through at the time I made my post in november, and yet you still took the time to offer sincere and doable help to this complete stranger to try and alleviate some of his own financial burdens makes me respect and admire you so much more! You, mr. Durham, are a truly wonderful human being and I, for one, cannot thank you nearly enough for what you've brought, and continue to bring, to this magnificent forum! This post couldn't have been easy for you, I'm sure. You're immense courage is commendable!

      Welcome back! Thanks for this latest gift (and not just the audio)!) Hope to have you back for good!

  • Profile picture of the author John Durham
    Much Love my friend. Thank you. I hope you enjoy the audio and your words are humbling. I know that teaching here is a great responsibility, not just a glory; and a glory it IS, and honor, because this is the greatest marketing forum on the entire planet earth!
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    It's like the old saying, 'life is what happens when you are busy making plans'.

    I appreciate you taking the time to post here. Goes a long way to being real and transparent. In the end I think whatever trust has been lost on behalf of those that feel you failed them can be regained by making every effort you can to do the right thing.

    Having followed you here on the forum, I feel you will come through fine.

    I do empathize with what you posted about the cause for falling down. Somehow when it hits right at home, it's always the toughest. Having lost my wife of 31 years last August, it can make life very tough, but like the Hebrew saying, 'life is for the living'.

    All the best my friend as you rebuild.



    PS I forget where I read it originally at, but I always think of the phrase 'fall down six times, get up seven'.

    PPS I guess it shows I am fond of sayings.
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    John, some people have been where you were and understand that sometimes things happen.

    I have never really understood people that become so hateful and just plain mean over a product. There are channels to go through if you do not get what you feel like you paid for so use those and keep some measure of civility because you never know, one day you might be the one in need of a little compassion.

    In just the last few months I have also emerged from the darkest place of my life and I, like you, have come out of it all stronger and much wiser.

    Good to have you back.

    Now let's get to work!

    Yes, by the way, I AM in the Witness Protection Program. I could tell you who I am but then I would have to kill you.

  • Profile picture of the author John Durham
    John, thank you for the understanding. I know all wont but I appreciate that you do... I hope you are doing better now, and will hold you in the light.

    Your post reminds me of what someone said on the forum the other day quoting the great philosopher "Mike Tyson" -

    "Everybody has a plan...- till they get punched in the mouth"!lol

    Move over Plato!

    Thanks CG, and I hope you have found your way out of the abyss and back to shore. If I can be there for you let me know. Im out of "Thanks for the day unfortunately but I will come back when I have some again ... Thanks friend.

    Its a sob story I know, but its all I have to offer - The truth.

    I have worked through dark times before but this one was REALLY harsh, and I lost it and went into a tail spin.

    Ps. I have to also add guys that "Failure is just a road sign on the way to success". Its not my first. Show me a man who is afraid to fail, and I show you one who will never succeed.

    I have endured as much failure as success in my life, its a part of the equation, just like in telemarketing. Just that this is the first time doing it publicly.
    • Profile picture of the author globalpro

      John, thank you for the understanding. In know all wont but I appreciate that you do... I hope you are doing better now, and will hold you in the light.
      Thank you, am doing fine now. Every once in a while I think back, but am saying focused and moving ahead. For what it's worth, I know she's with the Lord, is happy and doing fine. Is what consoles me the most.

      Your post reminds me of what someone said on the forum the other day quoting the great philosopher "Mike Tyson" -

      "Everybody has a plan...- till they get punched in the mouth"!lol

      Move over Plato!
      Good one John, Mike has a way with words.

      I think by posting here, some will understand, others won't, be it sounds like you are well on your way to getting back on top of things.

      All the best, and look forward to having you around again.


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    I listened.... it's good, especially if you feel like you are heavy laden and down....

    John Durham: Sow magical seeds and reap magical harvest....

    Tired, overloaded? Laugh a bit at Laughly

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    OK John - The Rugman Speaks! You DID NOT let us down! Anybody that did not stick by you let YOU down! My post the other day was - "anybody hear from John?" - concern - not anger. No refund request from me my friend - ever. You give more than most on the WF. I am going through much the same - maybe worse (I may PM you the details cause it really sux!). I have a saying - one that I pass on to my kids (explained if I do PM you why I use this). "That what does not kill you makes you stronger" - yep - I didn't come up with it but lately I have had to live by it - trust me.
    I do not know you personally - I will tell you this my friend - call me (I will give you all my numbers) and you can yell - vent and call me names all day - you can video skype me and we can drink beer together and swap notes - that is what IT is all about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sometimes it ain't about business and making money!
    Keep that faith brother!
    The Rugman
    John Durham
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    REALLY?! who is is gonna argue with those #'s

    Growing older but not up!

  • Profile picture of the author ryanmckinney

    I know exactly where you are coming from brother, I too, while on active duty in 2008, went through the same struggles. The only difference was, an E-4, broke, wife left me, no kids, damn "dog ran away", the "car broke down" all of that crap. I had to fight CPS as well, and not because of my doing. I was double tapped. CPS and The Marines, if CPS put me through something, the Marines put me through the same crap!

    I went into a down ward spiral, and fast. I couldn't sleep if 12 beers were not in me, I couldn't function. On top of that, I was still expected to maintain this 'high' performance that of a U.S. Marine, of which was in a slow decline.

    I was lost, confused, angry, all of that. If it wasn't for the Marines on my right and left , I am not sure where I would be right now. Maybe in a gutter with a needle in my arm, maybe not. So leaning on Warriors, is something we both can relate on, just different "kinds".

    While the bond between Marines may be slightly different, than "Warriors" on the WF, there is a bond none-the-less, and both can be called Warriors.

    I have only have been hear a short time, and I have learned a lot from you in your very informative posts.

    Glad you are back in action (as I am sure many are), and good for you to admitting what was "wronged" and trying to make it "right". I am sure 98% of those people will understand. (I do remember some post asking where you were, etc).

    Welcome back, ready to get some more "free learnin'" from your posts!

  • Profile picture of the author massiveray
    Yo John,

    First off, I'm on the 90 day list so looking forward to the training manuals when you get around to them.

    Second, the content so far has been awesome, I have started a business that this month is on target to make me £9,000 + my residuals, I am doing a lot of the sales myself as I have no idea how to train people to do this. I was already on my way before I bought your program, but it really did give me some focus and changed my mindset on how to go about things and overall has made my business a massive success.

    I guess the point of this message is to say, don't worry about letting people down, you have helped me to make over 30k in the past couple of months and I know I wouldn't have reached this level this quickly without your course.

    I also got the telemarketing report with gold membership wso, and downloaded a free copy of the bower formula from your forum, my telesales guys have no problem selling this model and it's raking in £££££

    Good to see you back on track, if you need anything you know where I am.

    Join my private strategy group on Facebook or find out how I made £2000 recurring in 2 weeks.

  • Profile picture of the author Nathan Alexander
    Hey John,

    First, I have no idea about most of what you were talking about (your product challenge?) but I wanted to say something quick (I haven't listened to your audio either).

    It takes a real man to say and share what you said. (I'm not a fan of cowards—although I still struggle with being one on occasion...)

    A real man finds a way, a loser finds excuses. So whatever the other stuff was (warrior related) good for you for taking care of it.

    What made me want to comment was your personal stress. You're not alone brother. Not alone. Take heart. You may not know why, or understand how it's even possible that all this could happen, but you will (and are) coming out something bigger and stronger.

    More people have been there than I suspect most would guess.

    Now, I'm off to go put down my Hallmark coffee-table book.
  • Profile picture of the author Qamar
    Being divorced is really painful and can be paralyzing. Only the strongest mind can withstand the sufferings of losing their once happy family, most people will crumble.....

    I am glad you are OK John and hopefully your story will be a motivational factor to those Warriors who are undergoing similar experience like yours. Good luck!


    I am making money full time on Facebook.

  • Profile picture of the author Charles Harper
    Hello John:

    I don't spend a whole lot of time on the forum and am not on your list.

    However, from what you have written here, I certainly hope that we connect at some point.

    It is clear that you care about your clients and your students. I will take some time to listen to your audio, even though I was not in your course.

    May God richly bless you,
    • Profile picture of the author mikesdream
      We love you too, John!

      So, John, now that you're back maybe you can help me put together what I want to sell next utelizing your cold-calling method you taught me.

      Here's what's going on with dad and I. We live in the beautiful city of San Francisco, CA, pop. 750,000+. My sister lives in a little place called Burley, ID, pop. 9,000+. Now, the reason I bring this up is that my sister just remarried in Idaho and she and my 6 nieces and nephews are moving into her new husband's house a couple town's over from Burley. She offered her house to dad and I, if we wanted to relocate to Burley, ID, and after discussing it in depth and weighing all the pros and cons, we've decided to make the move (dad's really excited to be near his grandkids again!)). It's gonna be tough leaving my beloved San Francisco (especially with baseball season getting ready to start!), but the move is just too right from a purely fiscal sense, not to mention it'll be nice to be so close to my sister and my nieces and nephews too.

      So, as of a week from tomorrow I will be moving from a city of 750,000+ to a town of 9,000+, so the opportunity to sell web design locally is going to change dramatcally. Not to mention, I've really wanted to expand my services repertoire anyhow.

      What I'd really like to do is exactly what Marc V. is doing, btw I, too, am a member of your telemarketing forum (mikesdream-same as here), and get into the lead gen biz for insurance agents. About a year or so ago I bought a wso of yours that detailed exactly how to generate and sell these leads to insurance agents and also how to close the insurance agents on buying my leads from me on a monthly basis. I'm not sure if it was the same wso bought, but I remember you also went into detail as to how best to hire top-knotch telemarketers from sites like career builder and monster (just like you mentioned in Marc's thread tonight-that's what triggered the memory of this or these wso(s) I bought from you in the past). Unfortunately, I don't have any of these awesome wso's I purchased from you in the past anymore because I lost most everything I had stored in my harddrive a few months ago when I got frigging virus! I had to take my computer to a repair guy and he did what he could to save what he could, but most everything was lost.

      Anyway, I would love it if you could help me put this biz together, so that I can hit the phones in Burley, ID and kick butt with this inurance agent lead gen biz!

      Please, let me know, John. Thanks.


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  • Profile picture of the author StevieJK

    Wow, what an emotional post. I am sorry you had to go through all of that. I understand.

    Don't worry, I think I speak for most of the fellow warriors in saying that will always be one of the big players in the WF and have provided so much value in your posts - we are ever grateful!

  • Profile picture of the author payoman
    Thanks for sharing John, this post was great and I have downloaded the audio, but I want to share something else for the readers too...

    This is for ALL men who are considering marriage.

    I will not judge John for what has happened, but it is obvious he did not opt for a pre-nuptial agreement in his marriage.

    Although I have never been married, I HAVE been heavily involved in the dating and seduction niche for many years and have seen many men suffer the same financial problems brought on by divorce.

    I would advise ALL men to check out this blog on relationships, marriage, dating and being a succesful entrepreneur too :

    The Blackdragon Blog

    The writer of that blog went through the same thing, and has sworn it his mission to help guys avoid the MASSIVE potential losses of a marriage without a pre-nup.

    Again, no offense intended to John in his situation, it simply reminded me of this blog which I wanted to share.
  • Profile picture of the author LasseKohau
    Great to have you back in the old JD style attitude.

    I have known John, not as a friend - but as a contributor and teacher at offline world issues and especially, telemarketing.

    There is no doubt, that John has had a very rough time, during the last year, but that doesnt make him a fall back !

    I personally dont know of many people in the offline world, that has Johns skills for teacing, guiding and sharing awesome programs and giving high exceptional feedback, worth 1000 of dollars in the offline for free in this forum.

    He has contributed to grow this offline subforum in WF and has shared advice and businessmodels, which can keep you busy for the rest of your life, and of course - make you financial independent.

    Dear John, Its great to have you back - and looking forward to seeing you at the top of the mountain again, where you have been so many times.

    All my respect,
  • Profile picture of the author reactiontm
    While the wound is still fresh, I would strongly encourage you to document the last few months in EXCRUCIATING detail.

    Take note of what stopped you, what shut you down, the soul-searching, the self-doubt/questioning, how you recovered, the little victories, basically- the way through, and out, of the woods...

    This is the true gold.

    Think about how strong you were BEFORE you went through this. You mentioned it yourself. Now, realize that most of the people you deal with are substantially weaker than you.

    And remember that in your dealings with them.

    One of the fundamental problems with most experts is that they forget their trials and tribulations. And that lack of empathy makes them less effective as teachers and leaders.

    And take note of the subtle but vast difference betwen empathy and commiseration.

    Most of the people you work with wouldnever have made it back, so to speak.

    Many would fall to much less serious setbacks.

    Certainly, most would not have recovered as quickly as you.

    Remembering this situation will make you a dramatically better teacher than you were just a few months ago, if you'll let it.

    Looks like you've already begun.

    Best to you in the days ahead.
  • Profile picture of the author Hugh
    Welcome back, John. I know of what you speak.
    Happened to me 20 some years ago. After that,
    the only way was up. Prayer doesn't make it
    easy, but it does make it possible.


    "Never make someone a priority in your life who makes you an option in theirs." Anon.
    "Some see private enterprise as a predatory target to be shot, others as a cow to be milked, but few are those who see it as a sturdy horse pulling the wagon." -- Winston Churchill

    • Profile picture of the author John Durham
      Originally Posted by Hugh View Post

      Welcome back, John. I know of what you speak.
      Happened to me 20 some years ago. After that,
      the only way was up. Prayer doesn't make it
      easy, but it does make it possible.

      Prayer may not change the way the world goes round, but when I pray it changes "me". Thats what your post reminded me of. Thanks.

      Wow guys, thanks for all the great posts. Im going to go grab a coffee and come back and respond to everyone in kind.

      Yes , coming through a funk like this does open your eyes more to your customers in the strangest ways...and the way you have done things... Im absolutely going to be alot better marketer this year for sure.

      Going from being a strictly offliner to having over 3,000 customers ONLINE within a year or two, alot of things go by so fast that they get hazy... and you dont really see that coming, and you make ALOT of mistakes along the way, speaking from a strictly marketing perspective...


      Losing it, getting into a tail spin, and having to really look closely at what you have done over that time, in that haze of online success flying by at warp speed... Really opens your eyes.

      I feel that looking over my customer service issues in the past few days has been a real epiphany. I have had a hard look at how I have done things, and they werent all bad, but now a couple of years later... Im wiser, and I would have done alot of things alot differently if I could take this experience back in time, ie; becoming a WF mentor, and not just tried and true participant, for lack of a better term.

      I almost wish I could start my telemarketing forum completely over as a matter of fact...

      Anyway, to be an inspiration here: I must tell you that, its amazing what you see from this vantage point that you didnt see at first.

      I was actually a member here since 98 or 99... even though its says I joined in 2007. I lost my password after a year hiatus and forgot it... and they had moved the forum to a new format and URL, so I just started a new account.

      It was only after a short bann a couple of years ago that I even USED a sig at all. In fact I was idealistic about being "against" having them.

      I was completely ignorant of what a sig or online sales could mean for a mere telemarketing trainer, or the people he shared with... Plus I saw no personal need. I was successful offline, and didnt see why I should need to make sales at the place where I came to relax and learn and read...

      Now that I see how many lives it has affected for the positive it blows me away still every day...

      In any event though I did it all from scratch and forum marketing ignorance...

      Even after my first 500 customers I still didnt see the big picture, and now I do, alot more clearly...but the foundation I laid wasnt laid with all this knowledge.

      Yes guys, its been a huge epiphany taking a hiatus and looking at things.

      What I meant to say about getting banned for a month a couple of years ago was that I was forced to read the WF for a month without participating and things started coming together.

      Prior to that people were asking me to write reports and I remember distinctly saying to myself "Its not worth it, I may as well just share in my posts"...

      Didnt have a clue... I still share in posts obviously, and try to do that more than write reports, in fact in the last two days I have written more than a 20 page report here in the forum just giving advice probably...

      Despite that lack of forsight in laying this foundation, it has been a phenomenal thing doing this, and again it has went by fast and furious and almost blinding...

      This time away has been a bit like that 30 day bann (for complaining about the mods) a couple of years ago, again I have looked at the body of what I have done here, and though there is a ton of good...MAN I WISH I WOULD HAVE SEEN THINGS MORE$ CLEARLY two years ago when I started doing these reports off the cuff...

      I have to wonder if other experienced marketers have been through a similar epiphany.

      Yes, we are really going to quantum leap this stuff this year.

      There is alot I will do differently for sure. There is alot of untapped potential and alot of ways I could better serve my customers more efficiently that I hadnt seen before.

      Lol. Hindsight is 20/20 huh.

      Will come back in a few and spend an hours or two on this thread today. Posting with you guys has been great over the past day or so...

      Maybe its weird to hear an experienced marketer (primarily offline) say these things, but in two years, again success at report writing and menotring, based on my offline experiences, has just flown by at lightening speed...

      Stopping, even though due to unfortunate circumstances, and really looking at things , as opposed to constantly having a ball of fire in your hands like a hot potato (seriously juggling 3000 regular, repeat customers with an ignorant foundation laid is like always having a hot potato in your hand and it grows more that way exponentially, depending on how you laid the foundation), has really opened my eyes to some things, so in contrast to the funk, the polarity is amazing this afternoon... I am even having trouble assimilating all I have noted here.

      Actually its more like 5,000. Im only counting TMF forum members.

      BRB Fellas and felletes!

      Ps. No need to be pretentious, I share EVERYTHING, all along the way... even at the risk of exposing some of my ignorance here and there, because whatever enlightens me I want to use to enlighten you all as well, because you, in my mind, as the report buyers are just as important in the equation as me..., and the purpose of writing is to help people achieve what I achieve or even more. I want to share these things.

      I will call this my "cathartic" thread! Very much personally cleansing, and yet still relevant I believe.
  • Profile picture of the author Magman
    John -

    I've dropped you a couple PMs in the telemarketing forum, and some note somewhere else, and all of those notes were before I read this thread.

    I'm one of your Pro90xtreme customers. I've also bought and used your other products.

    Let me tell you, I'm one of those four or five percent that you preach about who doesn't need to have my hand held to get things done. I don't need your complete program. I don't care (well, I do care a little) whether you're totally on top of things. I don't care whether you ever complete the Pro90 program. It would help, of course, but you've already given me all I need to accomplish what I want to accomplish.

    I also totally understand how you've been devastated in your personal life. And I understand what it takes to pull yourself up from the depths of depression and press on.

    I will also say this from my own experience. Once you catch on to some hook (and it's different for each of us) and get back on track, I think you'll experience what I've experienced. It's almost like you're a different person ... like what you experienced in terms of how debilitating it has been is almost unreal ... like it happened, but it really didn't happen like you experienced it.

    All that being said, I hope you take the time to read my PMs and get in touch with me. Here's why:

    If you're ready (and you may not be ... who knows what's going on between your ears or where you are emotionally) I can give you an avenue to take all your knowledge and begin to apply it from an entirely different angle.

    I am taking your info and applying it offline in my own way. I don't need anything more from you to make what I'm doing successful, but taking what I've learned from you and applying it is like taking a middle school education to master's level implementation. It can be done, but its waaaay inefficient.

    Do you want to get out of your funk? Do you want something to inspire you to come back from your depression? Do you want something that will let you move from where you are to a position of new growth and perhaps launch an entirely innovative inspiring direction?

    Then follow my PM from the telemarketing forum and call me.

    You may not be there yet. I understand. It takes a while to pull oneself up from the overwhelming depths of depression. But if you're ready, this may be it.

    I'm going to get a little grandiose now, but I think it's appropriate. And for those reading this, take note.

    The stuff you teach is exactly the kind of things necessary to make America great again, and create jobs. All the politicians have it wrong. It's not the big companies that will pull us out. It's the little guys, who seek out the needs and desires of those who have the ability to pay (value), and need to hire people to deliver that value.

    Okay. Enough said. What I've written will either resonate with you or it won't. It's not my responsibility to persuade you about anything. All I can do is lay it out there.

    If you want to contact me, check your PMs on the telemarketing forum. I've given you my phone number. If not. If' you're in a different place, that's okay.

    I give you my thanks for what I've received from you already. It's all I need.

    Scott Collins

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