Here's how to never worry about money again

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I see a lot of people struggling. It hurts me to see it.

So here's a nickel's worth of free advice.

Master these three things and you'll never have to worry about money again. No matter what the economy. No matter what comes along.

You may think that's an exaggeration, but it's not really not.


If you think you can succeed, you can. If you don't think that you can succeed, you won't.

It sounds very simplistic, and it is. What we think about is what we bring into being. If we focus on success, we will bring about success.

If we focus on our immediate circumstances and our obstacles, they will be insurmountable.

Believe me, it is not easy tuning everything out about the reality you have around you and focusing on your business. I know this. But you have to do it on some level and look to the future and focus on what your results are gonna be.

Prospecting and Sales

I don't care what anyone says - if you have your own business, you need to learn about sales. Even if you don't consider yourself to be a salesman, you still have to sell your business in order to get clients. You have to sell yourself, your product, your service, and whatever makes you unique.

We use sales every day. My kids use sales pitches when they want me to take them somewhere. You used a sales pitch to get some special girl to go to the prom with you. Guys use sales pitches all the time when they try to get a date. Selling is universal, and it's not a dirty word.

I am a huge fan of Zig Ziglar. Not only is he an incredible salesperson, but he also deals with mindset. You can get his books or you can look up videos on YouTube. Jim Rohn is another.

If you read about sales, you'll learn about different closes, prospecting, setting appointments and much more.

If you can't afford to buy books, go to your local library and check them out. spend a few days reading them, and then put them into practice.

Seeing the Opportunities all Around You/Vision

This one takes longer, and it's not necessarily something that you can read a book, but it's priceless.

Actually, if you read some of the classic sales books, they will touch on this, but I can't think of a specific book to recommend off the top of my head.

There is something very incredible about someone who has an entrepreneur's mindset.

I'm not talking about somebody that just goes out and sells a service. I'm talking about someone who can truly see all of the opportunities that are around them.

For example, you do business with two different stores and you can figure out a perfect way to create a campaign that mutually benefits both.

Or you see someone discarding materials, and you figure out a way to reuse them and sell them for 100% profit.

Or you look at what everyone else is doing and you figure out that swimming against the current and doing something the exact opposite would actually be more profitable and more beneficial in the long run.

Or you look at a method that someone is using with great success, and you realize that with a few small tweaks you can make it even more innovative and more profitable.

Or you look at a run down, ramshackle building and you envision that it could be an upscale business center.

I could go on and on about this last part, but you get the idea. It's a mindset issue, in a way, but it's also a business mindset.

Mindset, sales, and vision.

These three things are all you need to succeed.

Oh yes - one more thing - desire.
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    Very nice post. You are correct when you say those three things, actually four because you did mention desire are important. However let me add another element into the crucible and you tell me if it too doesn't help to relieve money worries.


    Here's a story to illustrate my contraindicative to good reasoning.

    There is a casino owner (CO) in Las Vegas who was dead broke before he became a casino owner. He was walking down the street one day and picked up a dime from the sidewalk. As it happens, a fellow saw him and asked him what he was going to do with that dime and in a derisive manner to boot.

    The CO said he was gonna bet some people he could throw that dime over the roof of a fairly tall casino and turn the dime into dollars. The fellow told him he was a casino owner and if the CO could perform that feat of daring do he would give him half ownership in his casino.

    You probably already know what happened given I've titled him a CO. He became a CO because he sold his half interest in that one casino and bought 100% interest in another. You have to admit that is pure luck but it worked. Or at least that is how the story was related to me by the CO.

    Here is another little ditty. The largest jackpot in US jackpot history of $640 million was won by three people in separate states. I would bet of the four items you posted they only had one - desire to win so luck was the biggest factor in relieving their money worries. I say that assuming their winnings will alleviate their money worries.

    Again, I am on your side with your thesis. I am wondering what your take on "luck" is given it is an honest to goodness element in life as we know it today what with lotteries, legalized gambling, bingo halls, off track betting, etc.

    I always appreciate your posts and love to read your take on the topics.

    Have a great day,

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    I totally agree with everything you say but I think you should add passion to the mix. When you are meeting people, if you have a passion for what you do, it shines through and affects them positively.

    There have been several times where I have got a client simply because I am passionate about my business and not because of my experience or skill level.


    [Edit] I use my hands a lot when I am talking. My one client said it was my body language that sold him and not what I was saying
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    "Luck" is the combination of your activity with that eye for opportunity you develop after awhile. It's true that the people sitting at home doing nothing never get a lucky break. You have to be out in the real world, mixing it up, making mistakes and making attempts to be successful in order to run into that "lucky" opportunity.

    Mindset is very important, because you may not make money immediately. You may have to stick with it. Success = Activity + _____?

    What is the mystery ingredient?


    Thanks for the original post...something everyone needs to read.
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    Excellent post, Shay. Love it!
    We all have to sell ourselves one way or another...
    Vince aka makingiants
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    Great Post! Reinventing your mind is almost as revamping your life. Never under estimate the POWER OF OUR MIND!.

    Keys to success:

    1) Guide your mind
    2) Practice Inner Strength
    3) Guide your time
    4) Know your Purpose
    5) Be disciplined
    6) Serve others
    7) Be enlightened!
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    Most times, when people try to express what you've expressed above it comes across as wishy-washy, self-indulgent rubbish. I've never seen success distilled into such down-to-earth language. I love it! Thank you!

    I have to disagree slightly though - the only thing you REALLY need is the correct mindset. If you genuinely have that down then you will make it your business to achieve the rest - and they will come with little difficulty.

    I'm a good example - I have a load of stuff on my side that lots of people would kill for - I can sell, I'm a good worker, I easily make connections with people and I see opportunities all around me. BUT, BUT, BUT I have not, thusfar, been able keep my mindset correct. I KNOW it's my downfall, I know it keeps me from reaching my dreams. I just don't know how to change it. What frightens me is that time is rushing by me - I'm in my forties now - and I still haven't been able to crack it.

    You say above Shay that you know how difficult it is; care to share how you manage to keep straight?
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    I agree with you totally. great post Only that is difficult ot remember this in the hustle and bustle of life but I am convinced that we need to become those three things no matter what it takes. thanks
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    I am sure that several people will be extremely inspired by your story. You can't hear it but I am clapping for you so loudly right now!!! Encore, Encore, Encore!!!
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    Very good she made the point about how anytime you've gotten a girl, you've used a sales pitch.

    I'm going to elaborate on that and mention the fact that studying seduction, NLP, hypnosis, will give you more ability to sell than anything else I can think of. Instead of watching zig ziglar... or anything like that, I'd rather focus obsessively on watching pickup videos (PUA). If you can master PUA, you can sell ANYTHING to ANYONE, because PUA is the most human form of marketing I can think of. NLP too. They teach you all the subtle nuances of bodylanguage and the fact that 93% of everything we communicate is NOT FROM OUR MOUTHS!

    Many people don't understand that. There is an entire different world of communication when it comes to understanding bodylanguage, how to intimidate people, hold a strong frame, demonstrate higher value, convey active disinterest (w/out saying it) force a person to qualify, validating a persons ego, building trust/rapport/comfort/attraction.

    Honestly when I approach sales, I try to seduce the person I'm talking to, more than I try to sell them a product or service.

    If you REALLY want to get good at sales, study and learn the entire "annihilation method" that frank kern helped neil strauss market the living death out of. That course sold millions upon millions of copies, not just because frank kern knows his ****, but moreso because neil strauss does (in my own opinion). Neil strauss has been seducing people his whole life, and is somewhat of a nerdy guy. But if you've ever seen his underground dating videos, the guy KNOWS how to get what he wants better than most people I know. Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy & Tony Robbins are too happy/motivational for me. They are distracting with all their happy talk and don't really break things down as specific as the seduction guys. The seduction guys refine things more into an applicable science imo. Study Ross Jeffries, Niel Strauss, David DeAngelo, Hypnotica (a GENIUS at NLP, and the M3 Model by Mystery.

    These guys are the legend seducers of our time, and know a lot more about selling then most mainstream people like the 3 I mentioned before. Of course thats just my preference. =]
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    Good one! Lovely that many are also adding to the list.

    I have one to add. TAKE ACTION!!!

    Keep on motivating
  • Profile picture of the author Will Roarke
    Good addition ahbittersweet8.

    "Even if you are on the right path, you'll get run over if you just sit there." - Will Rogers
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    Originally Posted by ShayRockhold View Post

    I see a lot of people struggling. It hurts me to see it.

    So here's a nickel's worth of free advice.

    Mindset, sales, and vision.

    These three things are all you need to succeed.

    Oh yes - one more thing - desire.
    This is genius. That's all I can say. Ties in perfectly with a physical book I'm finishing up too. Pure genius the way you make everything so simple even though this post is probably worth $100/day or a million bucks/year or more to someone who knows what to do with this "simplistic sounding" info.

    Great stuff!

    Many many thanks for sharing this on here...

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    Wow ,your words are so active.I agree with you .Learning from other people's successful tips and catching the chances that you have are very important .I do business for many years and learn much at the same time .I always think how to sell well and how to attract clients.It need learn all life time .

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