Idea: making $1000/month renting .AM and .FM domains to radio stations

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IDEA: Rent .AM and .FM domains to local radio stations... each domain name costs you $99 / year and you rent it for $1000/month

Find a local radio station, lets say "love 92.3 FM", you purchase 923.FM and pitch them how easy it would be to market said domain.

You rent it out to them for $1000 USD / month.
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    Can you expand a bit more on this idea?

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    Let me see if I have this business plan down...

    Step 1: Buy expensive domain

    Step 2: ????

    Step 3: Profit!

    Does that about sum it up? Genius!
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    Why wouldn't a well established radio station have a site already?

    Elaborate please.
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    1000$ a month would be wayyy too much. Maybe 1000$ per year, or just selling it for a certain amount to the radio station can work.

    Let us know the results if you proceed with this idea
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    You may have difficulty when a station asserts a trademark on its call letters or frequency designation and its law firm sends you a very nasty letter demanding that you turn the domain name over.

    Radio and TV stations deal in trademark law every day, and they're not babes in the woods.

    If you proceed, I recommend you charge your first client a million dollars a month, and keep it all in reserve to pay your legal bills.
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    Well this is a good domain flipping method tho is best to charge for it and not rent(because if any1 opens that owner`s eyes u get into troubles) but all in all its a good method to make some pretty fast cash
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    Another issue is that in the example the OP gave 923 is not an exact match for the callsign or name of the station. So why would they pay for
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    Don't all of the major radio stations out there already have a website? What would the advantage be of having a .fm or .am site if they already have an easy to remember .com website that they currently use?

    I commend you for thinking of ways to generate revenue offline, but I don't see how another website would be useful for radio stations who already have one.
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    Cool thread.

    Do you think there is a huge market for something like this? I mean radio sites are everywhere but will they really pay for a .fm domain name?
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    Nobody wants to rent a domain. What kind of business gets a new phone number every month? Destroys the point of having it in the first place.
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    I don't see the value in this at all.

    AM is for news and sports radio. So no one thinks of 96.9 FM they think merely of 96.9 aka 97X. Why would they want .fm when what they really want is cause that is how they are branded.

    We have a 101.3 that is known as Kiss FM too so they might want but is what they would really want. They have right now.

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