Medical directories. Price Structures?

Profile picture of the author misc92 by misc92 Posted: 05/11/2012
Im going to be launching a group of medical directories, geographical niche based directories.

- They will be SEOed
- User friendly and well-designed

However im not sure how much should i charge per membership?

I have another problem... Lets say there are 50 dentists in the area, would u charge the same to each of them, considering only the first 10 or so listings will get massive exposure compared to the rest?

Im planning on purchasing a set of domains for each area as well.

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    I think it is a good business model, easily scalable, but what do you guys think?

    Mainly about the prices and how much people should be allowed to appear on the directory...?

    I think of it this way, users pay premium prices to SEO experts to rank number 1 on google because they understand the value of #1 position, wouldnt it be unfair to have 50 "dentists" from the same area paying the same price for positions in the second, third or forth page of your directory?
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    anymore suggestions for this?
    This really seems good idea.
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    Look into the "Directory for Attorneys" called "FINDLAW"!

    In most big cities these folks have attorneys paying an average of $1,000 A be IN their Directory.

    "Findlaw" is basically just a "Directory" with Attorneys listed alphabetically. Their Directories DO however get TOP Billing for most KeyWords.

    Check em out....see what they do for participants....then, apply the same to Dentists.

    Don Alm
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    I believe MrRomeo (aka Marcos) made a reference in another forum about in which the owner was making bank on this referral site for local dr.'s in Atlanta. I believe he mentioned that each doc was paying about $150 but the ones that were premiered on the top of the page were paying around $900.

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