I Need Tips For Moving Up In Google Places Listings

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Im hoping i can get some help here. My brick and mortar business currently is like 4th when you search a certain phrase plus my city. Ive been in this position for about 3 months now and cant seem to move up. How can i move up? Their are 2 non Google Places listing even above me. Also, how can i get to show up on Google Places for different words and phrases?

Any help would be greatly appreciated or if someone does this i would be willing to pay for services.

Thanks again!
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    Citations! Citations! Citations!


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    Can you explain a little more when you say citations please.

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    Want an easier way?

    Get reviews. When people search they look at the reviews, not necessarily the top 'A' spot. Get 5 positive reviews and the stars show up.


    Respond to ALL reviews. Good or bad. It makes a difference. People like being heard.
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      Actually moving up depends on the key phrase and which algo Google is showing for it.

      Approx 70% of local searches right now are pulling the BLENDED algo. Citations and reviews won't boost ranking in the blended algo. Although reviews and getting those 5 gold star really helps conversions.

      The blended algo is 95% based on organic ranking factors. You can have all the citations on the planet and it won't help if the site is not optimized right. Is the site really well optimize for local intent and does it include all the right local hooks? Most SMB sites aren't optimized well for local.

      To rank for more keywords you need to be sure they are in the Google Places categories. BUT IMPORTANT - need to word categories right so they comply with the "is not does" rule in the Places guidelines.

      Then those same keywords also need to be well optimized with the local identifier on the web site as well.

      Hope this helps and best of luck!


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    My site is nothing major just a typical Wordpress site. My site is thisjustinstore.com and my business is called This Just In. Located in Southgate MI. Anyone take a look at let me know what I should change would be greatly appreciated.

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    I completely agree with Linda on this one...The Dual Algorythm is basically a combination of Online Presence & Local Presence....for example Your Business Location and it's influence inside of the city combined with the traditional algorithm for online authority (online SEO).

    Firstly though...how competitive your market is can truly effect what actions you should focus on to boost your rankings so it's important to understand what you need to do to beat out the top 3 sites.

    Boosting Your Google Places Ranking could include a few strategic moves so we'll break down the core components for you to boost your rankings.

    #1. Google Places Optimization (I believe this is about a 20% total ranking factor. Do you use youtube videos? & even Panoramia for images & how do you optimize this media?...do you have coupons and keep your google places listing up to date with news?)
    #2. Keyword Relevancy & Services Provided(Are You Only Optimizing For 1 Keyword in Your Market & Are You Using Google's Organization Structure Inside Of Your Google Places And Your Website?)
    #3. Your Website's Content, Structure, Design & Analytics(How long do your visitors stay on your page?)
    #4. Website SEO strategy(This is the key component to your Ranking On Google Places.)
    #5. Are you Geo-Tagging Your Business In Both Google Places & On Your Website?

    #6. Citation is also crucial...make sure you have your citation the same across online directories and and even make sure it's on your website.
    Company Name
    Company Address
    Company Phone #

    ---Also, never over use or abuse any of these strategies or you'll get slapped...don't put your citation 500 times on your site and don't black hat SEO your site. Make things natural but include them in your marketing efforts...if you abuse these strategies, you'll disapear off of google.

    It's hard to know actually how to recommend improvement because we don't actually have a way to analyze your site and google places but I think this is a great starting point and I feel we can definitely help your pursuit to boost your google places ranking

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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    never mind I have re-read and answered my own question
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    As you have written on above about Google places. I think optimizing Google places is good idea for visibility in search engine result page. For increasing you places you optimize you place page a good and relevant title, description. Write some review for that page.
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      FYI I'm posting in another thread where people have questions about the local algo, so I thought I'd add a question and answer from there in case it helps anyone.


      Ken Asked: "How does one know if the listings are in the blended algo? I've seen a seven pack where the A listing only had half the number of citation that the B and C listing had. Is that an indication?"

      I answered with the same post I made above.

      Then Ken Asked: "By organic site factors, do you mean how high the site is ranked?"

      I replied:

      Yes BUT its hard to tell pure organic rankings any more for a number of reasons. Mainly they are just really obscured by the blended results and it's harder to tell at a glance WHY someone is ranking. (Is it due to citations, or on-site SEO?)

      I have a FREE tool on my tools page in sig below where you can see the PURE organic ranking minus local. It's really helpful to see the PURE ORGANIC strength of a site if you strip out all the local factors.

      PLUS if you use that tool for a keyword that pulls blended and compare with the blended results you can see DIRECT correlation in the search order, which proves that it's organic that's in control. (But take into account some listings will be missing in "blended" due to mismatched NAP, dupes, proximity lockout or Places violations.)

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