How I made $7K my first month w/No Site or Testimonials

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OK, I've been reading a couple of threads by guys who've spilled the beans on how they're making money in Offline. I've been really amazed by what they were willing to share openly. I'm thinking of Bob Ross and JohnSpangler. John is a wonder and a continuing inspiration to me. So I'm adding my story as a nod to them.

This is true.

I got into Offline marketing in December of 2009. I got Maria Guidelis's Offline Challenge in November and implemented a specific campaign from it in December. And closed two deals in the first month worth $7,000. Since then, I've brought in an average four figures a month. I didn't have a website for the first 9 months. Here's what I have now - Effective Web Marketing. I only use it as a place to post testimonials so people don't ask to call my previous clients.

Here's what I did from the start:
a. Find a hungry crowd - nothing new here. I went to the yellow pages and looked for the biggest ads. I just took down that addresses of every ad that was bigger than about a 1/6th of a page. Later, I grabbed every print ad source I could find, and wrote down addresses.

b. Make a good offer - My first offer was "Free Website Repair". Again, nothing new here. You can probably search that phrase on the Forum and find ways to do this. I've done other offers since then that work well. I wrote letters until I had used every address in the yellow pages. Then I switched to email. I positioned the offer this way - If you're like most small businesses that call me your website lets you down. I spend my time turning broken sites into lead generating or money generating or client generating (whatever is appropriate for the business) machines. I thought this was hokey and frankly was afraid to say it, but I found people really receptive to it and I have closed international businesses that are sophisticated about the internet using it.

c. The follow up - I didn't chase people. I think I may have emailed people as a follow up - did you see my letter, I offered you free web repair. I don't remember my response rate on the mailing. I think it was pretty good - 5 or 10% from a list of people who are already big advertisers.

When they responded I sent them an email telling them why their website wasn't bringing in business. Later I switched to videos because I could make them much faster.

Generally, I was telling people: 1. no one can find your site, you're going after keywords that are far too general and too competitive, 2. when they come to your site, there's nothing that differentiates you and keeps people from clicking away to some other site, 3. you don't ask them to contact you, so they don't. And I offered to fix the basics - title, h1, description, keywords, etc. And yes, I fixed those for free when they asked. Few ever did.

d. I set up meetings to go over their site. Generally, once I'd gone over it they would ask what they should do. I would make lots of suggestions - you could do this, you could do that - what kind of business do you really want to bring in? Oh really, you have three kinds of business? Do they seem to show up more searching for you or roaming Facebook? Do they see a need for you when they're home or when they're out with their phone? Oh, you don't know, well that would be good for you to figure out, so you don't advertise to people who aren't looking. And then offer to do a marketing plan for them for $500. Most people jumped at it.

e. The marketing plan - I really did a good job on this - looked over keywords, looked at Facebook (can they attract an appropriate audience), looked over Google Places, do businesses like theirs need mobile. I still have testimonials saying the marketing plan I did was the most comprehensive thing a business owner ever received about his business.

f. Use the plan to sell. People trusted me pretty well when they got the plan (I turned it around in one to two weeks and scheduled the review meeting when they bought it). Most of what I sold was doing new sites or reworking them and SEO. But I also sold Google Places and etc. if they needed it.

It's a pretty straight on consulting campaign. Nothing fancy. No cold calling. I think what most people underestimate is the volume. When I was mailing to businesses that advertised in the yellow pages, I think I got 10% to send me an email, something like that. Then I would go back and forth trying to set up a meeting. And I closed 1 of 8 very consistently over months and months. My close rate in a face-to-face meeting was very high, 75 or 80%. If I got a meeting I got a close. Even people who told me they weren't going to buy or people who were actively doing business with someone else. But lots of people emailed me and then disappeared. So the ratio was something like write 100 letters, get a sale.

When I switched to email, my response rate went way down - 1.5% or something like that. So, I'd have to send 500 offers to get 7-10 responses, to get one close.

I hope that's helpful to you guys. I still have many of the accounts I started with. People have been very grateful for good service. And my experience is that it takes setting up a system and being persistent. But my experience is also that it's very possible to start making good money your first month.

To your success,
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    Thanks for a great post. When you said you set up meetings- now that you use e-mail and do more that is international, how do you do the meetings? Do you use skype or how do you communicate?

    For the marketing plan, you expand in much more detail than what is given in the initial meeting I assume. Also, are people overwhelmed due to not being familiar with some of the methods you are suggesting? How do you present the marketing plan and do you propose it in the initial meeting which you conduct in some way over the net (I assume it's not by e-mail at that point)? This post is in spirit of John Spangler so it's inspirational.

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    Love how the website is optimised to sell the results that you will bring the clients not trying to be to technical with the terminology but rather focus on what they are going to get out of it if you get me.

    Is that a word press template that has been used for the design?
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    Its good to see meaningful posts likes this. Thank you! I already use most of the tips and they have worked. I will try the other insights as well.
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    That's awesome. You mentioned you gave suggestions and did a marketing plan and looked for keywords and their did research and such. So did you already know all the SEO and marketing stuff, or did you learn it from somewhere. Are there posts or WSOs that outline the actual technical stuff, I know you can outsource it but you do have to know what you are talking about and what they need in order to help the clients
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    You said for the first 9 months you didnt have a website? How, then, are you marketing web services and Internet marketing and YOU yourself didnt have a website?

    I mean, if you had approached me and offered your services, I would want to know more about you and visit your website, to see your portfolio, testimonials, companies you've worked for, and other info.

    Had you told me you don't have one, I would have hung the phone up on you. Seriously.

    I'm just curious as to how you got away without a website for so long and were still able to bring people into your business.

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    Sending that congrats back your way Tim, awesome share and very inspirational--love these kind of posts!!!
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    Snapping Google search result related to their business is a wonderful way to get the, curious and willing to use your service. Offline Businesses don't want their competitors to dominate them in any form.
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    That's quite a very enlightening one from you Tim..might as well incorporate some in my marketing strategies as I do have a very limited knowledge regarding marketing..
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    Great information Thanks for sharing in great detail.
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  • Profile picture of the author nidhan
    Great post Tim. I really appreciate
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    Great post, Tim,

    I like the idea of the free website repair. Most local business owners need that desperately
    and they know it so it should be an easy sale.
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    Thanks so much for sharing this information and congratulations on your success!
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    Hi Tim. I would like to thank you for taking the time to write, share and answer questions about offline marketing. I myself have wanted to do offline marketing for a while now, but keep putting it aside. I felt nice to read that you started without a website and you did fine. Most courses on offline marketing tell us to have a website to show local businesses.

    I also like the honest approach you used. I would like to use your method on approaching businesses in terms of free website repair and problem and solution type approach. I feel that is a good way to do it.

    ''When I switched to email, my response rate went way down - 1.5% or something like that. So, I'd have to send 500 offers to get 7-10 responses, to get one close." Has you conversion improved with the email approach?

    You mentioned that you do international businesses as well. How do you response when they want to meet you face to face? And how do you take payments?

    When you started how did you accept payments from local or international businesses?

    Do you do mobile sites and how do you go about approaching businesses that they need a mobile site?

    Thanks for your time in answering my questions?
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    Thanks Tim....great stuff. I noticed you didn't mention direct mail or videos Might be something you may want to consider.

    Michael Clough
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    Great post Tim!

    Great looking site. A great way to use testimonials to sell yourself. Just wondering, did you sell Maria's Mindmap as the marketing plan? I did her original challenge & sold her $5 mindmap for $500! Did an upsale & walked away with about $1500.


    BTW, I'm a Seattle native...born & raised.
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    Thanks for sharing and Congrats on your success Tim.
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