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Hi Guys.
Wanted to share with you my new venture I'm starting.

Basically it will be a local deals and coupon print magazine + website.

I will be selling spaces in the magazine for local businesses and will also offer a free inclusion in our website($39 value).
Was wondering what you would recommend about the pricing.

There will be only 1 advertiser per niche, to make it more interesting to the business owners.

I am going at around $195-295 depending on the size.

Will be printing about 2-5k copies depending on the amount of advertisers. about $500-1k cost. + around $100-$150 for design of the mag.

So once I have secured about 10 advertisers we are already in the profit.
Will distribute them door to door and in all the free magazines stands.

I will also include some good cpa offers like free pizza hut gift cards and grocery cpa offers.

Will also be using this as my entry into seo and website market. Will be offering extra services to the clients later on.

would love to get any feedback specially on the pricing of ads.
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    I dont know, but skating on a mis spelling of Michael Hiles name wont get you any help in my own book.
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    Actually is just my pen name I invented.
    unfortunately I don't know who Michael Hiles is.
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    Sounds exciting, keep us posted on how this works out. I'm not sold on print marketing making a huge resurgence any time soon.

    Seems like most businesses are now shifting towards digital and mobile marketing.
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    It's true that lots of businesses are going towards web and mobile.
    I will use this as my entry point.

    Will have a and mobile optimized business directory
    2. local sms and deals list integrated with the site
    for an extra $ the owners could advertise to the list with their coupons
    + could charge them for their own - mobile site, sms list campaign, social package etc.

    the print mag, website and sms ads are just to set me apart from the competition to upsell later on the web redesign, mobile sites and marketing.
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    I agree with Doran Peck on this one.

    I see more and more small operations in the suburbs with the coupon print media popping up and they all have clients and most local small businesses are all already doing print marketing, possibly only print marketing.

    So when you come to them and for almost same price you offer something extra like sms coupon list + online and mobile directory, you have a huge advantage on all the local print marketers.

    Once they are locked with the print, I will make sure they understand the full potential that online and mobile marketing has and how it can expand their business and set them ahead of the competition and I will be happy to set everything for them for a nice amount of cash.
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    I believe print marketing is still a great option. A lot of businesses still prefer print advertising over online methods which means more money for you. And like you mentioned, you're using this as a way to get you foot in the door and eventually will offer the online services as well so I think it's a solid plan. Let us know how it goes.
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    Thanks for encouragement.

    Right now I am shopping for the designer who will make the magazine and the ads. Found some solid ones on elance. Will wait few days to get more applications.

    Already found few printers that will print and send some free copies so I can choose between them, once we have a mockup completed.

    This will be a 2 man operation. Me and my friend.

    I will take care of the online part, sms list and the outsourcing of the design and print, my friend takes care of the distribution and together we will go out and find advertisers.
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    Bob Ross published a WSO similar to this last year
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    The advantage that you have over people approaching these businesses with online solutions was mentioned already in this thread - There are business owners that STILL prefer print over digital marketing.

    Why? It's simple. They understand it better. They're what you call "old-fashioned" for the most part. People are less likely to pay for services of which confuse them. Business owners understand print. That's your true advantage.

    It's all in the pitch. Best of luck!

    -- Jon
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    Print marketing isn't dead...

    This company - Alaska Travel Deals | Alaska Vacations | TourSaver ® - is making a decent living with ONE coupon book that people need to PURCHASE. They pay $99(or so) for this book,... Yeah I know, pretty amazing! But they are getting great deals that is worth well over the $99!

    This company is thriving... I read about them in The $100 Startup book.
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    Many coupon books are delivered as direct mail. That is a great way of getting in front of people. You can target specific demographics, send only to homes not apartments and businesses, etc.
    I have years of experience designing these, if you need help with design, please PM me.

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