What are the best Offline services to offer clients?

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I know this is a little bit of a broad question, but I just wanted to know which services do you feel are the best to offer clients?

When I say "best" I am looking for something that is lucrative, can be easily outsourced, offers a real value to the client, etc.

I know there are several services that can be offered but I'm trying to narrow it down to a good few. Don't wanna get bogged down with too many things. Thanks!
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    Website creation. It can be easily outsourced for less than what you will make the customer pay.
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    The best service is the one you can offer, speak intelligently about, develop a bulletproof system to deliver, and your market consistently has a need for. Doesn't really matter what that product or service is - just find out what they need and deliver.
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    I think Web Design, Mobile Design and SEO are the best to sell frankly because these are the easiest to say you 'NEED' these whereas PPC campaigns are not so, well, 'in need'.
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    Mobile SMS text marketing in conjunction with Social Media marketing
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    It's worth noting for anyone reading this - when I first started going after offline businesses I fell victim to "the more the better" syndrome. I thought if I offered more services, I would get more clients...nope.

    I was doing web design, seo, sms, ppc, reputation mgmt, social media marketing, direct mail, you name it.

    But what I slowly found out was that my core clients - the people that will stay with me forever - they value websites and SEO. That's it. So, I ditched the other stuff. I'm not saying the other stuff doesn't have value, it really does, but 99% of the time I stick to my core services.

    So, now I do those two things, and my business has grown beyond what I could have imagined. My point is, find your groove - find the thing your clients love - and get really good at delivering it to them.
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    Social media marketing, Content submissions are the two best to make a try
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    Tell them that you will set up their own WordPress blog for them for X payments of XXX $.

    I've been successful with that. Mostly because my clients and other business owners have HEARD about blogs, but they are just not confident or they don't know where to go in order to set one up.
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    Well every service produces income. There is no best. Because at the end of the day you are the one setting your own prices.

    Your success doesn't boil down to what service you're offering. It's all about how you market yourself and your service. It's all about the effort your willing to put into getting out there and attracting clients.

    The harder you're willing to work, the better the pay off. and that goes for any service.
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    sms to restaurants. you dorn't need to outsource it, you can deliver the work yourself and it won't take you longer than 2 minutes every time you send out a texts for a client.

    plus they benefit a lot from it. for them its like having their own groupon
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    i think "Social Media Marketing" service is a good one.....
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    Here is my short list :-)

    My Business Marketing

    Connect your Website with My Business Marketing Platform
    Custom Graphics for all Social Media Sites
    Set Up Accounts For Top 20+ Social Media and Feeds
    Branding Your Business as Leader in your Industry
    Create Custom Blog Page
    Extensive Keyword Research To Pin Point Target Market
    Set Up 10+ Google Adwords Campaigns or Adgroups
    Add 1,000 Keywords
    Dominate Google Front Page PPC in 24 hours
    Client Pays Google Directly For PPC Fees
    Dominate Facebook Ads Campaign
    Client Pays Facebook Directly For PPC Fees
    Twitter Account Setup – Pictures, Backgrounds and Bio
    LinkedIn Account Setup - Pictures and Bio
    Facebook Account Setup – Pictures and Bio
    YouTube Account Set Up - Pictures, Backgrounds and Bio
    Set Up System to get 2,500 Friends/Followers/Connections every 90 Days
    Create Video or Slide Show to Promote Business
    Use Video on all your Social Networks
    Keyword Research on Where to Place Ads on Google/Yahoo/MSN
    Get Video on Google/Yahoo/MSN Front Page with 3 Different Keywords per month
    Set Up Article Submission Service to 30 Different Social Bookmarking Sites
    Custom E-Mail Marketing Campaigns
    Complete Auto Responder System Set Up
    Training on E-Mail Marketing and Social Media Training
    Get Your Business On First Page of Google Maps
    Foursquare Marketing Campaigns For Retail Businesses
    Create Internet Based Sales Funnel For Lead Generation and List Building
    Two Hours Of Personal Coaching

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    lol, don't forget about print! Becoming a print broker was one of the best moves I made. Most, if not all, small businesses need print.

    They need it for brochures, flyers, postcards, business cards etc.
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    Web design and SEO. My 2 cents.
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    To me it sounds like you're looking for EASIEST *and* the BEST. The two don't always correspond.

    SEO isn't the easiest, although outsourcing is possible, the fact is that you constantly need to stay on guard to make sure your customer is satisfied with his ranking and doesn't drop. It's probably one of the most useful things for a business online rather than just having the website itself. But is it easy? Not always. YMMV.

    Webdesign is the easiest to sell and the easiest to outsource, imo. One time deal, you get your foot in the door with whatever upsells you choose to give.

    Mobile webdesign isn't a tough sale, but it'll take more convincing than classic webdesign. It's definitely the easiest to create and outsource if you can't make awesome designs yourself.
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    The way I see it...

    My client needs business, and I need income... so..

    1. Track his site to be able to determine traffic sources, pages viewed, & time on site. Evaluate quality and quantity of traffic... Less than 1 min on site by a FB visitor that probably won't become a customer is worthless as is short time traffic from paid directories or other marketing efforts for which he's essentially buying traffic. Site content has to keep visitors interested, time on site high, and bounce rates low. "How to" type content holds peoples attention.

    2. Make sure he's getting all the visibility he's paying for from other memberships or affiliations. BBB, C of C, Trade Organizations, Dealer or Distributor affiliations, etc.

    3. Joint venture with other trades his customers may require. An air conditioning guy may need the services of a sheetmetal man, an electrician, a plumber, a roofer, a painter... Whatever the business, one firm usually relies on other trades, crafts, or specialists to occasionally assist. And usually he finds someone he can count on and works with that person exclusively for years. These other individuals may or may not have websites (potential customers for you?), and if they do swap some ad space. More visibility for all at low cost.

    4. Establish a monthly blog. Every operation has some kind of experience monthly in terms of, accomplishments, business changes because of laws, training, weather, seasonal specials or something. You can always come up with an introductory offer for 1st time customers. Use the blog to have monthly website specials, discounts, or whatever that ties the site into sales. If it came from the site, the customer gets am x% discount. This identifies the value of web traffic.

    5. Offer an opt-in newsletter. The blog content becomes the newsletter content. He's letting his customers know he's still there and that he values them and gives them a shot at his specials.

    6. Become active in one or more social networks his customers enjoy...How to tell ?... Do an online poll. Use blog content as network content.

    As TJ said above "best ROI to your client" ... Would hope the above efforts will increase your client's sales, (and perhaps require your help on a continuous basis).

    To be honest, am only on step #2 with one of my guys and it will take the rest of the year to prove the strategy, but so far, so good.
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    When it comes to offline marketing, at the present many people are interested with SEO strategies because of its instant and high results and as I believe SEO is the best and quality offline strategy that we can offer to clients to gain more business.
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    I'm starting a webdesigning business, seems like a good service to offer.
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    Webdesign and SEO are the simplest not necessarily easy ones to market to your clients.
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    I offer traditional marketing on the front end.... online marketing only comes into play around month 9. I help business owners increase their business by at least 25% without spending any more money on advertising. As far as being outsourced, I am sure you could hire some consultants to meet with clients on your behalf. As far as being lucrative, I get at least $3k per month with
    a 12 month agreement. What I do isn't difficult. I just offer true marketing consulting.

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