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This is my first month here (although it seems like it's been much longer!) and I came to terms with the fact that COLD CALLING works, quite quickly. Being a teen who worked in a call center in the past myself, I knew the power (and sometimes, stress) of telemarketing.

I remember sitting there, reading a dull and incoherent calling script for a company, trying to book estimates for thermal windows and doors. It was a boring job to say the least, but I made it fun by competing. I wanted to be the best telemarketer in the building, and after a bit of practise I was.

However, I was so discontent with the fact that I wasn't able to change up the script to my own liking. Nothing crazy or drastic, just a few intelligent changes to hopefully book some more leads, be more productive, and hopefully garner some commissions.

The call center would usually average about 2 LEADS / 3 hour shift (per outbound agent). I usually did 3 or 4 per shift. I remember one day, the manager was home ill, and I was at my wits end. At that point, I didn't care about keeping the job - in fact, I wanted to quit.

I had gotten into small debates with this manager over the script in the past. It's not like I was a bad employee or anything .. in fact the manager favored me over the majority of the agents in the room, simply because as a 15 year old I was booking twice the amount of leads than some of the 40 year old's in the building.

When I noticed that the manager was not in, I decided to take it upon myself to prove a point. I wanted to prove to the manager that his script was preventing agents from making more money for the company. I was no expert marketer at the time (and I'm still far from it) but I KNEW that I could write up a script in a matter of minutes that would BLOW THE CURRENT ONE AWAY in terms of conversions and call center averages.

And so the second I noticed the manager being away, I took a piece of paper and a pencil, and I wrote my own version of the script. It took me about 6 minutes to write an opening and a number of popular rebuttals to utilize.

That day, while neglecting the company's script and using my own modification, I booked 12 leads.

The next day, I walked into work knowing that the boss would be very happy upon looking at the previous day's statistics. I also knew that he was way too egotistical to come to the conclusion that a 15 year old wrote a script in a matter of minutes of which dominated his own.

I walked into the room, and was greeted by him with a huge grin. He obviously heard about me breaking all time company records the shift prior.

"Woah, Jon! I heard you had quite the day yesterday," he stated with delight. "How'd you pull it off?"

"I used a script that is rendered to actually be effective to the prospects this company is calling. Oh, and if you don't mind I'd like to give my notice. I don't intend to continue my employment here by the end of the month."

And with that, I sat down, went through my 3 hour shift and went home; only to return a week later to collect my final paycheck.

I didn't need the job. It was part-time, and it wasn't good pay. I'm just a 16 year old, so it's not like I had bills to pay at the time. I knew that I was too good to be working for somebody of whom was ignorant to change and placed his ego before business.

As it turns out, a friend of mine who continued on working there informed me a couple months later that the manager had gone through my calls that day and actually taken the modified script I used and decided to begin enforcing it verbatim with the entire call center. He came to terms with the fact their initial calling script was far from efficient and even took the opportunity to take the one I made.

Leaving that telemarketing job was one of the best decisions I've made thus far in my marketing career. If there's any lesson to take from this true (and hopefully somewhat entertaining) story is that It's all in the pitch.

Cold calling works. Take some action and find out for yourself. :]
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    ~Yeah great...

    BUT the big question is why do you have to keep trying to get new business every day?

    This is what gets me about "cold calling". You have to spend how many hours of each day cold calling new bizz? Why? Why not simply go for 5-10 high paying montlhy clients and then you do not have to slave away making those cold calls. And when do you actually get any work done?

    Is that the life you want? Every day...claling strangers selling to them? What happened to buisness? Passive income?

    My 2 cents and I have no doubts i am going to get flamed to death here soon. (i know who by)

    BUT if you have to keep cold calling for new biz...something is wrong with your business modul. I can understand the need to do it to start with or even every so often if clients drop out....but every day? That isn't right.

    Good luck.
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    My remark was more about cold calling in general than on your post. But thx for the reply.

    My point being.....if you have to keep cold calling for business maybe something is wrong with your business?
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    99% of sales people are going to have to continue prospecting their entire lives.

    I've talked to veteran insurance salesmen who run out of referrals and family members to sell to around the 7-9 year mark. There comes a point where one simply has tapped out whom they can work. Therefore, they go back to what they KNOW works -- they hit the streets, bang on doors, cold call, work a business reply direct mail system, etc.

    Unfortunately, I think a lot of the sales process has been co-opted by charlatans selling "marketing systems" that really target the "lazy factor" all of us have. Nothing sounds better than a six-figure business, where all the business calls YOU, and you don't have to go any further than your kitchen table (wearing nothing but your underwear, of course) to make it happen.
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    If you don't keep talking to new people/prospects, your business will die.

    I'm totally for using multiple marketing techniques, but nothing has ever worked for me as well as picking up the phone and having a relaxed conversation with another person.
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    Calling gives you quick feedback, a yes or a no. Marketing can result in a very slow sales cycle. I'm for using everything you can to get incoming leads, but calling in my experience gets you the quickest results.

    'Course, getting your offer out in front of a salivating marketing will work fast, too...but you have to know where is that market is.
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    Can you give us some more info on the flyer system you use? All about having different lines in the water.
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    My father, who sold his business for millions, had all his salesmen cold call.

    This is how he got into some of his biggest accounts.

    Fortune 500 companies... Pharmas... Software development people... all cold call.

    Targeted, direct marketing DOES work... but so does cold calling. For thousands upon thousands of successful salespeople.

    Why is that so hard to comprehend?
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    Are you just making this up? Because in your other thread you state that your first cold call was very recently and about selling web design.

    Here -

    Quote 1 - When I finally made my FIRST EVER cold call, I didn't know what to expect.. but I prepared a script and off I went. I went on google and found a roofing company with a TERRIBLE website (looked like it was straight out of 1995!) and decided to make the call.

    Quote 2 - This was all from my first cold call ever - beginners luck? I am actually speechless. I'm meeting with this guy on Monday at the company headquarters and I am anxious and excited. I can't believe this.
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    So let's have a race...

    You send out a DM campaign...I'll pick up the phone...

    I'll have a new client before you even get to the post office.

    I like to do target mail also...but the phone is still the most potent, least expensive, and greatest relationship starting device on the planet. It's all in how you approach it.

    It's not worth arguing about, it all works. What doesn't work is sitting around wondering what does work.
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    I'm sure it does, but just makes me wonder if OP is out to publish a WSO or something. LoL I remember reading his original thread on his first cold call ever and how it was a massive success. Now I am like hey, wait a minute.

    If indeed he is lying, which is what it definitely looks like, then he is just making the successful cold callers on the forum look bad.
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    Amazing how a thread can go from one thing to the next real fast around here...

    Look guys - EVERYTHING works if you work it. And EVERYONE has their own method to the madness and tends to stick with what works for them. If it produces great results for them, then what's the fuss?

    Think about it - Is it hurting your business or taking money out of your pocket because someone is using a method that you don't use or don't care for?

    The back and forth here is like a football player who excels at football telling a basketball player that the only way to be a "real athlete" is to play football. If the basketball player gives it a shot, he may not be good at it. I think you get my point...

    This subforum is to talk about and share strategies and ideas relating to offline marketing, not to try to debunk other people's methods. It's a complete waste of time and does nothing more than make you look silly in the end.
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    Wasn't trying to debunk his method. Just pointing out some inconsistencies.
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    Cold calling, direct mail, and SEO are tools of the DEVIL!!!! Repent fellow offliners sinners and join Browningism where we market our services at farmers markets and on milk cartons.
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    What the hell is going on here? Since when was cold calling expensive/hard to do/low yield? Have you seen my threads? 7.4k last month from cold calling alone? >_>

    Mind = boggled
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    LOL but such a big "signature box" to advertise in this forum for free.........Bit hypocrytical me thinks!

    Unlike some other people, my income doesn't revolve around forum marketing. So there's no need for me to try and say something else doesn't work. Jason Kanigan | Did you miss my FREE Offline Sales Training? | I write WSO Copy that Sells
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    i am not saying that. But it doe seem ro be many peope biz module. So they aren't Int marketers or product producers but phone sellers. If you spend 10 hours a day ,makjnig 100 + calls to get 1 new cusotmers. Where does that leave you any time at all to service existing clients, upsell, create new products etc?

    And isn't this simply a job then? Slave to time?

    I can fully understand say hittign the phone to get 20+ clienbts but then stop and build it up more passivley or just upsel lcurrent customers.

    If you keep selling $100 web sites.....nothing else. It's a daily grind. Not a business.

    Oh and a lot of scams are promoted via the cold calling route. So you might be guilty by "association" I knew a company in Sotuh Africa that sold bogus fake wine invesmtents to US Dr's. ($900M over 8 years they closed down in 2002.) Obviously with scam it's not about word of mouth or legit advertising methods. Personally, I wouldn't touch anything made by a cold call. I might look into it....but I'd be so annoyed at the cold call taking my time up I doubt it.

    The big question, is why would you stop seeking out NEW business? Why have 10 monthly clients when you can have 100? Why have 100 when you can have 1,000?

    That makes no sense.
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    I am sure running dow the street naked with your web site name tatooed to your backside might get a few clients.....but you want to do it?
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    Hmmm John I was taking the P**. I wouldn't actually recommend wlaking down the street naked to advertise.

    and I never once mentioend using flyers so why are you now going on about that?


    Originally Posted by sloanjim
    I am sure running dow the street naked with your web site name tatooed to your backside might get a few clients.....but you want to do it?
    You are right, getting teenagers to walk down the street in boiling sun passing out flyers and being underpaid is much more becoming.

    Sending people mail in important "legit" looking packages, just so they can open it it in the middle of their busy day, only to find out it is a solicitation is much better.

    Never mind how many of them view it and say "God Im so tired of getting this trash in the mail" and literally throw it away, cursing under their breath at the people who keep wasting their time making them open junk mail.

    You are right, thats much more civil.
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    This is true of many things, but, from my experience, especially true in phone sales:

    "Anything works, nothing doesn't"

    "Ready, FIRE, Aim"

    "Much easier to steer when you're already moving"

    "How many people have you prospected today?"

    "Practicing the Basics wins ballgames"

    "Make up in Quantity what you lack in skill"

    "All skills are learnable, if we are teachable"

    "Stop organizing your desk, and pick up the phone"
    "Don't get another cup of coffee, until you pick up the phone"
    "Turn off the email, and pick up the phone"
    "Pick up the phone.....

    "Pick up the phone.....

    "Pick up the phone.....

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