Broke? Homeless? Desperate? Need Money From Offline Marketing Like Literally Within Hours? Try This.

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Some Background On This Post
This post was inspired by a story John Durham shared here:, his openness prompted me to share mine, this was sometime in March this year.

John suggested my story was better as it's own thread and I pondered that for 5 months now (wow), well, I just saw another thread by a desperate young lad and I felt compelled to pull my post from John's original thread so folks in the position in my title can see this hopefully much faster and easier and get some inspiration if not even a way out and up the ladder.

I hope this helps someone somewhere... Good luck...

Your Way Out Of Being Broke-'n'
OK, so...

Safe to say.... we've probably ALL been there... I know I have too--many, many times...

Here's my own simple step plan (and one I have used successfully in the past)...

(While I have always been lucky to have a roof over my head, I have had times when there was NOTHING else BUT the roof, and this is what I did and that I believe others can do too)...

1. Pray. Serious. If you're someone who believes in that kind of stuff. I believe it helps.

2. If you wish to skip no. 1, then try this... BELIEVE. It is the first and ONLY way to achieve ANYTHING. ANYTHING. ANYTHING. Did I say ANYTHING already?

3. Make a SERIOUS DOABLE plan. Without a plan you're NOT going to get out of any mess easily if at all--the latter will happen ONLY if you're one those darn lucky guys or gals--you know the type--if you're NOT one of those... Sit your butt down, and MAKE A DOABLE PLAN.

4. Get up off your butt at this point and FOLLOW THAT PLAN.

I'll even do you one better, I'll share a plan very similar to one I used once to get out of being broke and virtually hopeless...


Here's what you can do if you're totally cash broke. Have no roof, no computer, talk much less of Internet access, no money, nothing. Not even the first, second or third meal of the day like most folks get...

1. Visit the busiest, most middle class part of your city where there are many shop or business owners...

2. Offer to build a CHEAPO ONE PAGE WEB SITE for them IN 24 HOURS or NO CHARGE.

3. Charge them just 20 bucks--it's a special you're offering to get folks who have NO web presence to go ahead and get this thing done once and for all AND get your own small business up and running.

4. Only catch--you gotta be paid half upfront and half when you come back. Some will say NO. Some will say what the heck... it's just 10 bucks. Trust me, there are people out there who give money to people they have never seen and have no way of knowing if they will ever see again, your job is to make sure their faith in humanity stays positive AND show up again, and with the goods as promised.

5. Get their details down in a notebook or a sheet of paper (better to go with a notebook but we're assuming you have NO money here, so you can actually get the paper from them). Get all the info you possibly can that will fit on one page... about them, some product/service info, contact info, etc. You can get free stock images off the web for them as well as create a simple NAME logo with free web tools. If they are really helpful, give them an email address they should send their logo to within at least the next one hour after you leave their shop/office--so that you can keep your word and be back with their site in 24 hours.

5. Take their 10 bucks. Get online at an internet cafe for a buck an hour. Google FREE web site builder or FREE web site, FREE hosting, or whatever the keywords are these days

6. Knock up a simple one page site with all the details you got.

7. Host it free on the web with one of those... that doesn't show ads.

8. Email them the link.

9. Visit them the next day for your balance.

10. Repeat for 7 straight days or as much as you like.

If you can meet at least 5 business owners a day and close just one a day, you have $10 that day. Spend $1 online. $2 on an all you can eat buffet. Beg or squat with a friend/relative or find a shelter in the city for folks who need the helping hand. Depending on which country you're in, you can probably find some addresses online while you're building your site(s) for the day.

Save your $7 a day. At the end of a week, you could have $49 -- That will get you rent some nicer clothes or even get them cheap second hand. You may also be able to get some business cards made. By the second week you're a bigger fish than you were when you started... up your hunting ground, and up your price... $40 for a 3 page site. Same terms as earlier. By week 3 you can probably go as high as $100 for 5 pages, Week 4, a month after you started out with ZERO, you could be charging $150 - $200 for a 5 page site and even get monthly recurring services thrown in.

Now there will be a ton of sacrifices on your part to get this done. Like walking instead of taking the bus. Eating once a day. Sleeping outside/squatting with folks you don't know etc, if you absolutely have no other option.

But it can be done. I have done something pretty similar. Now, I'm charging $2,000 a site, and doing a whole lot more besides. Just went shopping for new electronics with the wife yesterday. Even she still marvels at how I eventually made it out of the sh#$ I was in. I was lucky, I had a roof, and where I was staying there was a computer.

But, I had NO internet access of my own so the computer was pretty much just a toy. I had to make my own way pretty much how I described above with some differences because of where I live etc.

I hit 60 businesses on foot in a week. Closed 12. Made $150. Then I met some clients who wanted other services. At least $200 in a week from those 2 clients in cash and in hard currency to boot. Then I moved further up from there with other projects. Sometimes things still seemed like crap and people still turned down offers but I don't give up that easily and I can tell you, not giving up pays.

I like these challenges. They are more fun than having everything SO easy with JVs and stuff you KNOW you don't really deserve. This way you get what you work for and can be proud of it. Whatever "IT" is.


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    Good advice. Most of us still have the everyday perks of a roof, food, clothing, etc. and haven't really been pushed to the point of it's this or nothing. All this stuff requires is action and a little thinking outside the box.
  • Profile picture of the author Chris Chicas
    Things are a little bit more expensive where I live but I do like your enthusiasm. I think that if you have that kind of drive, hustle, then you will surely succeed in anything you do, and it will no longer be about the "niche" or "market" but you create your own destiny.

    Best of luck.
  • Profile picture of the author Mav91890
    I wrote up a few paragraphs about how this wasn't sustainable but I admired you work ethic. But then I saw you live in Africa; I have no idea what the economy is like over there but seems pretty cheap.

    Great job and keep it up!
  • Profile picture of the author Ninja Ana
    Very inspiring, great share.
  • Profile picture of the author Mav91890
    Just wondering, what currency is mostly used there?
  • Profile picture of the author deu12000
    I wish rent was $1800 per year here. For a two to three bedroom house here you pay a little less than that per month.

    Definitely a good last resort plan. Be resourceful and use whatever skills you have to make the quick money you need.
  • Profile picture of the author MartinBuckley
    Great post and money making method that works.

    Thanks for sharing it.


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