Do you hate your competition?

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For the industry in which you are, do you think that your rival is your worst enemy? Or you see them as potential partners? What is your belief about the key competitors? And why?

I always remember the quote from Ray Kroc (Businessman who built Mcdonalds into the most successful fast food operation in the world):

If any of my competitors were drowning, I'd stick a hose in their mouth and turn on the water. It is ridiculous to call this an industry. This is not. This is rat eat rat, dog eat dog. I'll kill 'em, and I'm going to kill 'em before they kill me. You're talking about the American way of survival of the fittest.

In industries in which I worked, this was often. Yes, such an attitude is stressful. But it also helped them to be better, especially in marketing and customer service.

On the other hand, bloggers, for example, stick together.

Does it depend on the industry a person is in? Or it depend on personalities? Or some other factor?
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    I love my competitors!!

    Mainly because I go out my way to look after my customers and they do not most of the time and that makes me look really good.

    I have found you don't need to play dirty, just let the competition do it and see how quickly it backfires. A competitor tried to undercut me by 35% on everything a year ago, I stuck in and provided the best products and services at a good price. Year and a bit later they have gone out of business and I am still charging what my business is worth and keeping all my clients happy.

    PLUS I am scoring new ones and old ones back who jumped ship since they have shut down.
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      I can honestly say I never think about the competition... not
      sure if that is good or bad. I like to focus on how to sell
      more and who I am selling to.
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    There is not "competition" in my field. There are others that offer the same type of thing, but we try to stand out based on our practices and our results.

    We do things differently than anyone else I've run across, and I've heard from clients that we are different. Most likely because we offer a service?
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      Yes I hate all of you people.
      And while you're at it, burn in hell!!!!!!!!

      Competition keeps you on your toes.
      Keeps you honest and keeps you from going stale.
      I hate competition but I always learn from them.
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    I actually don't feel like I have any competition. Not trying to be cocky or anything, I look forward to connecting and learning from those that are more skilled than me. I also look forward to helping others that could learn from my training. Could explain why I have over 340,000 views on my YouTube Channel :-)
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    I have competition that I chat to on a daily basis and we bounce and share ideas all the time. We are never 100% threats to each other and you're better off with the mental stimulus than without.
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    I don't hate my competition....

    I admit, it threw me off when I found some around the corner from my house.
    But, I don't hate them... Hell, I wouldn't mind partnering with them.

    Healthy competition means there is a need!
    • Profile picture of the author mvwolf
      Originally Posted by vndnbrgj View Post

      Healthy competition means there is a need!
      Yep, it sure it is!
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    Psh.... Hate takes a hell of a lot of energy.
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    In business world competitors are always present. I view competition as helpful because it motivates marketers to become more CREATIVE which result to the increase of consumer satisfaction.
  • Profile picture of the author Fishing
    Can safely say anytime I have done anything for my competition when they have reached out has bit me in the zzz.
  • Profile picture of the author iAmNameLess
    Never hate your competition.. make your competition hate you.
    • Profile picture of the author ambrking
      One should never hate competitors. They are there to test if your product/services is better than the other. So instead of taking time planning a strategy against then, learn what their strategy is and make it better.
    • Profile picture of the author John Durham
      Originally Posted by iAmNameLess View Post

      Never hate your competition.. make your competition hate you.

      Just read this.... You know what they say about great minds...
  • Profile picture of the author John Durham
    Not as much as they hate me.
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    In a world you see anywhere competition is must for position in your field. In a IT filed huge competitions..
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    I don't hate my competition - "keep your friends close and your enemies closer".

    Without competition, I'd get pretty lazy. Competition, pure competition, those in the same field offering much the same services, SHOULD make you better. If they don't you're doing it wrong.

    So do I hate my competition? No. I look to them for added inspiration.
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      Originally Posted by 300SMG View Post

      I don't hate my competition - "keep your friends close and your enemies closer".

      Without competition, I'd get pretty lazy. Competition, pure competition, those in the same field offering much the same services, SHOULD make you better. If they don't you're doing it wrong.

      So do I hate my competition? No. I look to them for added inspiration.
      I like this way of thinking. I agree with you. They challenge us to be better, they inspire us.
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    When you position yourself uniquely enough you don't have any competition to hate.
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      Really nice discussion about the competition useful thanks for sharing
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      Originally Posted by Rus Sells View Post

      When you position yourself uniquely enough you don't have any competition to hate.
      Exactly. My firm focuses almost exclusively on eCommerce and conversion optimization - although other services are offered (such as PPC management, search engine optimization, design, etc.... all of the elements required for a good eCommerce presence) those aren't services that I actually promote, but rather "upsells" to our eCommerce services.

      This lets us work with what many would consider to be local competitors as if they were partners. We outsource overflow design work to other local designers, and when they get an eCommerce client and want to do it right they work with us to develop the best possible strategy. There is plenty to go around and everyone wins.
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    I remember the quote from the actor Micheal Cane: "I'm forever testing myself. As a person and as an actor, I have no sense of competition."

    If there is a competition you have a chance to test yourself..
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    For me, rivalry is something I like. It helps us to get better than our rivals, and sometimes, when we are analyzing our rival, we find out something that never cross our mind
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      In my business, the only time there is competition is when I am speaking to a group...and another speaker is selling a similar service. Now we are competing for the same dollars. But there isn't any animosity. If he's better, he gts more business..If I'm better, I do.

      I get no joy out of taking business away from someone else, but that's the way it sometimes works.

      A few decades ago, I hated my competitor...and he hated me. We spent sooo much energy trying to hurt each other (in sales).

      After he retired, I saw him at a bank. We had a nice long talk. We both agreed it was a complete waste of time. The only person who won, in these battles, was our advertising reps.

      But selling online service to small business owners? I never feel competition.

      I actually want everyone to do well. Even my competitors. I have no idea what that means.
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    With competitors we are challenged, with competitors we strive, with competitors our skills and talent are polished, and with competitors we exist.
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    In my local affiliate marketing biz I don't really have competitors except my clients' competitors. I don't hate them. I don't really think about them except I analyze their SEO and go after it. Fortunately in the local space, most businesses do squat for SEO and their PPC is terrible. I'm not a PPC expert by any stretch, but it didn't take me long to start getting decent CTR and turn PPC very profitable.

    In my blogging biz, I like my competitors. It's not a zero-sum game because our mutual customers buy tons of stuff. Bloggers are better off working together for sure - guest posting, adswaps, mentions, JVs etc.
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    I don't mind competition because I can learn something from each of them to help us be better.

    So the more competition and the better the competition the better we can be.
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      Competitors a re needed for several reasons.

      1- You need somewhere to send the customers you don't want to tend to because they are not worth your time or money. This is what Tim Ferris calls an 80/20 customer.
      2- If you are in a small niche, the existence of your competitor might be providing you more customers than you would get if they didn't exist. They provide the curiosity of people to look for your type of business in areas you might not have access or have covered yet with advertising and promos. ( i had a lot of competitors, they created a lot of customers for me difference between me and them was I ALWAYS came up as solution/option to their customers when they searched the internet on the niche I worked so they ended up calling or coming to my business and a lot of them stayed as customers)

      3- Healthy competetion always motivates you to improve your business rather than "oh I have the biggest share of the market on this niche so I don't really have to work hard".

      Don't worry about the ones who open up businesses on your own niche and under price their value/prices, usually they don't last more than 6 months. You need emotional control on this one though. You have to control yourself not to fall in their game.

      I recommend the book The Art of Business by Mark McNeilly. The book is inspired on the book the Art of War by Sun Tzu

      That's my 2 cents.
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    I don't hate my competitors. Their success serves as my motivation. If they can reach that far, I could too. I don't want to destroy them. My goal is to do better than what I'm currently doing.
  • Profile picture of the author RedShifted
    Of course I hate my competition.

    Anyone who says they don't.... really makes me wonder if they've forgotten what business is. Business is war. Your competition is out in your marketplace trying to steal your food and money every single day, and your job is to pour hot steaming oil all over them.

    Or maybe I hate my competition because of the industry I'm in. Many of them are snakes, they charge completely rip off fees, wind up with complaints all over the web for doing low quality work. I can only think of 1 competitor in my niche that I actually respect and like. And they are so far out of my own league which is probably the reason why. I view them more as a romodel than anything. They do everything perfectly. Run their business perfectly, great salesteam, excellent marketing team, sell a great service for a very fair price. And out of my 15-20 main competitors, these guys are the only ones I don't hate.

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