Anyone using Reputation Marketing Blueprint by David Sprague

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Watched a webinar promoted by Daniel Tan. Looked quite good and has an impressive online lead gen/report generator application (@ $67/month). The price tag on the webinar is $197 against $697 on the web page (suspect this is just for marketing purposes to make the $197 look good). Found a comment on a review site from 3 months ago that mentioned a price of $97.

Anyone got any experience of this blueprint or the online application. Can you recommend it?

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    It's not a bad blueprint actually but you will need to adapt things for your local market. i really find that the marketing of rep management really depends on your local market conditions and even what particular business vertical you are offering it within. The best advice I can give you is test, test, and test again.
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    I find Rus Sells to be the man to go to about reputation management personally, he has unique twist on it thats amazing. Not plugging , but if you look him up in the WSO section, he has some great resources and materials on it. Okay I guess that was a plug, but I not ashamed of it, his stuff is worthwhile.
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    where can i find blue print by david sprague. curious to check out.
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    I have went through most of their videos and found it to be a , black hat approach to creating reviews...

    My biggest concerns,

    a. They will teach you to insert key words into a members reviews
    b. You will be taught how to create bogus profiles and then encouraged to post reviews on other sites to look as though your are authentic
    c. You are taught to create bogus Google plus accounts, then use a review and post it...

    Some of it is Genuine, the problem appears to be with all of the bogus Profiles you will be creating...

    This effect ruins the review process for millions,
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    Has anyone actually implemented the Reputation Marketing Blueprint course?? What have been the results??

    I am tempted to get the course but concerned about the dubious techniques used (as described by the previous poster).
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    I've been struggling with the decision to purchase the monthly software, it looks really great, but i'm really concerned about having a business put the reviews online themselves. I know theres a TOS that says the reviewer gives the right to the business to post the reviews anywhere online, but the thought of posting any reviews online for a customer just sounds shady. Especially in lite of Yelp outing companies it believes are posting fake reviews.

    Dave seems to say one thing on seminars and teaches another in the training material. (I have a copy of the material through a GB on another forum)
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    I have signed onto David Sprague's Reputation Marketing. I have watched the videos and the additional training. He does share three ways to post reviews. He's also upfront about each one- the advantage and disadvantages. Let's face it - building backlinks to any site breaks Google's TOS. And I'm sure none of us do that :rolleyes:

    His software does NOT post the reviews. He does make suggestions on profiles. The reason as I've understood it to be, some people leave extremely helpful reviews and would like their privacy - they don't want all their neighbors to know who their dentist is or where they have their car fixed or what day care they send their kids to. There's even a squeaky clean way where once a client leaves a review - they are forwarded to a pre-determined review site with a pop up asking if they would post the review they just left. Of course, in that case he says 1 in 30 will post so you just need to make sure your client is asking A LOT of their clients for reviews.

    His backend system creates a way to document every review received even down to the IP address. So if there are any questions - there's a paper trail.

    And first and foremost, he lays out what options there are and says over and over, this is your business and you need to be aware of what options you have and inform your client of different ways to handle how to post reviews and let the customer decide their own comfort level in terms of TOS. Several times I've heard him say, we as consultants and trusted advisors should NEVER be making that judgement call since its someone else's business.

    From what I can see of the comparison between his system and review sentry is they can both do the same thing except David's right now is for an unlimited amount of companies. The support for his product is excellent. When enough questions come in that he feels a clarification is needed he adds to the training. I haven't seen anything that would even suggest that David has been unscrupulous. Thought that needed to be said.
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    How does David suggest we handle the ip changes when creating and posting with G+ accounts?

    I don't post reviews, but am currently using HMA for other stuff and wondering if there's a better tool.
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    Ah... good to know thanks. I tried another called CloakFish. Wasn't nearly as nice to use and didn't seem to work when I tested it with a Google search. Google still served up adwords based on my real location. Never have that problem with HMA.
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    I outsource my reviews over to and they post them for me.

    It was hard to find any feedback on them so I decided to test them for a month. Joined about a week ago, and so far they're doing a great job. You can select local ips or nonlocal ips when you join, upload your reviews from clients, and they dripfeed them for you.

    Just don't go crazy doing it everyday like they tell you in their guide. Start slow, then slowly increase the speed after a month or 2. Like I said its only been a week, but so far no issues. I plan on doing a more comprehensive review in another 2 months. And its hard to fully vouch for them yet since its only been 1 week.

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