How Much Do You Charge For Website Development For Your Offline/Local Clients

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I'm researching about the market price for website development.

If you would like to share, please post in this thread by including what type of website you built (ex: WordPress), the niche (ex: Dentist) and the price you charged your client for.

When I first started, I charged 500$ for a WordPress website for a photographer. I now charge minimum 800$ up to 1,500$ for again WordPress websites but depending on the number of functionalities my clients ask me.
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    I charge $1000+ as a minimum and the price does increase with additional perceived functionality. I dont compromise on price going downwards which can be frustrating. I recently walked away from a small wealth management firm and 5 star guest house.

    I don't like walking away from business, especially when its the type of client I "want to do" but I value my time and will budge on that.
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    Start with how much you would do it on an hourly basis then offer that.. then get the average fee for when u want to price it as a one-time fee.
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    The price may depend upon the local alternatives available to the client.
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    I, in my inception, made wordpress sites for around 700 dollars but they were almost always simple and took no longer than 2 days to create. A portfolio speaks volumes and also allows you to take on bigger projects; your client will see what you capable of and hire you based on merit.
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    The simple answer is this:

    If you are working all day everyday then your prices are to low.

    If you are working a few minutes a day then your prices are to high.

    Here are some ideas to follow along the way:

    the more you build the faster you can.
    the faster you can the easier it gets
    the easier it gets the more you can do
    the more you can do the more money you make
    the more money you make the more time off you have
    the more time off you have the better your lifestyle.

    Paramount, build a very large list of clients. every heard of Walmart? Microsoft? Warren Buffet?

    All the above make a little on each sale, they all have millions of customers, the more customers you have the more misstakes you can make before failure of the business. One customer = one mistake = fired!! oh no.

    Just saying.....nobody can tell you what to charge. But putting out a price point then saying that you will not work for less is silly, and pompous. Beware of saying what you willl not do.

    Hope this helps!
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    I dont know how long you guys have been doing this for? I have experience building websites for about 5 years but I have started doing websites as a business about 6 months ago and I have a terrible time trying to get $500 from someone.

    My sites are not terrible either. I have seen a lot of crap sites and I am far from them. I use premium wordpress themes and custom logo designs. My sites are bling and get leads. I have done on page seo tweaks so well that I have immediately hit first page for clients without backlinking. So I think I know what I am doing.

    Lately it has been so rough that I have started charging as low as 300$.

    What the hell am I not doing that you guys are?
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    We charge two ways. First is a higher price and thats all they pay unless they want hosting or additional options. Usually $1300 and up

    The second is a lower up front $500 and up depending on the site with a monthly fee of $50 and up depending on the site as long as the site is being used. I throw in a couple hours of site maintenance per month along with hosting which usually isn't used. This monthly fee is higher here then if they opt in to the one in option one.

    I'm also willing to break the site cost up into payments as well on large projects. I have one highly customized site for $5K that I broke into monthly payments of $1000 a month.
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    Never charge hourly, especially to offline clients. Most people build Wordpress websites that don't even take 5-7 hours to make and still charge upwards of $1000. Most clients would probably shun away at the idea of spending $200+ hour. But a $1000 website may not seem that bad to them
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    Before you throw out any numbers...ask them what their budget is for a website. I usually refrain from being the first to suggest a number since if the client is expecting to spend $2000 on a site and I say $900, that's me losing 1100 potential dollars in revenue.

    It's also how you position yourself and your Kaiser mentioned, differentiate yourself from the competition by highlighting the benefits..not the features!

    Good luck!
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    It all depends which kind of business. Why? Don't tell me that you would charge the dentist the same as a restaurant lol

    My steps:
    Minimum $600 just for the home page ( Quality design) + $200 for additional page ( + coding)
    If you do quality work DON'T LOWER YOUR PRICES!!!! I'm sure you heard local business saying " Oh, you know my friend outsourced it and he got it just for $300"
    I told him do you mind if I have a look at your friend's website and I bet you, the website has errors ( coding..etc ) if NOT I will build the website for FREE for YOU? ( sounds rude and risky but that's how it is lol)
    He said : Ok, he called him right away ( lol)
    I checked the website on my Ipad and W3C validator ( to check the errors right away) Oh well CRAP, 283 errors !!!! Car Dealership

    WordPress is amazing as well :-)
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    So I just joined here and liking what I am seeing. This is a great thread.
    Question...I am a designer, been print designing for years. As far as websites, I have always built them in Photoshop and passed them along to a programmer. I am now looking at Wordpress as an option for some new clients to eliminate the programming cost and do it myself. I will still have the original design option but want to give them a lower price option using a template. Do you recommend telling the client it is Wordpress? and that it is a template that can be modified? Is there anyway that they can tell it is Wordpress?...and does it really matter? Thanks for any feedback!
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    They don't care if its wordpress, a template, etc. A lot of them have heard of wordpress but they don't know what it is for the most part. The only item they may care about is that they can log in and edit the content themselves if they chose not to use us to update their content for them. What your asking would similar to someone buying a car wanting to know specific parts about the engine. Your not going to be concerned about that. You just want a good running car that looks good. The same goes for your clients about their websites. If you can give them the site they want with the features and benefits that they need they are not concerned about what the site is made of or how its made.
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    Just started offering websites to clients. A friend asked how much for a window washing website. Being a friend I wanted to be fair with him. I can get this site built for $70. I told him I would charge him $150 Found out today he went with a national company that was charging him $1,000 a month.

    Realized that even though I was giving him a helluva deal the perceived value was not there. Dont sell yourself too cheap!
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    hey its not about how much you charge, its about how much value can you deliver to your clients. If the value is there than you can charge more.You need to differentiate yourself from the pack, what Bonuses can you give to them for free for them to take your service? Are you providing an after sales service to build a relashionship with them? What other services could you provide to them in addition to website developement, maybe mobile version of website etc. In terms of pricing you can start by benchmarking against your competitors but long term think about the value your delivering

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