CL - This posting is being blocked ?

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This is the error message I am getting from Craig's List

This posting is being blocked

You have exceeded the posting volume limit for this account/email.

Craigslist readers strongly prefer not to see the same posting listed multiple times.

Please help us out by not overposting your listing.

I am posting different ads with different images and titles in two different locations/two categories for a total of 4 ads.

I also posted a bunch of ads for my husband's car lot which I never have issues with, but I am not sure if I am posting too much on one account since I posted his stuff too. I also post his ads in 3 different locations without problems.

Soooooo, anyone have any idea if I just need to wait a while to repost it, or will that be a waste of time?

Any ideas how to get around this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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    I've read that there is a limit on the number of posts per account. I believe its 3 posts per day.
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    I posted 51 ads for my husband about two hours before I started on mine so I don't think that is the issue, but thanks for trying to help!
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    You'll need to post different ads with different titles - also different sections of Craigslist will allow for more ads. For example: the "for sale" section will allow you to post more ads and is less strict, but the "services section" limits 3 ads per account typically. This is probably the reason your husband is able to post so many different car ads, and you're having trouble posting.
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    I was posting different titles and in different sections, but I was on my 4th ad for the services section so I guess that is what happened.

    Time to get something out of paying for kids cell phones and open some more accounts lol
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    Cars and such for sale by dealer allows greater limits. Though I still suggest restraint since you don't want to flood the page and piss of the community. Once pissed off they will flag your posts all the time. I post about 4 to 6 RVs per day to craiglist with no problem on a rolling 5 day basis (renew or delete/repost).

    Most other posts beyond 3 will get "ghosted" or blocked for a lot of people.

    CL also doesn't like people posting to multiple areas. Especially when the add is the same.
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    Have you considered spreading out the renews over the day? Sounds like that section is really flooded with dealers so you will get people searching but not catch many customers just checking the cars section.

    To your other problem you could create a second account you only use to post some of your personal ads and only use it from a public wifi spot. If you go out to eat lunch every day this is a nice way to turn those into business miles.
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    Use Hide My Ass VPN. Then you can resume posting with Fake Info ( Its all blackhat )
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