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Started reading Claude's free book Selling Local Advertising here and it was quite difficult to stop reading it. Had it on my desk for a couple of days and decided to take a look anyway. It has some great information for anyone interested in selling local advertising, and probably selling anything for that matter Great book Claude!
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    Originally Posted by dave147 View Post

    Started reading Claude's free book Selling Local Advertising here and it was quite difficult to stop reading it. Had it on my desk for a couple of days and decided to take a look anyway. It has some great information for anyone interested in selling local advertising, and probably selling anything for that matter Great book Claude!
    do you have a link?

    Aha! Sneaky hidden link
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    Is it around anywhere other than the War Room?
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    Thank you Claude. When is your book going to be released?

    I want to make sure and grab it. Also would love to get it through your Amazon Affiliate link to help you.
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    A recommendation: Get Claude's Kindle book -- Don't hesitate.

    I just picked it up today and it's probably the best bargain on Amazon for an Offliner.

    The scripts and sales phrases he shares in it are just awesome!
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    uh....does this require a kindle reader ? wonder if I can read it with my samsung galaxy note 11...will check it out ...

    opps ...missed the deal ...teach me to go out and work >
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    I read books on my iphone all the time (and on my old andriod phone before that) via the kindle apps.

    I have his book downloaded and it will be my next read. Currently reading Over the Top by Ziglar and I haven't had free time so this book is lasting longer than most do for me.

    I will review his book once I am done so look forward to that later this month.
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    I was actually discussing this last night with my girlfriend, going over some different types of things I could implement offline. Thanks for the tip, I'll take a look at this later on.
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    Bought it a few days ago. Good stuff. Sales are sales and he knows what he's doing. Buy it you'll like it!
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    I bought it and am about half way though. Engrossing and excellent, especially for new salespeople. The attitudes and approaches for successful selling are explained by Claude in a clear and amusing way.

    EDIT: it is Feb 28 and I am still making my way through it! Claude's book is filled with info, methods and real-world success...well worth a much bigger investment than he is asking for.
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    Great book, Claude, thanks!
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    can I get a copy FREE ? lol
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    It is not free.

    For a while he was offering free copies. And you could rent it with Amazon Prime (not sure if you still can) for free. I bought it during the kindle version 99 cent sale and I am in the middle of it. Sadly haven't had as much reading time lately so behind. Expected to finish it this week or last week even.

    It is a great read and I will offer a full review once I am done for those who wonder. But at this point I would recommend it to anyone. IMO it is well worth $10 if the price has increased already.

    Originally Posted by Claude Whitacre View Post

    It was $9.99 for awhile, then it was $2.99. For the last several says, it's been 99 cents, because I've been sending it to reviewers. (And Amazon makes you buy your own books, even Kindle books. So I made the price 99 cents)

    Tonight it goes to $9 again, and I think will stay there.
    The people that get it fo 99 cents or free, tend to not read it and mostly don't leave reviews.

    Anyway, I really appreciate your getting the book, and I hope you got a lot out of it.
    Agree completely. People do not value that which is free and cheap. I am glad I got it for 99 cents but would have gladly paid the $9.99 for it since I trusted it would be worth that to me before I even read it. Now that I am reading it I can say 100% this has value to anyone selling advertising (or selling period, especially if it is outside sales).
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    Just picked up the book Claude.
    I will read over the weekend and will 100 % leave a
    review when I get done.
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    So I was going through my copy of "Selling Local Advertising" by Claude Whitacre. One of the links wasn't opening on my browser so I just typed in the keywords. I stumbled on this photo--now that's a guy that hugs, I mean loves, his product:

    Claude Whitacre Las Vegas Trip
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    I just put up my review on Amazon and thought I would share it here.

    5 Stars
    Sales Professional? Read this book. You will learn to sell better.

    Selling Local Advertising is one of those rare books that just delivers. There is no filler in this book it is just one great idea after another presented in short quick chapters. It is half to even a third of the size of other classic selling books such as “Secrets of Closing the Sale” by Zig Ziglar and “The Ultimate Selling Machine” by Chet Holmes. Yet it packs as much value if not more than those classics.

    I read this on my kindle iPhone app which is how I read most books these days. I rarely highlight anything in the books I read yet with this book I highlighted 33 points so I could go back to them whenever I needed to. The 4 Hour Work Week is pretty much my favorite “business book of all time and even that book I only highlighted 25 things. And that book is 3 times as big as this one.

    That is just jam packed value. Very few books do I read multiple times. And very few books do I recommend. I plan to read this book multiple times and I have already put it on my recommend list. When it comes to business and selling books that is a very small list, a list full of big names like Zig Ziglar and Chet Holmes.

    This book is targeted at advertising sales and I can say for anyone getting into advertising sales this could be your quick and painless training manual. But I don’t think it is just for advertising sales professionals. Any sales professional will find value in it. Those who do B2B sales will get a bit more as will those who do outside sales as some points in the book are very directly aimed at B2B outside sales. But on the same token even a guy selling cars will get a lot of value out of this as many of the lessons are universal. Who knows you take a good inside sales guy on a car lot and arm him with this book and he might even find new ways to prospect.

    I’ve done a ton of sales and I have done 17 tons worth of sales training. And the vast majority of that training sounded the same from one trainer to the next. Each saying what they know the Sales Managers and Owners want to hear. I mean after all the Sales Professionals they are training are not their customers, those Managers and Owners are. So a lot of training falls on deaf ears. The Sales Professionals out there have heard it once and heard it a thousand times. But it doesn’t help them sell more.

    That is where this book and the training inside it are so different that it stands out. This guy has walked the walk and talked the talk. You can tell he is giving it to you straight and every single thing he suggests he has personally done and had it work for him. He isn’t talking a lot of BS.

    Of course no book is perfect and I believe the inexperience as an author comes through. Many of the chapters are two short. I would love to have seen them expanded with more examples and more stories from the field. This is something I think an editor at a big publishing house would have told him and I personally hope one day he gets to work with a large publisher who can take his writing to the next level. This book honestly needed to be padded a bit and expanded. I hope Claude will read this review and consider down the road releasing an expanded and revised vesion.

    The other thing I noticed is there is a bit of blatant self promotion in the book. Though I will admit the book and that self promotion have influenced me to read his other books. So it was not bad. Nor did it reach the level of what Tim Ferriss does. The difference is Tim is a master self promoter so it comes off smoother and not as jarring. Once again this something I think a professional editor from a big publishing house would help him overcome.

    Yea my only two complaints on the book were minor and the one is really me being hungry for more. I wish the book had been two or three times as long and he could have given more examples to really hammer home the lessons.

    I got this book when it was on sale for 99 cents but it is well worth the $10 or so he normally sells it for. I’m honestly tempted to mail this author the other $8 or $9 bucks because I feel like I ripped him off getting it on sale.

    I understand from reading the book that he does speaking and I hope to one day get a chance to see him speak. And if I happen to ever be passing through that part of Ohio I’d love to look him up and buy him dinner or take him out for drinks. I believe the value I would get back from that conversation over dinner would be 100 times or more what I would spend.

    My advice is if you are a Sales Professional you need to buy this book for your training library. I can’t see anyone buying this book being disappointed in it. I will recommend it to others and hope if you read it and enjoy it you will do the same. He is too much of an unknown for this to go big. But this book can help one Sales Professional at a time if we make sure to pass it on to others we know. And I think as Sales Professionals we owe it to each other and our profession to help others become better at selling.

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