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Hello Fellow Warriors,

My name is The Cold Call Commando. For the past 2 years I've been selling mobile websites solutions to small businesses. I want to share with you the technique I use to close deals and make money. The best part about what I do is that I travel from state to state across the US to work.

I am a mobile, mobile website salesperson. Why? Because I love to travel and I have created a lifestyle for myself that allows me to travel around the nation and help small business owners.

It's been the best 2 years of my life and I want to share with you some of the techniques I've uncovered that allows me to live a life my parents, friends and family can only imagine.

Here is my technique in a nutshell:

Step 1: I scrape all of my leads from a tool called Localizer. This allows me to target my niche and neighborhood I want to prospect to effortlessly.

Step 2. I export the CSV file of the leads I want to target and import them into a cloud based power dialer called Phone Burner. I really believe that this power dialer is one of the pillars to my success.

Step 3: I call to make an appointment with the business owners. Here is my statistics 100 calls per 1 appointment. I can make 300-400 calls per day. 1 out of ever 5 appointments is a deal. My average deal I close nets me $600.

Here is my gift to you warriors. Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to be releasing videos of my not only cold calling to get the appointments, but I have recently purchased a hidden camera that will allow me to record me closing the deals and picking up the checks...

I'm the real deal.

-The Cold Call Commando
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  • Profile picture of the author Claude Whitacre
    I really appreciate your sharing this.

    But really, you are making 500 calls to make an average of $600. You are making a profit of $1.20 a call.

    And who would talk for a minute to make $1.20? Most. Maybe me.

  • Profile picture of the author TheCG
    Why don't you try and close them on the phone?

    All of that driving around to drop off material has got suck.
  • Profile picture of the author TheCG
    So what kind of material do you give them at the meeting?

    Enjoyed your video.
  • Profile picture of the author bluecoyotemedia
    you have a great phone voice calm and reassuring

    I think getting them to a webinar sounds better
  • Profile picture of the author Dimitris Skiadas
    One of the best things i ve noticed, is that you have a really calm voice.

    This is the secret to success.You are confident to what you are saying.

    Good job.Thanks for the video.

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    That was interesting to peek into your world through the video. I like how you use the quarter hour to set an appointment to make it stick in their minds. I read once how doing that increases the likelihood they'll keep. There's a couple of things you said and did which has me wondering if you'd get more appointments if you didn't say and do them, but hey if it's working for you, more power to you. Looking forward to hearing more.
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    I could only get through the first call, and that was quite cringeworthy. It sounds very fake and like you have no idea what you're doing. You called her, yet you don't know if she's in Hawaii or LA, and you almost end the call because you didn't know...then you go on to be more awkward. Not only do you not qualify her at all, but she sounds like she could care less who you are and that you are coming. If you are taking the time to actually go in, don't you think it's important to have interest?

    You ask her to call you if she has a change of plans before you come in, but you never gave her a number. Was that a real call?

    It was also dragged out way too long, for no reason, get them on the phone, confirm that they are the DM, pitch, qualify and seal the appointment/sale...and move on.

    I just think you have a long way to go on your delivery, hope you keep calling and get some more experience, that's your best bet!
    Sorry if this is harsh, but that call was horrible and not a good example of anything, but now NOT to make a call.
  • Profile picture of the author John Durham
    Sounds like a telemarketer. I didnt listen past the first one, but it sounds like a potential no show, however I did note the technique, the disposition of the caller, and can see the thinking behind his style...the natural reactions... I like it. Dont have to listen to more in order to say "She is probably wood", but I can see how you could hit a quota daily. You sound like a pro telemarketer. Good stuff "real deal"

    You would probably be able to keep up in a call center.
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  • Profile picture of the author tonyscott
    That's real world - thanks so much for posting the vid

    So approx 1750 calls to make a $600 sale - there has to be an easier way?

  • Profile picture of the author Mwind076
    It would be much better to have some pro's make videos wouldn't it? However, I don't really feel a need to make one, there are plenty of great how to videos here, no one needs another one. Thanks though for the compliment.

    Edit: Oh, I just reread that, it was meant to be a dig...that's unfounded since you haven't worked with us. I would know lots about how to do it, I've got plenty of clients to keep me busy that I don't need to make free videos, I coach them on how to do it and get paid for it

    The call was just like I said, bad. She is dangling, not interested, not led at all (the dead air is horrible), if he closed her great, however it does sound fake. If the OP would tighten up his technique his sales would be even more than they are and he'd have to make less calls. It'll come with time.
  • Profile picture of the author Mwind076
    Sorry OP, I didn't see your request for me to record some calls so you can hear them, we don't do that, we have 4 callers that make about 600-800 calls a's just not necessary. However, if you want some pointers or training, your welcome to get with me.
  • Profile picture of the author John Durham
    I honestly applaud the effort here, but as a Senior Warrior , I would also caution you against putting your clients contact info on the forum... you may not understand this, but if it bites you in the "weiner", you will come back and say "Wow, I should have listened". You may not get the true big brother care out of this post probably until you learn for yourself.

    There are good reasons why most experienced marketers dont post their calls. Namely, having your clients called up by a thousand people telling them you posted their call, linking them to your threads, and trying to verify your closes if I must say it outright. Listen to the voice of experience, or dont. Otherwise, "good post".


    -A guy with bite marks.
  • Profile picture of the author John Durham
    Glad you took it right. I agree, you can help some people, and probably have already. This is a good place to do it.
  • Profile picture of the author zenji
    I love your enthusiasm and creativity. Making money online really needs someone to think outside the square.
    Congs! I will be following closely
  • Profile picture of the author brik2500
    Sounds great, bookmarking for later reference.


  • Profile picture of the author Mr Bill
    Thanks for posting this. I'm not going to criticise or comment on your method because at least you have one. I have been trying to train cold callers for the last few months and many just ring one or two - get negative responses and give up. This despite my offering massive commissions so good on you for doing whatever it takes to get some money rolling in.

    Personally, I never visit any of my clients because I live out in the middle of the outback in a shack by a river. I just sit here in my air conditioned comfort calling and building and doing very nicely so if anything I'd like to encourage you to try just asking if they want one. I send them a few samples to their smart phones right on the first call and close the sale right then and there. By the time you've made yourself all purdy and got all your stuff together and gone down there and stuffed around I could have made a few dozen calls (at least) and guaranteed got a few sales. Try closing on the phone - it'll save you a hell of a lot of time. Just my suggestion.
  • Profile picture of the author flightrisk
    Those are 500 calls made not answered right? If I call 100 ppl a day I might talk to 40! Its amazing to me on how many businesses dont answer their phone.
  • Profile picture of the author John Durham
    I do think this is good information, regardless of the risks you are taking.

    As you can see I decided to listen to some more calls", and it really gave me that old time feelin... Thanks.

    People can listen to this in their "pre call" sessions, and it will give them the VIBE. They can see things they would do, and other things they wouldnt... and it will help them tremendously.

    I think what you show more than anything is that it truly isnt hard, and you spread the love on thick; that love alone can make you successful.

    Again , good stuff. As you said to guy number 3 "lol. I love it".

    There are some things I wouldnt do, but there is WAAAAY more good, and skill, than bad and lack of it. I would hire you man if I still had a room.

    The biggest things I see that you have going for you are:

    1: You keep it fluid and move with the customer
    2: You manage the awkward pauses EXTREMELY well.
    3: You give off a ton of love.
    4: You mimmick personalities, like with guy number 3, you jumped right on his vibe (Alright man, cool brother...") lol
    5: You exude love!
    6: When they go astray you give them a little and go a little way with them, but you bring it back around in a timely way. (ABC Always be closing- This is a good example of that). You let them drive around the block but you always steer them back to the close in a timely way. Great timing and meter-fluidity.
    7: You pay attention to the customers vibe, and stay on it... (Its really hard to teach that- but this vid will help people see it).

    Just good stuff.

    8: On number 2 you picked up on the ladies spiritualist vibe, and used the word Karma...Good move, that put her over the top.

    On that note of number 8, that is the call I would probably critique the most if I were to do one, but I think its an example to others that this is much more about spreading the love than anything else. There are other styles of TMing, but thats the one I personally go by. It operates on a totally different system than other styles.

    9: You are showing people an example of how to address an objection 3 or 4 times in a call, and not come across like you are arguing or butting heads...smooth transitions, " Do you know what a QR code is...? Okay great...The reason I asked is because...", then you guide it right back to the pitch. Good.

    If I did something like this I would be toast, because my enemies would jump it like a bullfrog... But Im glad you were brave enough to do it, because this will help people alot.

    Kudo's bro, you are doing a good work!


    Ps. I have seen these recordings before and most arent worth commenting on... this is a real telemarketer doing his thing.
  • Profile picture of the author jackc2107
    Nice video. You seem very calm on the phone which I think gives off a good vibe with the people you are speaking to. I guess the key to cold calling is to be persistent and consistent with it until it becomes like a second nature to you so keep up the good work.

    What program did you use to record your calls by the way?

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