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    Best list of Directories/Citations for Google Places.

    These are my top 20+ Directories we set up for our clients. What are some of your favorites? I am sure someone else may have posted this question before but ... [read more]

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    Corporate Partnership Marketing? Help Much Appreciated!!

    mewer in Offline Marketing

    Hello All! I am in need of a brainstorming session with some of you brilliant marketing minds out there! So here is the situation: The goal is to increase enrollments ... [read more]

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    Video Distribution

    TheCG in Offline Marketing

    Does anyone here have a good alternative to PixelPipe for video broadcasting & distribution? I am not opposed to one with a monthly fee as long as it is reasonable.

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    Niche-specific directory, capped at 100 businesses total & max. 1 per town - PAID Traffic -Feedback?

    krzysiek in Offline Marketing

    Sorry about the rather confusing title. I've got an idea and I want to share it with WF to see if you can help me better the idea, or perhaps ... [read more]

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    Free To Implement Marketing Plan Includes Swipes

    ewenmack in Offline Marketing

    You hear about "finding a problem and solve it"... right? But how do you find it? Well this post gives you an example in action. But first a bit of ... [read more]

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    Short sightedness

    mjbmedia in Offline Marketing

    Looking to work with a local retail partnership , the football team here has just been promoted to the top division and the other local city here had an influx ... [read more]

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    They raised their hand

    I'm signed up to receive emails from my local SCORE office. They're pretty active and push out a couple of emails per week with different articles and workshops to help ... [read more]

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    Apt Complex Theme

    Can anyone recommend a good wp theme for an apt complex site? The real estate and hotel themes are overkill with search filters/databases that won't be used for an apt ... [read more]

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    Redirecting Expired Domains Listed in Directories

    mrmatt in Offline Marketing

    Hey Everyone, Just wondering what you all thought about buying expired domain names that are listed in directories i.e., merchantcircle, yelp, etc. and then redirecting them to a clients ... [read more]

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    Need basic Facebook help for offline client

    joelake in Offline Marketing

    My offline client has had a facebook page since 2009 and they get negative comments which show up in the SERPS. I am not versed in how the basics work, ... [read more]

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    Back End Products for a House Painting Company?

    Delta223 in Offline Marketing

    Hi, a friend of mine with 0 knowledge of marketing runs a house painting company. Average ticket is $3,000 with no back end sales or followup. Priority one is repeat ... [read more]

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    My Email got a 55.9% open rate

    This is the best open rate I ever got from an email blast I sent so I thought I would share the subject line with everyone. Some things to know: ... [read more]

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    Help with a lost customer campaign?

    Hello All, I'm new to the forum. I look forward to interacting with all of you. I'm trying to make the transition out of IT and into small biz marketing. ... [read more]

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    137,000 Results, 18,600 in quotes, 315 in title, 207 in url, £10,000 per sale, 58 exact searches p/m

    Mr Squeeze in Offline Marketing

    Hey guys, Wages went in the bank today and i'm going to be starting my first leadgen site to rent out... Id just like your advice. Basically i have found ... [read more]

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    Fastlane from job-killer paydays to end game

    ewenmack in Offline Marketing

    This came up today on a marketing plan consultation. Because he was starting up, he has a great opportunity to map out how the business will look in the future. ... [read more]

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    Offline Niches - Here's a Long List for You

    Ken_Stone in Offline Marketing

    Seems like everybody & their cat is going after: Plumbers Roofers Accountants Dentists Lawyers etc..... Please see the attached for some new ideas. If you combine the attached X the ... [read more]

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    Just Chattin'...

    NathanZad in Offline Marketing

    This was a cool experience today, thought I would share it. I've just started setting up my offline services business, and haven't really started approaching people yet. I'm building out ... [read more]

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    Who Else Wants A Piece Of The 10 Trillion $ Pie?

    ewenmack in Offline Marketing

    That's the figure been trotted out to value the worth of Baby Boomers businesses about to be sold. You may of read about how the Baby Boomers have controlled a ... [read more]

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    Best ways to find offline prospects/customers.

    addyonline in Offline Marketing

    Hi all, I recently started a job as a sales rep and the role requires a fair bit of cold calling. The role targets different industries, to name a few; ... [read more]

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    email vs cold calling

    sladeryan in Offline Marketing

    Hey guys, When first contacting new leads do you prefer to email them or cold call and why? I'm leaning towards email because I think you can cover a lot ... [read more]

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    Predatory Opportunistic [OFFLINE] Product Creators Buyers Beware

    Rus Sells in Offline Marketing

    Have you blindly bought some products because of fancy graphics and big promises from some WSO or from anywhere else without thinking through the potential ramifications to not only your ... [read more]

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    When is a review worth 100's of thousands of dollars?

    Rus Sells in Offline Marketing

    When you provide services that facilitate the posting of fake reviews or you are personally caught posting fake reviews. Glowing Reviews Sued by, Alleged to Plant Fake Reviews | ... [read more]

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    Opportunity Everywhere

    gfrankwick in Offline Marketing

    One thing that all marketers forget is that opportunity is everywhere! Let me start by saying I worked for a local company providing high end website design and internet marketing ... [read more]

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    Sources for web design/hosting contract TEMPLATES

    Do you know any sources for web design/hosting contract templates? Which other contracts do you need for a web design business? I thought about using a separate contract template for ... [read more]

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    "These are four business owners who LOVE to hire offline marketers..."

    Hey Offliners, If I gave you my two week timeshare in Costa Rica and told you everything was pre-paid in advance except travel costs to get there, how would you ... [read more]

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    Signed Contract vs. I Agree button

    What type of contract do you think is best for web design services? Signed contract? "I agree" button on web page?

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    Best places to advertise in city for a product?

    What do you think for offline marketing what places are really good to market your product for the local market?

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    The changes in local TV news and how you can benefit

    You may have heard the news story where a local San Francisco TV station ran bogus names related to the Asiana crash. The hammer has fallen, and several staff members ... [read more]

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    A $4 Billion Problem

    TheBigBee in Offline Marketing

    I found this to be really really interesting. There's links on this stuff, but reading is boring so this video sums it up: Why only 20% of businesses listed for ... [read more]

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    How To Save Money To Start A Small Business

    Here's one way to do it. Judge Orders $1 Million Returned to Exotic Dancer | ABC News - Yahoo! Just be more careful with your cash.

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    How would you market this local business?

    criniit in Offline Marketing

    Hey guys, A friend of mine is starting a gourmet cookie business. He dosen't have a location, he is going to be selling in farmers markets, local retail/coffee shops and ... [read more]

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    What i can promote on craigslist ?

    pingsters in Offline Marketing

    Hello Warriors, I am just finishing up a service based website. i am providing services to realtors and local service providers to post ads for them on Craigslist. What type ... [read more]

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    Whats the best way to cold call businesses who needs both a website and a mobile site?

    mrtonyp29 in Offline Marketing

    Hello Warriors, I need to know what would be the best approach to cold call prospects, businesses (leads) for those who does not have both a website and a mobile ... [read more]

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    Want to be interviewed?

    ADukes81 in Offline Marketing

    Well, I commented on a thread and decided I should just start a new one. I am looking to interview offline marketers that are out there doing it. I want ... [read more]

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    Facebook pages, X people talking about it

    mjbmedia in Offline Marketing

    What does that actually mean? Is it people mentioning the actual FB page itself in their comments, or just the company name, or what exactly? Anyone got any idea

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    "Okay, here's the secret to scaling up your offline business..."

    Hey Offliners, I often hear offline marketers ask questions about how to scale up and grow their offline business. However, what I really hear in that question is "How do ... [read more]

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    Feed back on a idea?

    thomasmps in Offline Marketing

    I am looking to generate new clients and my thoughts for initial jump start was to do 4-5 case studies where i do work for free to show my successes. ... [read more]

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    How to start the offline market for a new market?

    Awing in Offline Marketing

    Hello, i want to explore a new market, for example, Brazil. How to start this? Any good suggestions?

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    Does any offline marketing companies use...?

    non in Offline Marketing

    Do any of them use video landing pages because i've been doing loads of research and for all the landing pages that i've seen none of them have a video ... [read more]

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    Anyone using Reputation Marketing Blueprint by David Sprague

    benz1 in Offline Marketing

    Watched a webinar promoted by Daniel Tan. Looked quite good and has an impressive online lead gen/report generator application (@ $67/month). The price tag on the webinar is $197 against ... [read more]

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    Best subject line for warm emailing a solicitor?

    TomBuck in Offline Marketing

    My script is pretty good but Im never quite sure what to put in the subject line. Do I put my local area? Im pretty sure that's a good idea ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Marketing Plugins

    afriedl in Offline Marketing

    I am currently writing a plugin targeted at Amazon that will allow an easy method of displaying their Best Sellers, New Releases, Top Rated, Most Wanted, and Most Gifted on ... [read more]

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    WP themes

    mjbmedia in Offline Marketing

    This may be a dumb question, but then I am dumb when it comes to anything technical WP themes are often said to be aimed at certain industries/niches, well I ... [read more]

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    This is a long shot but I figure I'd ask.

    Hi Warriors! Little help here. I have some local businesses that I work with which are non-compete. What I am trying to do with Wordpress is have them log in ... [read more]

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    Local SEO : Is No Contract Feasible?

    payoman in Offline Marketing

    My aim for the first couple of weeks is to simply get a couple of small sites sold to get some money coming in ($600 setup and $50 monthly) and ... [read more]

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    5 Fibs Offline Gurus Tell...

    max5ty in Offline Marketing

    1. I use to make a lot of money...right now I'm down on my luck...but I'm expecting a grand comeback. Think about it. If they were making a lot of ... [read more]

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    Redirecting phone calls + recording

    Xed in Offline Marketing

    Hi, I want to get a local phone number, redirect calls while recording them and keep it in a nice log. This is because I'm selling leads and want to ... [read more]

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    "Let's get down and dirty..."

    ewenmack in Offline Marketing

    We are a bunch of lazy, irrational and sometimes stir crazy animals. And then we have to persuade this bunch to do something which often goes against their will. So ... [read more]

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    All about my brand new deck...

    Talltom1 in Offline Marketing

    A short time ago, I had the deck on my condo replaced by a friend that is a professional carpenter. It was a pretty sizable deck and it was a ... [read more]

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    Large scale email marketing - any of you doing it?

    abbot in Offline Marketing

    It's time to expand marketing efforts on the frontier... Currently, we're hitting just about every single method hard and having great success with all of them. And just for those ... [read more]

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    Nuke the gatekeeper

    PanteraIM in Offline Marketing

    You come into the call a bit authoritarian, how a CEO would when dealing with a company for the first time. You don't give obvious salesperson tells such as an ... [read more]

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    Best ebook creation software?

    jaspodeman in Offline Marketing

    I am quite new to IM and want to create an ebook. I have searched the net and Warrior for advice on the best software, but, still not satisfied I've ... [read more]

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    How to Market to Real Estate BROKERS???

    bert81 in Offline Marketing

    I am doing some work for a company that sells free folders to real estate brokers, they just need help getting more offices signed up. What is my best avenue ... [read more]

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    Advice needed - directory set-up

    iInvent in Offline Marketing

    Hi there! I'm working on a directory idea I had for a niche market in my area. I am targetting about 10-12 small towns in my area. I bought the ... [read more]

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    Need pricing help/ideas/advice, please.

    I have a client that is in the mortgage business. They have been using a software application to run their entire business, from keeping up with contacts to originating the ... [read more]

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    Which calling technique do you prefer for telemarketing?

    marketkidz in Offline Marketing

    I am planning to do telemarketing of my product. I want to know which calling techniques should I use?