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    What is the best way to convert local busines wordpress sites into a native Language?

    mike_lucas in Offline Marketing

    I am wondering if anyone has any experience with concerting a local business word press site into a different language. I have a few clients who would like to also ... [read more]

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    VOIP Solution With Less-Restrictive Fair Usage Policy?

    Hi, guys. I am having trouble finding a VOIP solution with a less-restrictive fair usage policy. I currently have a Skype Unlimited subscription, but the fair usage policy states that ... [read more]

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    The Sales Process I use - Howto sell offline

    Yetisam in Offline Marketing

    I have been reading and wanted to share the sales process that I have been using for a long time in offline sales as i could not find it anywhere ... [read more]

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    100 Flyers 18 Uniques. What would you do?

    goindeep in Offline Marketing

    Running a bit of a sneaky test. I cant say too much for obvious reasons. But Lets just say I had a targeted bunch of people that I gave a ... [read more]

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    A Tip To Increase Your Closing Rate for Website Work

    maxrezn in Offline Marketing

    I touched upon this in my other thread, but I feel it's valuable enough to make another thread about it. If you're selling websites or mobile websites, you can stop ... [read more]

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    HELP please... how to put together site for getting leads for multiple clients?

    yianni in Offline Marketing

    Hi I am working with a few clients in the same industry, and an idea was that we put a website together to potentially get the leads going to each ... [read more]

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    How to get profile pic to show in serps

    Rocketguy in Offline Marketing

    I want to be able to have my profile pic show in the search results like I see for other businesses. I am sure that they are pulling the image ... [read more]

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    phone system for appointment setters?

    So I closed my first client a few weeks ago and I'd really like to invest some of the money into getting an appointment setter. Before looking for someone oversees ... [read more]

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    How to find real value of website?

    kaja292 in Offline Marketing

    To find real value of website which contents depends ? I know, to find real value of website traffic is important any other ?

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    How Do I Provide Services? I Can SELL!

    NewAge29 in Offline Marketing

    I'm at a small (actually HUGE) sticking point. I am in the process of starting an offline (local) SEO business. I know there are a lot of others doing it ... [read more]

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    how i got a £950 offline client by spilling coffee on him!

    Hi guys, just wanted to share the strange going on's on Friday I was in a coffee shop in my local town I had my bag with me which had ... [read more]

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    Follow Up After Direct Mail

    maverick8 in Offline Marketing

    Hi Guys, I have been using direct mail a fair bit lately. And i know i should be following up with phone calls. But like most people i lack a ... [read more]

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    Anyone Ever Used Radio/TV Commericals?

    Becker13 in Offline Marketing

    Hey what is up, My Offline SEO business is doing pretty well right now and I have some cash laying around. Has anyone ever used the local radio or TV ... [read more]

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    Should I Hire Sales People To Sell My SEO

    emailwiz in Offline Marketing

    I was thinking of hiring Sales Agents to sell SEO services that I outsource. Is this a good idea, should I always be doing the presentations myself. I basically want ... [read more]

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    Social media - recurring income??

    iInvent in Offline Marketing

    Hello everyone! I submitted my first social media strategy to a local golf course. I was soooo nervous. I honestly felt sick.... I was afraid of not being "good enough"... ... [read more]

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    Help me out here

    sodomojo in Offline Marketing

    I'm working with a client on a website. He has a website for a different business BUT, the company that he had that with musta hosted it for him, and ... [read more]

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    Looking for online service to order & mail out cards.

    I'm based in Australia and whenever I want to mail out directly to the prospective US clients it gets both expensive and takes too long. I have heard that services ... [read more]

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    Wow! How to sell 15,000 CD's in 18 months

    Check this out. I think this can go here appropriately. What do you think about this? Any other musicians out there? How to Sell 15,000 CDs in 18 Months - ... [read more]

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    Make $5000 per month and be a hero.

    bob ross in Offline Marketing

    In the last few months I've been able to make a pretty good profit offering a FANTASTIC service that was actually inspired by another warrior "Doran Peck", which I tweaked ... [read more]

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    Quick Q re: phone script - need synonym for "no risk"

    I'm writing some sales copy for a fitness company, their demographic target on the opt-in page may be nervous, intimidated by face to face meetings, I need some words that ... [read more]

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    Cool quick method to find businesses that need their site redone.

    P1 in Offline Marketing

    Here's a quick method to find websites that need to be redone. You already know these people want a website but they took it upon themselves to make their own ... [read more]

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    Just a little offline musing--need help with pricing

    plongmire in Offline Marketing

    I got a call today from an offline client who saw a video I produced over a year ago...they are a start up company needing a marketing strategy produced for ... [read more]

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    Where to Find Sales People Online?

    Bruha in Offline Marketing

    Where is a good place to find sales people to sell my online services? I want to expand my offline business, but am not sure where to start in looking ... [read more]

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    The Dirty Little Truth About Offline Marketing (Now This Is A Must Read!)

    Hello Warrior Friends, I don't get around to this forum much anymore, but I plan to contribute in this section of the forum on a more frequent basis. There is ... [read more]

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    Offline Business Builder Series: "Why Does My Prospect's Wife Keep Screwing Up My Offline Deal?"

    Hi Offliners, Today, I'll share another lesson I learned the hard way when I started my offline business. In fact, if one of my client's sons hadn't shared it with ... [read more]

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    paypal and square sucks, they won't let me get paid :(

    i hate paypal they wont let me take payments for some reason. i had 4 clients ready to pay me in total of 8,000$$ anyways i signed up to square ... [read more]

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    If your building a local city mobile directory....

    ballanrk in Offline Marketing

    I'm building a city directory that is a mobile optimized website directory and the homepage is a responsive Wordpress theme. I know the downfalls of using Wordpress on mobile but ... [read more]

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    How do I find Godaddy made websites?

    So I've been searching all over this sub and I can't find the post (I must be losing my mind today I can't find anything). It was a post on ... [read more]

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    Yep, it's another Linkedin Post....

    I posted in another thread on Linkedin and I can't find it anymore and I wanted to at least share this with you guys because its gotten me some qualified ... [read more]

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    Need an Origami PLR, any ideas

    Monathoo in Offline Marketing

    Hi warriors, Not sure if this post belongs in this section but didn't know where else to put it. I have just started a blog on Origami, actually my first ... [read more]

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    ppcgod in Offline Marketing

    Ok so I have been reading on here for a while about guys getting gigs offline marketing to small business-- and I was like this seems to good to be ... [read more]

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    SMS Marketing Guidance

    Trying this again.... in the right section this time... Does anyone have a recommendation for a good quality, up-to-date training resource on SMS marketing? Is it still as (potentially) profitable ... [read more]

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    Accountability with telemarketer (need help)

    Unisons in Offline Marketing

    Basically my idea is I'm paying my telemarketer full commission to help call and try to sell websites. They'll be in charge of calling prospects , pitching to them and ... [read more]

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    Why Emailing is Ineffective

    econnors in Offline Marketing

    ...Because most folks don't have the slightest idea what they're doing. You can build a client base with email, but you have to know how to do it. I received ... [read more]

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    Gauge of interest?

    rolltide in Offline Marketing

    My boy JD has triggered another entrepreneurial idea for me. I have a great cold caller that I use for roofing and radiant barrier appointment setting. She wants to work ... [read more]

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    Thoughts of hiring 100% commission sales reps in other markets (COMPLETELY OFFLINE)

    Hey guys, I have a particular product that I want to sell/promote in other areas. Actually, I have a few. This is a completely non-internet related product. I want to ... [read more]

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    Looking for someone to close this sale for me, will pay $400

    Hey guys, I've got a web design deal on hold and its been that way for a month or so now. This client opened up a new Mexican restaurant in ... [read more]

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    my writing services

    where can i find websites that might want/need someone to write for them? Some types of sites I'd be most interested in are small 'offline' business sites. So maybe a ... [read more]

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    How Can I Use LinkedIn Carefully?

    pmmorris in Offline Marketing

    So I am getting ready to get on LinkedIn and start reaching out to possible leads, however I have a concern. I currently have a LinkedIn profile for my day ... [read more]

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    Cold Email Copy

    tjcreation in Offline Marketing

    Now I know sending cold emails doesn't convert the way calling for appointments does, but... I wondering if any one on this thread has any recommendation for great copywriters who ... [read more]

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    Inbound calls problem.. suggestions needed

    Hey all, I created a laser targeted direct mail campaign (SEO) and the results were pretty good imo, with 25% inbound calls. On the phone, I felt like the callers ... [read more]

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    how i made my first $900 dollars offline in 2 days.. THANK YOU JOHN DURHAM

    today i made my first sale yeah!!!!!!!!! it feels great to see a check that big and i hardly worked for it anyways, the reason why im writing this is ... [read more]

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    Any good examples of Offline Consulting sites?

    grey38 in Offline Marketing

    Where people display their services and such. I know no one wants to put their own if they have them, but if you have any examples in general, I'd really ... [read more]

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    Realistically cost per client..

    strspeed in Offline Marketing

    Hello Warrior Forum! I'm in the mist of drawing up a new business plan and now im stuck in my cost profit analysis portion. More specifically how much can i ... [read more]

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    Just got my first member signup (monthly cost)!

    cnich23 in Offline Marketing

    I feel like I'm officially a Warrior now.:p After 1 week release I received my first member for The membership is to join the advertising group and to be ... [read more]

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    Is this a good idea for my brick an mortar business

    JustinG30 in Offline Marketing

    I came up with an idea for advertising my business and wanted to see if anyone has any advice on this. Say my business is in city a. This is ... [read more]

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    Does anyone know a good Fanpage designer?

    greg2200 in Offline Marketing

    Does anyone know of a quality face fanpage designer? I am looking for someone that can create a fanpage and add in other elements to make it unique.

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    Taking my web design business to the next level... help?

    Andrew H in Offline Marketing

    Hey everyone let me explain my story... So I graduated high school at the age of 17 with mediocre grades at best. Decided to start working, held a lot of ... [read more]

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    SUCCESS!!! How I got $17,240 Set-Up and $6400/month

    Okay, I don't visit the WF often. But today, after stopping by and noticing a few negative posts... I wanted to get a positive thread going to inspire those who ... [read more]

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    Idea - Birthday Direct Mailing

    iInvent in Offline Marketing

    So I got this idea... To create this direct mail marketing tool for businesses...where they pay to advertise in this "bundle" that would be sent to a targeted lists of ... [read more]

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    2 Hot Leads From Linkedin + 2 Client in 24 hours

    Chris Cho in Offline Marketing

    Yesterday I got 2 clients and 2 Leads. Two leads from Linkedin and one client from SEO and another client I personally knew. Initially I made this video to show ... [read more]

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    I'm not sure how i should approach this i.e.. price and any other help would be wonderful!

    So i have a Client in Toronto who pays me for keyword research.... And is so impressed with what I gave him that he said: "I'd like to talk to ... [read more]

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    Some newbie questions.

    TimGreen1 in Offline Marketing

    I'm looking into starting offline and I have some questions. 1) How do you open a phone conversation to keep your client interested? 2) What payment method do you use ... [read more]

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    PDF Download: Massive Offline Niche List

    Think I can remember someone was asking for a niche list a while back? This PDF here contains over 2,000 offline niches. Hope this helps to get the ideas flowin' ... [read more]

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    Upgrading Existing Well Established Website. What should I consider?

    hsharma in Offline Marketing

    Hi Guys, I have a 10 year old well indexed and well established site. The time has come to upgrade the site as per recent times. I have got a ... [read more]