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    Update on my insurance lead generation adventure, and a question about LeadTree...

    marc.v in Offline Marketing

    Hey folks, I thought I'd update you guys on how I'm doing with my insurance lead generation business. If you've read my previous posts about it, I was having a ... [read more]

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    What kind of Direct Mail Campaign could you Setup with $10K BUDGET?

    ebizman in Offline Marketing

    Hi Offline Warriors What kind of Direct Mail Campaign could you Setup with $10K BUDGET? Results to expect/ROI? Selling Web Design/SEO services and targeting USA businesses.

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    Client with a $20k+ budget. Need advice!

    swd123 in Offline Marketing

    So I have a referral who employs a member of staff to manage their website and pays them $36k annually. The biz owner was (up until december) spending $1500 a ... [read more]

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    getting the attention

    Hi guys, Im new on the warrior forum. The main reason why I have come here, is becouse I need some help/advice how to get the attention to my website ... [read more]

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    Ideas on Getting Offline Clients

    mcconnon12 in Offline Marketing

    Hello All, I am looking for some creative ways to get more offline clients for my mobile marketing company. We have a few clients, mainly through cold calling, but wanted ... [read more]

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    Local Trade Shows?

    Has anyone done local trade shows? I have an opportunity to do a small local business trade show and a booth at the annual fair. I think it would be ... [read more]

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    Keyword Alternatives

    Quentin in Offline Marketing

    When doing research on keywords it is very important to make sure you look at the alternatives. For example we had a customer a few weeks ago that was a ... [read more]

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    Help with my appointment making script?

    So my website-selling business has expanded to print services, where I also design printed and marketing materials for the customer. This happened when my first customer asked me to design ... [read more]

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    Medical directories. Price Structures?

    misc92 in Offline Marketing

    Im going to be launching a group of medical directories, geographical niche based directories. - They will be SEOed - User friendly and well-designed However im not sure how much ... [read more]

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    Cold Calling

    Smalls91 in Offline Marketing

    I'm thinking about using cold calling to kick up new business. How many of you have used this method? Also, what is most effective when you do get a decision ... [read more]

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    Check out My plan on Cold Calling Business listed on YellowPages

    ebizman in Offline Marketing

    So I plan on having a telemarketer cold call businesses that are listed on for example if you do a search for Accountants in Arlington,TX - I get ... [read more]

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    what should I look for when buying lists?

    sharkey in Offline Marketing

    I got a cold email from someone who has a large list they created of 11,000 stores phone numbers, and thousands of emails that are supposedly all related my my ... [read more]

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    Made my first REAL DEAL website sale today!

    RedShifted in Offline Marketing

    By "real deal" I just mean my first 2 websites I did really cheap, and it was through family I got the referal. But now I found this new client ... [read more]

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    An Important Question To Ask Yourself

    Joel in Offline Marketing

    You are selling to offline businesses. On this forum there are many questions on how to cold call, how to send email, can I use commission salespeople, what emails to ... [read more]

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    Looking for Adwords training for local businesses

    rmx in Offline Marketing

    I used to run adwords campaigns for my online sites but it's been several years since I've done it. Since I'm already offering seo services for local busineses I'm going ... [read more]

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    Make or Buy offline decision help

    avandrunen in Offline Marketing

    Help all offliners, I am in the process of getting my plan together to try my hand at an offline model. Lots of questions and tons of information out there ... [read more]

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    **How to Close any Personality**

    How to Sell to Different Personalities Before I start let me say in most cases the person is not actually a jerk it is merely perceived. Have you ever been ... [read more]

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    The Most Unique Marketing Job You've Done?

    I thought this would be an interesting topic to discuss - sort of along the lines of all the "clients from hell" stories... except different. What has been your most ... [read more]

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    Outsourcing: How big are your margins?

    maxrezn in Offline Marketing

    I've just recently launched a marketing agency and my goal is $20,000 in monthly billings through selling direct mail, SEO, social media services, and consulting. Completely possible with a running ... [read more]

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    Offline Sales VS. Offline Marketing...

    Im sure Allen doesnt want to segregate any more than he already has, but its becoming clear to me that offline sales and offline marketing are two different subjects. I ... [read more]

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    UK Lists?

    kvnkane in Offline Marketing

    Anyone know where i can get a commercial call list from in the uk? as i'm broke i'm going to use the yellow pages for now but when i make ... [read more]

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    Twitter Login Detail

    Hello, I have a company account on twitter and i forgot from which email id did the used to sign in. Is there any way i can find out which ... [read more]

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    Customised images?

    Alariki in Offline Marketing

    Hello, Does anyone know a good site for buying customised photos? I tell them exactly what I want and they make it for me !! Any ideas? Thanks

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    Know a tool to produce convincing reports for my SEO sales pitches?

    harvest316 in Offline Marketing

    Hi guys. How close are we to automating the initial Keyword Research & Competition Analysis stages of SEO? I'm not expecting a tool that totally automates the keyword research, but ... [read more]

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    Top 3 Offline Marketing Coaches?

    tbone3 in Offline Marketing

    Who are the most respected people you know in the offline marketing in the industry? When I say offline, I mean people who run a company helping businesses with their ... [read more]

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    Amazon Kindle

    kdavies in Offline Marketing

    As you know, the Amazon Kindle is the best selling e-reader on the market. But what a lot of people don't know is that it is possible to push content ... [read more]

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    Can anyone help? Is there a Market for Offline Special Reports on Warrior?

    Dear Warriors, I just tried to sell a unique and very content rich special report on WSO and got no takers. Is there a market for Offline reports on Warrior? ... [read more]

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    New, VERY profitible business model for any of you to try! Let's make it better

    Hey guys, I, like most people, forget to change out my air conditioning filter as often as I should. The ones that I buy should be changed out monthly, but, ... [read more]

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    Legal requirements for Offline

    Hey, So im just about to start my first offline venture, ive set up my website, business designed and letter heads designed, not printed yet however. But nothing is registered ... [read more]

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    $20 To Your Paypal For Best Slogan

    Hey Warriors, I hope this okay to ask for help this way! I recently have confirmed a JV with a large printing company in my town to combine their skills ... [read more]

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    semrocks in Offline Marketing

    Does anyone have any idea how outrank get their sites to rank on google ? Their model: they buy a keyword-location phrase domain , guarantee it'll rank on google, bing ... [read more]

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    How Many Links Per Keyword Should One Be Building?

    ConnorMarc in Offline Marketing

    For a single person entering or building links for a domain, how many links should they be building per keyword? What number determines "good work" being done per month? That ... [read more]

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    How do I help a guys local biz grow, someone else is doing his website

    moodykitty in Offline Marketing

    Hi all, There's a guy in town, has a small bounce house rental business and a crappy website - he paid a 'friend' $400 to do for him, anyway, he ... [read more]

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    Restaurant inspection violations AND Reputation Management

    Title says it all, I was thinking of different ways to easily come up with reputation management leads, and then it hit me... Failed restaurant inspections are put online nowadays, ... [read more]

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    Direct Mail - Online Reputation Management

    Mav91890 in Offline Marketing

    Hello everyone. I provide ORM services to businesses in my locale who have terrible web presences. Some of these companies reviews online with Google and Yelp are despicable. I have ... [read more]

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    The Best Offline Marketing Product?

    tbone3 in Offline Marketing

    In your opinion, what is the best and most respected offline marketing product you've actually tried and why?

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    Quick Question About Link-Building & The Choice of URLs

    ConnorMarc in Offline Marketing

    Hi Guys, This may be an easy question for your gurus to answer, but I'm brand spanking to new to link building. My question is simple...does it matter what URL ... [read more]

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    Reselling a website & monthly fee

    swd123 in Offline Marketing

    Hi Guys, I was contacted today by a client who asked me to cancel his website (it's a high quality, bespoke wordpress website & custom backend) due to a friend ... [read more]

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    Smalls91 in Offline Marketing

    I'm not into offline marketing yet, but I have a feeling that will be changing soon. To those of you that currently are, what are some good ways to establish ... [read more]

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    Question... Re Product Creation Sales Potential

    dwierman in Offline Marketing

    I am debating whether to publicly release software I built for my business, but I wanted to get feedback to see if there is a demand that others would buy ... [read more]

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    How exactly to ask for a referral?...

    abo28 in Offline Marketing

    Well, maybe it's a silly question, but I want to make sure I make things properly... Which is the best (or more usual) way to get a referral? (1) the ... [read more]

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    Chiropractor Clients

    htwtmg in Offline Marketing

    Hi All, Looks like over the years I have not been as active on the forum as I should be. I tend to just get out there and do things ... [read more]

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    What to do with a List of Wine Producers

    BDE4Live in Offline Marketing

    H Warriors, I have a nice list of wine Producers Importers and Exporters and im not sure what to do with it. I was thinking building websites for them not ... [read more]

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    Chamber of Trade Meeting

    I had a meeting with the chairwoman of our local chamber of trade yesterday, and she was saying how she would like to create a dicount coupon scheme to give ... [read more]

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    Presentation Materials Question

    I am new to the offline marketing and am just venturing out, but wanted to get some ideas on what you warriors use for your "presentation material?" Do you just ... [read more]

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    Using google to find old sites thread??

    flightrisk in Offline Marketing

    I know im not crazy , but there was a thread here that listed about 10 queries on finding out old dated sites from places like yp and more. It ... [read more]

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    Marketing for a Daycare

    rytxtwave in Offline Marketing

    I have been approached by a family friend that is looking to increase their enrollment for a daycare. I have some rough ideas but this is a market I have ... [read more]

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    Ideas For Marketing A Sales Trainer?!?

    Preeti in Offline Marketing

    Hey Warriors, I have a client and I'm working on putting together a marketing plan for a client who is a local sales trainer and is putting on free workshops/seminars ... [read more]

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    Complaint about Ranking in the A SPOT on Google Places - Wants to rank LOWER?

    As a Google Top Contributor I help people in the Places forum all day long and deal with all kinds of complaints due to bugs or especially due to not ... [read more]

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    Frustrating situation with my first client... :(

    zannix in Offline Marketing

    Well I'm renting out a website for a small business that is selling evening dresses. I closed them by walking in, asking about their business and telling them that I ... [read more]

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    Offline Business Builder Series: "Anyone Killing It With Offline Biz Owner Referrals?"

    Hey Offliners, As I'm sitting here being a little ocd'ish with my lead gen. and marketing plan for the next upcoming six months, I realized that I'm not getting as ... [read more]

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    I've spotted my biggest hurdle: CLOSING THE SALE. Advice?

    abo28 in Offline Marketing

    Hello, I hope this post won't be too long - but I feel the need to share some of my thoughts and ask for some advice from the experienced offliners ... [read more]

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    Help me figure out GOOD ways to advertise locally

    nelram in Offline Marketing

    I have a printing and graphics business that I own. We have a small shop but it is not in a visible location as far as foot traffic is concerned. ... [read more]

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    Customer wants his site to be redesigned but...

    I talked to a guy that has a japanese rest. He wants his site re-done but on Google it has something that says: "This site may harm your computer" How ... [read more]

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    Domain Selection Help For A Lead Gen Site

    I understand that the one of the best domains for a lead gen site is but is it better for a lead gen site to specify a little more ... [read more]

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    Help on Offers & Selling Discount Cards

    Moved to a large city 2 weeks ago and decided to create a job for myself and create business for local restaurants in the area by selling restaurant discount cards ... [read more]