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    Ideas why new website can't be seen at client's office??

    rbecklund in Offline Marketing

    Hi- We just put a new site live and the client's can't see the site at their office - on their network. They can see it on their phones, so ... [read more]

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    Who do you use for OUTSOURCING?

    Hi Fellow Warriors, Here's the situation... I've been working with an company that sells products online, and they want to bring me on "full-time" as there webmaster. They'd want me ... [read more]

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    Make Money by starting an Association

    buddy7 in Offline Marketing

    I have heard that the AARP was founded as a way for it's founder to sell insurance. I have also heard from another warrior that there was a course a ... [read more]

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    Best way to monetize the back/side of my vehicle?

    Hey y'all, I just took a job that is an ideal fit for my personality and skill set. I am excited because this job will be a vehicle (pun intended) ... [read more]

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    What is a fair price for a mini net/site project?

    bryson in Offline Marketing

    I built an ecom site for a client, now he wants me to build micro sites around the same products on various niche related domains for various keywords. He already ... [read more]

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    Photos in Google Maps/Places

    Did some searching in Google places/Maps and found one listing that had 29, yes, twenty-nine photos? How could that be? Google says you can add up to 10 photos but ... [read more]

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    Bulk Emailing for real estate client?

    rolltide in Offline Marketing

    I have a real estate client that wants to set up a bulk email program for his auction business. He has access to 2K local realtors and 20K realtors in ... [read more]

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    My 35% Response Rate Client Getting Salesletter - Swipe And Deploy it For Your Own Use!

    Hello Everyone, Gosh! Thanks you for the love and respect I have gotten over the past 6 days. It's been humbling for me. After my earlier thread was closed, I ... [read more]

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    Customer wants monthly e-newsletter written for him - what to charge?

    I have a possible client that wants to send out a monthly e-newsletter. He's in the carpet cleaning business. I told him the newsletter could contain various carpeting tips such ... [read more]

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    How To Promote An Artist?

    KabirC in Offline Marketing

    I do a lot of offline marketing with businesses but B2C is completely new to me in the sense of selling artwork. A client (4 years now) and good friend ... [read more]

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    Lil' help with pricing guidelines, if you please...

    I am finalizing some numbers on a few proposals and want to make sure I do not shoot myself in the foot, or anywhere else for that matter. The questions ... [read more]

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    Exclusive directories?

    jlgolin in Offline Marketing

    Does anyone have any thoughts on or experience with "exclusive directories?" I live in a large metropolitan area which is essentially a conglomerate of several highly populated towns\suburbs. I was ... [read more]

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    Telemarketing Moments That Make You Feel Like A Freakin Rock Star! -What Are Yours?

    My Greatest Telemarketing Streak Ever...I had designed a lead generation system for a call center whereby we hired nationwide agents to represent our web products. Agents would apply and we ... [read more]

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    Landed my first official Offline deal - Here's what I did, but what's next?!

    Matthew NY in Offline Marketing

    Hey Warriors: I have many years in internet marketing. In addition to the work I do, I recently delved a bit into offline sales. This is a new area for ... [read more]

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    Calling John Durham??

    PhilaPM in Offline Marketing

    Does anyone know what happened to John Durham? I want to get a hold of him but he seems to be MIA. I haven't seen him very active on this ... [read more]

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    Ungrateful clients

    Hey all, I don't know if you have dealt this breed of a client. I've been freelancing as an SEO consultant and have 2 clients. I've already improved the rankings ... [read more]

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    Sales Help - Suggestions?

    Andrew H in Offline Marketing

    Hey, So I had a client find me about a month ago who has a static site that he needs updates once every two months. Basically an online catalogue, just ... [read more]

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    I think the $100 Google Adwords vouchers are a scam!

    rolltide in Offline Marketing

    The Adwords account(I opened with $100 adwords voucher)went live less than 3 hours ago. I just received this message from my chiropractor. I have the daily budget set at $20/day ... [read more]

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    Article on Email vs. SMS

    vndnbrgj in Offline Marketing

    It turns out that the United States is the second-most text-sensitive country of all, with 86% of respondents saying they preferred email and only 14% saying they wanted offers and ... [read more]

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    # of searches to target for lead gen

    Hi, Just wondering how many searches in broad, phrase or exact match that you target when making a lead gen site. Don't want to make a site and then end ... [read more]

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    adwords vouchers?

    rolltide in Offline Marketing

    I just set up a Google Adwords account for a new client. I added the $100 free voucher. Normally, how long does it take for these ads to go live?

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    Any Success With - "Rent This Website/Video"?

    Just wondering if anyone has had any success with putting a note on your video or website saying something along the lines of "rent this website/video, call ###-####)? I've seen ... [read more]

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    Why I LOVE Attraction Marketing...

    Preeti in Offline Marketing

    It's always nice to have clients CHASING you down instead of it being the other way around Here's what I found in my inbox this morning: Preeti, I just read ... [read more]

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    If they have no website, what's the best approach?

    omurchu in Offline Marketing

    When on Google Places, if you come across a listing that has no site, what do you reckon is the best way to approach the business to offer website design? ... [read more]

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    Calling all Offliners! Vent / Rant / Question Inside!!

    Offliners, I see the random "rants" or people talking crap about WSOs. Usually they (WSOs) don't get to me, ever..this time.. this one did. So, I received an e-mail from ... [read more]

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    Please critique my biz plan & direct mail piece for new text marketing business.

    OK so I've decided to add text marketing to my business as I truly believe it is going to be very popular very soon here in the UK. If anyone ... [read more]

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    anybody need any help with anything?

    I am having a bad day, so i need to step back from my stuff. Does anybody need a hand with anything ? I can help for about 6 - ... [read more]

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    Web Software to keep track of salespeople commissions?

    PhilaPM in Offline Marketing

    Anyone know of any software that would keep track of salespeople, how much in sales they do, as well as commissions on a monthly basis? I'd like to start hiring ... [read more]

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    Magnets or Bumper Stickers?

    Makota in Offline Marketing

    Do you think it is better to use car magnets or bumper stickers? I have seen some very attractive care magnets advertising different websites. I figure magnets would be better, ... [read more]

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    First meeting next Monday and I need some advice please

    pankakeguy in Offline Marketing

    recently lost me job of 5 years and I decided that it is time for me to take action and just jump into the IM world. I have been following ... [read more]

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    What in the World Do You Charge??

    lukeaf8 in Offline Marketing

    Hey Everyone, I'm just thinking there are so many different ideas about what to charge for SEO services, or Wordpress sites, or mobile optimization, or Social Media management, etc. So ... [read more]

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    How would you handle this dentist prospect?

    rmx in Offline Marketing

    I'm talking with a dentist about help getting more traffic online. We had an approx hr. long phone conversation where he saw from my screen where he was ranking now, ... [read more]

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    Validate my cold calling script

    remmy1uk in Offline Marketing

    Last week I decided to give cold calling ago however I decided to use another script which seems to partially work Out of about 15 calls I made, 3 people ... [read more]

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    i need help. got a meeting with a business owner.

    so i had a list of numbers which i downloaded form salesgenie. i was targeting restaurants, so i was calling and i wasn't paying attention to the business name. anyways ... [read more]

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    A Novel Client Approach

    sandalwood in Offline Marketing

    Blame it on my journalism degree but I can't help but believe this idea is not being done in your town. The idea is to create a newspaper snippet. There ... [read more]

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    New facebook timeline?

    So I have a client who is asking about setting up their facebook business page. I've noticed that facebook has changed to the new timeline look for business pages and ... [read more]

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    Should I charge my client?

    grey38 in Offline Marketing

    So we agreed upon $200 for creating her facebook and i told her I could get her some new clients. I was very optimistic. Well she's gotten about 200 likes, ... [read more]

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    Selling Mobile Websites To Churches?

    I have been thinking of selling Mobile websites to churches! Do you all think it would be a good niche to go after? I cant imagine them being as rude ... [read more]

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    500th post - how to give back to the offline forum

    redcell1 in Offline Marketing

    Alright so as this is the 500th post, yeah I couldn't make it to the 1000th post thread I wanted to ask what offline people would like to know more ... [read more]

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    What do you want to help your offline business?

    cashmonk in Offline Marketing

    Hello Warriors Can you help me with a question? What do you see as your pressing issue...or what do you feel you need to make your business work for you, ... [read more]

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    FREE Postcards!

    Well...kinda, sorta, something like that, anyhow, lol. I was going to use my regular postcard mailing service recently, until I found out that my cards weren't going to be sent ... [read more]

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    Meeting prospect in 2 hours - confused on how to approach

    I have a meeting with a prospect in 2 hours, she owns a local pizza spot. I originally called because she has bad reviews online... she is the NEW owner ... [read more]

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    To those that manage your client's email list

    I have a few questions, I hope y'all can provide some guidance. 1. Do you have your clients sign up for their own autoresponder account and give you the login ... [read more]

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    I have overcome my fear of the Telephone!

    Blinking in Offline Marketing

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to tell everyone I have overcome my fear of the telephone, and how I did it. So basically I have run my entire business through text ... [read more]

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    What tools to use to research a company's google adwords ads?

    Amy5 in Offline Marketing

    What tools, software, or websites do you recommend using to see if a business is using Google adwords (the business is not local). - and research their ad campaign?

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    Tough question - Other businesses that serve similar clients as us

    Dan B Rusu in Offline Marketing

    I'm doing some brainstorming and having a difficult time coming up with businesses that serve similar needs as us web marketing companies that we would be able to partner with ... [read more]

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    Are You Guys Serious?

    ewenmack in Offline Marketing

    "You Guys" are those that ask questions here. Your actions lead me to believe you aren't sincere in your questioning and asking for help. Why? Because you don't respond or ... [read more]

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    Curb Painting with Go-Carts

    midasman09 in Offline Marketing

    Here's one that's totally legal and ....FUN! Having homeowners paint their address on the curb in front of their home for $20....WITH A GO-CART! Curb Addressing In Go Karts Part ... [read more]

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    The Process Start to Finish?

    lukeaf8 in Offline Marketing

    Hey Everyone! So I'm just getting started with a local business SEO product (service) that I'm offering and I want to start selling (also Google places), but I'm wondering about ... [read more]

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    Registering LLC through an accountant?

    Noobcorp in Offline Marketing

    I live in Canada and looking to register my business as LLC. I've done some research and it seems like the registration fee is around $300 (online) / $360 (in ... [read more]

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    FREE Unlimited Email Addresses From Google Without Creating New Gmail Accounts

    ConradDeas in Offline Marketing

    I just learned this from Tina Malsom (I think that's how you spell her name) and figured you guys might be able to use this. Why would you want unlimited ... [read more]

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    A Skype question

    sandalwood in Offline Marketing

    For the life of me I can't find a way to record skype calls. I have an opportunity to do an interview w/a fellow IMer using skype and I wanted ... [read more]

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    Offline Marketing Ideas for Ranking a Furniture Store Top 3 in a Competitive Market

    I am currently working with a local furniture store that spends thousands a month on Adwords, and my goal is to rank them on the top 3 results organically for ... [read more]

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    The Offline Form Needs More Love...Here's An Idea For Local Business Website Designers

    payoman in Offline Marketing

    Seems like everyones too busy working, there HAS to be more people out there like me that have so few clients that they are looking for stuff to do!? So, ... [read more]

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    Talk about giving sales people a bad name...

    Just purchased a PLR book on sales and had to share. At first it looked promising as it was not written in broken english, but then I started getting to ... [read more]

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    Free WSO. Get your face all over Google - Higher Click Throughs and More Sales Guaranteed

    Well free mini wso at least... Hi Fellow Warriors, Want to increase click thrus, confidence and credibilty? Time for the Pirate to give something back for a change. If you've ... [read more]