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    Offline Business Builder Series: "Every Offline Marketer On The WF Should Read This Book Everyday!"

    Hey Offliners, I know that's a bold statement, but let me tell you why I feel that way about a certain book. Over the last year or so, I've been ... [read more]

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    GP review related...Can I give a premade email account to clients ?

    Big Gee in Offline Marketing

    I know its best to get reviews naturally. That aside, I have read that some people may have difficulty posting a review or do not have a gmail account (back ... [read more]

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    Managing a prospect list

    xzorpl in Offline Marketing

    I have been copying and pasting businesses from, BBB,, etc… into WP documents, what a pain! albiet a necessary pain. So… here I am collating all of ... [read more]

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    Local Niches - Here's mine, what are yours?

    I'm very new to Offline Marketing but I've been thinking a lot about local niches and which ones to search and contact. A lot of people might want to keep ... [read more]

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    Keyword Targeting with Google Places

    toner in Offline Marketing

    I have an e-commerce site with a few thousand related products. We optimize the site to appeal to keywords related to the product categories, sub categories and product names. The ... [read more]

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    The Real Deal Offline Series: "Telling The Business Owner About My Monthly Fee Lost My Deal!"

    Hi Offliners, One of the biggest mistakes I made when I was struggling in a bad way, was to go into a meeting with a prospect, make a great connection ... [read more]

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    How do you end your first call?

    There have been a number of conversations about using the phone and one call closing, setting appointments on the phone, etc. Personally, I would rather close a deal on the ... [read more]

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    Please help me come up with a short business name for my offline biz

    D37 in Offline Marketing

    I am just getting into the offline world. I'm going to start off by selling websites to small businesses. I'm trying to come up with a name for my business ... [read more]

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    Is this the end of SEO as we know it? (this time)

    This should be interesting and here come a whole new set of WSO`s! Google to Penalize Over-SEO'd Sites | News & Opinion |

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    Launching my "Hybrid" business... A few questions before starting...

    20092009 in Offline Marketing

    Hello Everyone, I am going to be launching an offline/online business exactly as John Durham described it here: NEWBIES READ THIS!!! How Y-O-U Can Make 50k From Nothing With ZERO ... [read more]

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    Contracts and Paperwork for Local SEO, Web Design, etc?

    I've been doing internet marketing for myself for many years but only recently did I get into doing it for local offline businesses. My client base is growing rapidly (mostly ... [read more]

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    Software for your offline clients?

    chriswight in Offline Marketing

    Is anyone using a marketing software suite for their offline clients? Which one? What is the functionality that you like in them or that you think is lacking? Do you ... [read more]

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    MRomeo, are you the richest man on this forum?

    payoman in Offline Marketing

    Sure, the headline panders, but really, just reading your posts here : I have gathered : - You own hundreds of LLCs - You have 7 different offline businesses ... [read more]

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    100 Personalized packets/reports sent out. ZERO

    abbot in Offline Marketing

    So the title says it all. I have been doing this in the past with a pretty decent response rate. So..I decided to upscale by picking a niche (dentists) and ... [read more]

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    Bartering Success?

    Dan B Rusu in Offline Marketing

    Anyone having any success with bartering your web services for services/products that others provide? What sources are you using to find people to barter with? I've used u-exchange successfully to ... [read more]

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    Storm Shelter website?

    rolltide in Offline Marketing

    I am meeting with a guy Tuesday night to set up a website for his storm shelter/safe room business. Does anyone know a good template to use?

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    Best strategy to get Facebook fans for offline client fanpage?

    mrtrance in Offline Marketing

    I will be maintaining a local offline client's FB fan page and was wondering what is the best way to build up their fan page with likes and add fans? ... [read more]

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    Pioneering call tracking company in my country

    I have been getting few local clients in my country and I can't find call tracking companies in my country to track leads and sales through call in from website ... [read more]

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    Cold Call Numbers

    xzorpl in Offline Marketing

    As I tap into the coaching on this forum, it becomes apparent that the telephone is our friend, and that using the phone to get before potential clients is by ... [read more]

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    Getting Clients - Methods that Work!

    sparro in Offline Marketing

    [Just added a new Method on page 3..check it out] I have not made many posts to the forum however I do monitor for ideas or trends in the marketing ... [read more]

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    SEO marketing for Apartment Complexes (you?)

    jstarx in Offline Marketing

    Does anyone have experience in this. I think this is a potential goldmine. I also realize it could get you or even a friend or loved one a place to ... [read more]

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    Might get my first offline customer this week..

    Hackbridge in Offline Marketing

    Hi Warriors, This coming Tuesday, I could potentially have my first offline customer We went for lunch today for "Mothers Day" at an Indian Restaurant in town. I'd checked out ... [read more]

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    SEO marketing for Apartment Complexes (you?)

    jstarx in Offline Marketing

    Does anyone have experience in this. I think this is a potential goldmine. I also realize it could get you or even a friend or loved one a place to ... [read more]

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    Suggest Your Favorite Budget Hosting

    Hello Warriors, I am looking for buying 50 hosting account for my clients. I will pay for them 3 months bill. So I am looking for a good budget hosting ... [read more]

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    Help finding highly targeted leads

    khut in Offline Marketing

    I have a PowerPoint/presentation design company, and would like to expand my client base. I'm planning on starting to cold call this week, and so far I've been putting together ... [read more]

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    Can you help me with a pricing question

    I want to begin offering local seo services in my area. I got a pretty good grip around pricing but what how are you accepting payments from customers? For example, ... [read more]

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    Advice I Gave A New Marketer Close To Her First Deal Tonite

    I answer a lot of PMS and emails attempting to help serious offline marketers break through. I've been coaching a young woman in financial difficulty, who just got a call ... [read more]

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    [H.E.L.P] Profitable Amazon Niches

    I am planning to make some Amazon store. I have already made 15 amazon stores. But I need you guys suggestion on niche. My 15 sites are in Watch and ... [read more]

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    Lead Gen: When to charge?

    Hi all, this is a three-parter actually. I've seen this mentioned and sprinkled around in different threads, but I wanted to make a dedicated thread for this particular issue. I'm ... [read more]

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    The #1 Fatal Marketing Mistake Many Warriors Make...

    Dexx in Offline Marketing

    What is the mistake I noticed you ask? Making assumptions! For anyone who has spent any length of time in the section of the WF you will have noticed a ... [read more]

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    About to get start my office (In another state): Need advice.

    P1 in Offline Marketing

    Hey guys, Before I seek legal advice from a lawyer and accountant I would like to ask my questions here first: 1. If I want to have a office in ... [read more]

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    Local directory site question

    rugman in Offline Marketing

    I have a couple of sites up with a local biz directory page on them. I list businesses for free for now - I just list them like this: Biz ... [read more]

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    Getting Your Clients Product Into Local Offices - Help

    SkyeFWP in Offline Marketing

    Hi Guys I have a new client (a thai restaurant) that offers the best thai food within a 10-15 mile radius. We discussed a range of strategies and the most ... [read more]

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    So overwhelmed...

    iInvent in Offline Marketing

    So a little about me first...I'm presently on leave from work, wanting to change my career - I need a 360! My first thought was to help local businesses get ... [read more]

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    My Almost $300 Client.. get off the forum and just GO (from a NEWBIE )

    Kumaris in Offline Marketing

    ... So I read someone's post on here earlier today, and was inspired to just say to hell with it and start trying to make money offline. My skill level ... [read more]

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    My Cold Call Update 16/3/2012

    payoman in Offline Marketing

    Just thought I'd post recent cold call results to hopefully shed some light on what kind of results I am getting using the system I described here : Here ... [read more]

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    Is This Legal?

    Let's say you have a blog called You then add the contact information of a cosmetic surgeon on the site without his or her consent. The surgeon then starts ... [read more]

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    Homestead question

    iInvent in Offline Marketing

    My potential client wants to upload a document (tif or PDF) to her page. Is this doable with Homestead? I am reading on their site but can't find the specific ... [read more]

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    Google Search Strings

    Tracy411 in Offline Marketing

    Hi Guys, I was curious as to the various search strings one can use in Google to help with research and prospecting. For example, to find all sites that mention ... [read more]

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    $5,000 deal! And how I got it...

    Hey there everyone I thought I'd share this with you all. So this morning I closed a $5,000 web deal (50% upfront) and I feel I should share how I ... [read more]

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    Critique My Guide to avoid Paypal Freezing

    Teez in Offline Marketing

    Hi guys so basically I spent the whole week researching on Payment Processors for a site I'm working on but I want to offer various packages for offline clients. E.g. ... [read more]

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    (New) PayPal for Offline Business

    Ed H in Offline Marketing

    Paypal is competing with Square in the small offline business space now: with a card reader and software for easy credit card processing. While I love what Square has ... [read more]

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    Physical Location for My Offline Biz....thoughts?

    RentItNow in Offline Marketing

    I am passing around the idea of moving out of my home office for several reasons and would like to get other warriors thoughts. 1) Big reason, the 3 teenage ... [read more]

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    John Durham, Anybody Please Help Me Build This From Scratch. . .

    jideofor in Offline Marketing

    Hello everyone. Its been a long walk away from here. Currently I have a target to make $20,000(it could be more) between now and next year and I need the ... [read more]

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    BEST Platform for Offliners, Homestead or Weebly

    MaxwellB in Offline Marketing

    Just looking for opinions on what the best web design drag and drop platform is for an offline marketer with no html experience looking to build basic small business websites ... [read more]

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    Facebook Pages Is Hard to setup

    The statement that Facebook pages are very difficult is an understatement:It is too hard to set up. I created a page but could not see it when I searched it ... [read more]

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    Looking for Rental Site Critique

    payoman in Offline Marketing

    Hey guys, hoping I could get some critique on my first ever rental site for my city... Hairdressers Geelong As I haven't really seen many examples of actual rental sites, ... [read more]

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    Do you guys use an Invoice manager?

    Such as WHMCS - The Complete Client Management, Billing & Support Solution ? Wondering how you guys set up payment and such... or do you just stick with paypal? Debating ... [read more]

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    Will Pay for SEO Consulting TIme - SEO Business Owner Preferred

    HI , I will happily pay for your time to figure out best solution to answer the following post: We are a 4 year old Internet Marketing Company (Internet Business ... [read more]

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    Google Places - best learning material?

    iInvent in Offline Marketing

    I need learn about the world of Google places...where should I start? Best resources? Appreciate your help!

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    6 Month Case Study!!

    --- PLEASE READ THE VERY LAST POST OF MINE ON THIS FOR MORE UPDATES. --- ---- BACK UP NOW, GO TO Kai Ivanovai | Official Blog Of Entrepreneur Kai Ivanovai ... [read more]

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    How Do You Get the Owner's Name?

    donblack11 in Offline Marketing

    Just calling in asking for the owner's name doesn't work. Most just say we don't reveal this information. What's the best way to get ahold of the owner's name so ... [read more]

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    UK businesses sceptical of SMS marketing!?

    SMS marketing is very new in the UK and very recently a couple more solutions have appeared to make this even more possible for us off liners to implement over ... [read more]

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    My Failed Offline Prospecting - Help.

    momo3 in Offline Marketing

    Hello I need to get something off my chest. Let me explain: I've been doing direct response marketing on the net for a few years now, and I do not ... [read more]

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    Offline Marketers... STOP thinking about yourself. Your losing out on Sales!

    Diice in Offline Marketing

    Hi guys, This is a quick post for anyone that is struggling to secure Offline Clients. The Odds are that you are making the same mistakes as the majority of ... [read more]

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    My Luck or It really this easy? Getting Clients

    Hey Guys I just officially started my Offline SEO Business for local companies on Last Thursday. I have not done any advertising,don't even have a website or bussiness card (Very ... [read more]