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    Information Gathering How To Systemize

    Hello, As I start to now get new clients coming in I face new challenges staying organized and getting things done in timely manner. If you would share whats the ... [read more]

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    How to increase business through Social Media Marketing?

    mac001 in Offline Marketing

    Dear SEO Professional, I am a new guy in SEO. So I Want to know how to increase my Business through Social Media Marketing? Please Give me Some Suggestion Thank’s ... [read more]

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    Best Way to Get Business Leads?

    momo3 in Offline Marketing

    Hello I am trying to sell a product to local businesses. Lets say I wanted all the dog groomers in Toledo, Ohio. How do I go about doing it? Melissadata? ... [read more]

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    Potential Clients Website says - "live streaming porn" on google- its a heating company?? - help

    jstarx in Offline Marketing

    Check this out, they want this fixed. I looked at the coding of the site and looked at the title tag, it doesnt say live streaming porn. It says it ... [read more]

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    Yahoo serp suggest.

    billmat in Offline Marketing

    Hi dear members, I've focused on Google traffic. Google is sending good traffic to my sites. Yahoo on the otherwise send zero traffic to my sites. * I am updating ... [read more]

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    need help

    hey this is michelle i just purchased a software for creating yahoo accounts called ya creator from am very disappointed after buying neither its working properly nor i am ... [read more]

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    The QR code and its importance in Online Marketing

    What is a QR Code? QR Code (Quick Response code) is a two dimensional barcode that’s consists of black modules organized within square pattern at a white background with various ... [read more]

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    Doing This Biz WorldWide. Possible?

    maidenim in Offline Marketing

    Hi, I just recently moved to Asia for lifestyle reasons (I'm a U.S. Citizen) and I was introduced to offline consulting about a year ago. Ever since sometimes I feel ... [read more]

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    are Google places postcards non forwardable?

    Dmreed4311 in Offline Marketing

    Seems like an easy way would be to create a new google places page with whatever address you need and then forward your companies fake address to your real address. ... [read more]

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    *** Best online Business***

    My fellow warriors, my wife is an incredible woman and one of the smartest people I know, and she is gorgeous to boot. With that combination she has been very ... [read more]

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    Looking Into The Future Is All That Matters! Right? WRONG!!

    Another new year thread maybe... Get excited. So I have been thinking a lot the last couple days, new year resolutions, goals, finances, safety nets, blah blah blah. Tired of ... [read more]

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    Agreement for Independent Contractor?

    xlfutur1 in Offline Marketing

    I have a couple people that are interested in working for me selling offline services on a commission basis. Does anyone know of where to find an offline commissioned agent ... [read more]

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    WHY are you in the Offline forum?

    Share your story, interests, what you were hoping to get out of it, and I'll do my best to provide some content to help you get to where you want ... [read more]

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    Proper Local SEO?

    KaterSD in Offline Marketing

    I gone through a bunch of offline WSO's that recommend for people to use fiverr gigs for seo. I don't think that is the best way to run an SEO ... [read more]

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    Did a talk at networking meeting and....

    So this morning I had an opportunity to give a talk at one of the local networking groups I joined and I discussed QR Codes and how to really use ... [read more]

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    Video and Coaching Program for Business Owners

    I have found more business owners are taking their marketing in-house but I don't see them running campaigns properly. I have put together this video training course along with some ... [read more]

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    7 Simple questions to qualify new offline clients so you dont waste your precious time

    guyd in Offline Marketing

    Here is a list of some simple things you may want to think about when qualifying new prospects before you want to work with them: 1) Size of organisation - ... [read more]

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    Don't give up -- a little inspiration!

    jr1228 in Offline Marketing

    When I first started with offline consulting, I contacted some businesses to barter services. One was a massage therapist. She was cordial, but hesitant, and even disappeared on me for ... [read more]

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    off line marketing discussion

    bizrahul in Offline Marketing

    For new comers all of you Happy new year 2012.

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    Any ideas to generate traffic to get registrations from small businesses?

    localvseo in Offline Marketing

    I am hoping some of you may have some good ideas of ways to drive traffic to websites for registration purposes. The reason I am posting this in offline (aside ... [read more]

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    Phillipine appointment setting

    rolltide in Offline Marketing

    Has anyone here had luck with phillipine apppointment setting? If so, what did it cost you?

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    Offering Web Design But How Much Is To Much

    DNChamp in Offline Marketing

    Thinking of offering a "budget based" packaged for people with no website. $99 for a nice but quick wordpress theme but not to sure how to upsell it. I know ... [read more]

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    How did you get your first offline client? Share your story.

    hlstew in Offline Marketing

    Hi Offliners, I asked this in a skype chat this evening and thought it would be fun to ask here. Would you be willing to share the story of how ... [read more]

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    Got My Second Client From Referal...But Not Sure Of Cost

    DNChamp in Offline Marketing

    Ok so I got another client based on a referal from my other seo client. They are getting a lot of customers and now this lead wants a redone website ... [read more]

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    What are some things I can do to get this company leads?

    RedShifted in Offline Marketing

    I got a job aside from all the stuff I'm doing now which is mail marketing and CPA offers. The thing is my brother works for the company and the ... [read more]

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    Helping Easter play attendance...

    A church has asked me for ways they can increase their Easter play attendance. They currently do signs around town, commercials on a couple local cable channels, and email their ... [read more]

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    Linux and business people.

    So, I just went out today the first time to do some local offline marketing, and I collected a few free consultations!! Awesome, life is good. I'm sure I will ... [read more]

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    SEO service to consulting agency - legality question

    sullx in Offline Marketing

    Hey warriors: Question for you. Our team has been contacted by a consulting agency to hire our services for several of their clients (other businesses). The question I have comes ... [read more]

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    winning contracts - - ongoing projects

    Ben_R in Offline Marketing

    has anyone had any success wining any contracts ? with a company say for doing all colleges art students sites - was thinking that would be a good idea

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    Hello All! I'm new to the forum and being that I cannot post in the joint venture section,also given the fact that it is an offline joint venture I figured ... [read more]

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    Theme for Medical Doctor

    Hi Warriors! I am building a site for a local medical doc who specializes in skin cancer. I am looking for a suitable theme - can anyone help? I find ... [read more]

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    How do you keep your leads organized?

    P1 in Offline Marketing

    I cold call so pages and pages of print outs with notes all over them I already got to the point where I'm going to need to get organized so ... [read more]

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    Bungee Jump Marketing!

    Chris Cho in Offline Marketing

    I just posted this video on my blog and I thought I should share it with you guys too. I personally thought it was funny how I yell out my ... [read more]

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    Looking for pricing suggestions

    In a previous post, I mentioned having a meeting with a sales rep for a local magazine to hopefully have her introduce me to local businesses that advertise in that ... [read more]

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    Advice required for finding offline clients?

    ktmakwana in Offline Marketing

    Hello Warriors, I have secured a couple of offline clients but target for 2012 is to grow the business so that from 2013, I can work on it full time. ... [read more]

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    Best way to rank in multiple cities?

    Falkonator in Offline Marketing

    I am working with a plumber in my local area. Last summer I built them a basic website and set up their Google place page. In their own city they ... [read more]

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    What were the best WSO of 2011?

    Hey Warriors, in your opinion which wsos where the best of 2011? which one help you on your business the most? In my opinion the ANT Method and Trophy Pigeon ... [read more]

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    I have a PDF letterhead

    mjbmedia in Offline Marketing

    But I want to type the content of the letters onto the letterhead page and then print them etc . Now my minds gone dead , adobe doesnt let me ... [read more]

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    How to make $1000's monthly marketing Offline to Automobile Showrooms?

    Hi guys! Happy New Year! Im excited and ready to go this 2012, so how about this for an idea? Can anyone shed some expertise on how we warriors can ... [read more]

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    Evening/Weekend Appointments? Starting offline with a day job?

    So I have a day job, but I'm wanting to expand into local offline marketing. My online marketing is okay, but I'm wanting to hit up those local businesses. If ... [read more]

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    Telesales vs Appointment Setting??

    I'm trying to put together a team of outsourcers and I want to add some cold callers/salespeople. But I'm trying to decide if I should have them sell over the ... [read more]

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    Protecting your content

    For those of you that are web designers: How do you present a draft or mockup of your web design, while at the same time preventing your prospective client from ... [read more]

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    Ways you guys overcome objections

    I was gonna start back cold calling tomorrow and overcoming the rejection part is the main thing stopping me from going forward. What are some techniques some of you marketers ... [read more]

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    Hey Offliners! What do you call yourselves??

    saras in Offline Marketing

    Hi, I am very close to moving into offline marketing, but just wondering what to call myself? I want to offer everything from websites, SEO, SMM, mobile sites, list building ... [read more]

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    Facebook Ad Voucher?

    Does anyone know of a way for local businesses to get a free advertising voucher from Facebook? I can see some benefit to offering this to potential clients.

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    Possibility of New Service For Offliners

    Hi all, Happy new year! I've ranked for some competitive keywords over my 7 years (think dentists in big cities type keywords) and wanted to know if anyone who has ... [read more]

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    Strategies for selling leads to real estate agents/mortgage brokers

    Saito in Offline Marketing

    I'm launching some direct mail and online traffic strategies soon in my city to find homeowners who need to sell their house to an investor quickly. In the past, 9 ... [read more]

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    Business Consultant

    ep2002 in Offline Marketing

    Hi all, Before I decide to put an ad in the classified section, I was wondering if someone can refer me to a really smart, sharp, knows what he/she is ... [read more]

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    SMS VS Direct Mail Coupons

    Neodism in Offline Marketing

    I used to be into SMS marketing but now I am looking deeply into direct mail marketing. They are both very similar but each have pros and cons. That being ... [read more]

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    Can hired salespeople be considered subcontractors?

    I'm kicking around getting some outside sales people to work with me on a commission only basis. Since they'd be "commission only" and I wouldn't be micro managing them day ... [read more]

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    How to use facebook effectively for marketing purposes?

    Hi everyone, can some tell me how to use FB effectively for marketing purposes??

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    Requesting feedback on 30 second video marketing my local portal

    Happy New Year Warriors. I am looking for feedback on a 30 sec video promoting my local portal. Muskogee Directory and Events Calendar | Facebook Does it pass the ' ... [read more]

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    That NameLess Guy's TOP 5 Predictions For 2012....

    ARRGGH.. I have seen so many articles, emails and all these other Nostradamus type predictions for the last 4 days. My self control is seriously lacking, because every time I ... [read more]

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    map or list with all local businesses by zip code?

    joey laboz in Offline Marketing

    Hi I am trying to find out if there is a map or list of local businesses by zip code A friend asked me because he wants to get details ... [read more]

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    How to get organic listings on top of Google Places?

    I have a site in my town that sits above the Google places listings. Does anyone have any clue on how Google decides when to place a site above the ... [read more]

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    another SEO question...

    Hello warriors, I have an issue I hope you can fix! I'm doing some research on niches with google keyword tool and I need some clarification. I will use Luxemburg ... [read more]