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    Offline marketers, be prepared. Seriously.

    Hello dear offline consultants and/or wannabe-consultants. The forum is filled with success stories that make the business look simple and easy. It's only fair that I offer some warnings to ... [read more]

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    Best Ways To Offline Market

    Im having trouble coming up with ideas for my offline marketing. Please help. my product is weight-loss

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    Is attracting clients the same as attracting women?

    In the past few weeks I've learned more about consulting than I have in the past year and that's because I decided to start picking up books from the library ... [read more]

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    noob success!

    Greetings warriors, just wanted to share some noob success! First, a little about me... I'm a long time Lurkernoob who JUST got out from under the spell of information overload. ... [read more]

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    I thought I knew everything about pricing...

    link82 in Offline Marketing

    Hey everyone! I have a meeting in a few hours and it's my first meeting ever! I'll be offering marketing services to a yes, *gasp* dentist... if all goes well ... [read more]

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    Where can I get...........

    garyogden in Offline Marketing

    I am hiring sales people to sell websites to small businesses. Where can I find material to give them to help them show clients the benefits of having a website?

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    Who is doing the talking?

    When you are about to speak to a new client in person, are you talking with them or are you talking at them? I'm sure you have been on the ... [read more]

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    Survey Method to Acquire 20K+ Clients?

    mike3188 in Offline Marketing

    So I have been thinking about another way to acquire clients is through the survey method similarly used by jobless dad. But I want to adjust the questionnaire and approach ... [read more]

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    Just Closed My First Offline Client!

    MrSDPromo in Offline Marketing

    Hallelujah! Just closed first client! I started off small but now realize I can get more for my efforts. $497 website for 5 pages with an addon of 5 pages ... [read more]

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    Businesses with High Customer Transaction Value?

    chewie49 in Offline Marketing

    Hi guys, I don't know if this has been asked before, but I need some ideas of businesses with a High customer transaction value. I mean, Those businesses all offline ... [read more]

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    Help me for creating RSS feed.

    I am newbie on internet marketing, there are so many questions about offpage optimization PLEASE HELP ME TO KNOW THE ANSWERS OF SOME PROBLEMS. What is rss feed and what's ... [read more]

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    How to add warriors to my Google+ account?

    Ok. I'm set up with Google+ and I want to create a circle which will include offline warriors. I have my circle created but nobody is in there (obviously). So ... [read more]

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    Best way to get leads

    Hello, I need an advice. We are a SEO company from Spain and I wonder if anyone can give me some advise about the best way to get leads from ... [read more]

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    Marketing Strategy Experience needed

    helpsgbiz in Offline Marketing

    Hi all offliner, I met a client and face a challenge that I have never encounter and need some help here. I am in the offline business for slightly more ... [read more]

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    Great leads for newbs

    Seth Bias in Offline Marketing

    I am not sure if this was posted already... But I went to my local subway today to get in a quick lunch (6inch no foot longs :-p) Anyways they ... [read more]

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    Second Postcard Campaign (1st Campaign bombed)

    mike3188 in Offline Marketing

    I am about to embark on another postcard mailing to build leads. Unfortunately my first campaign (50 postcards handwritten) did not return any results. So I decided to do another ... [read more]

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    Phone Appointment Monday With A Politician

    Mr Offline in Offline Marketing

    I just logged into my local marketing facebook account and had a reply message from a politician I sent a message to last night. His answer was possibly, call my ... [read more]

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    Most automated / hands-free offline business?

    Hi everyone, I've been sort of in and out of this offline marketing biz for a while now. Every time I start to get clients and am making good money, ... [read more]

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    Worth it? : 21st Century Financial Education Summit

    Britneyz in Offline Marketing

    I found this event It sounds like some of the top money makers and marketers are going to this event in Australia. Did anyone go to some of their ... [read more]

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    How to get offline clients without cold calling or meeting face to face?

    Hello how do one get clients without the need to cold call or set up face to face appointments?

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    HELP! Facebook Ad campaign... How much to charge?

    WillST in Offline Marketing

    As the title suggests, how much should I charge for a facebook ad campaign? They don't want FB designs as they already those sorted... But want me to create an ... [read more]

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    How Difficult is it To Rank Clients in Google Places?

    MrSDPromo in Offline Marketing

    I am asking this because I dont have any experience with Google Places. I understand SEO for sites but don't understand how to get into and rank well in Google ... [read more]

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    Need Money TODAY ?

    MikeRogers in Offline Marketing

    OK, we gotta hurry cause you need to put $500 to $1,000 in your bank account before the bank closes this afternoon. No Problemo - I'm going to give you ... [read more]

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    Persuasion Power - Some People Have "It" , and Some People Dont.

    Why is it that I can talk someone into giving me $300 to become a rep for me and go do my selling for me on commission... but some people ... [read more]

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    Go Daddy using QR Code on their television commercial

    Was just taking a break from work and watching some football and saw a Go Daddy commercial with a decent sized QR code in the bottom right corner during the ... [read more]

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    I closed 13 out of 15 meetings!

    That was in a month period! Wanna know how? I took the following steps for each meeting to get such a high success rate. 1. build trust 2. ask the ... [read more]

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    Help me perfect this idea.....

    areevez in Offline Marketing

    Okay I got an idea of an approach and I want to give it to my friends who keep bugging me about how to get involved in "whatever the heck ... [read more]

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    Thank You Warriors

    rjhartl in Offline Marketing

    Lol, I just reached my "thank you" quota today and am looking forward to having the chance to use it liberally. However.... I owe a great many of you a ... [read more]

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    Google Wants To Help You Make Money In Your Offline Business

    OK so they are just putting out a great PDF on what they call ZMOT, or zero moment of truth. Thats when the customer is deciding where to make there ... [read more]

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    Mobile Site Design w/QR Code I have Questions

    Hello, This is my second post I am new to posting on these forums but not new to reading them. I have been doing a ton of research with the ... [read more]

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    Potentially lost a new client from being TOO honest - File this under "Lessons Learned"

    I thought some of you might be interested in hearing what NOT to do. It was a stupid mistake on my part. What did I do you say? I told ... [read more]

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    Offline client wants affiliate program set up

    I have a potential client who is a business coach. She asked if I could set up an affiliate program for her and her website where people can sign up ... [read more]

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    How to start with Local Businesses

    Hello fellow warriors :-) I have been in the IM business for quite a long time and lately I have been hearing a lot about Local Marketing and hitting local ... [read more]

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    What online payment gateway to create recurring billing for offline clients?

    krzysiek in Offline Marketing

    Hi guys, I'm preparing myself and hoping to get a move on, on an idea i had just recently. Anyway, I would be taking payments by credit card and customers ... [read more]

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    Redirect script (if mobile)?

    One of the threads mentioned a script that you can put in your pages that deciphers if its mobile and directs it to an appropriate page. Does anyone know what ... [read more]

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    Google Places Question Star Colors

    e30drifter in Offline Marketing

    I did Google places listing for a customer. He is #1 for real estate in his city. Has 3 5 star reviews, from real customers.(All Google Reviews) But stars show ... [read more]

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    getting traffic for a local business thru CL

    blueonblue in Offline Marketing

    hello: I just got a j.o.b. from a local company dealing with energy deregulation. Because I have a disability, I dont have to go door to door like the others ... [read more]

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    What is the most effective / best / fast way to get into the Google Places ?

    mike-seo in Offline Marketing

    Hello everyone, I really have to get some of my clients sites in the Google Places as soon as I can. I read many threads, but I feel I couldn't ... [read more]

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    How to get offline clients in different areas other than where i live??

    I live in a rural area, the nearest town is about 60-80 miles away that has a town that can benefit from seo. Is there a way that i could ... [read more]

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    Monetizing my local site with Banners etc

    mikemcghee in Offline Marketing

    I run a fairly successful website targeted to my local area. I'm looking for ways to monetize it and was curious if anyone had experience selling banner advertising directly to ... [read more]

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    Prices for SEO

    prestige00 in Offline Marketing

    I need a range of successful prices to offer businesses in the SEO area as far as offline marketing goes. I have talked with a few and all are interested ... [read more]

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    Do you have a barter/trade ad for craigslist?

    mike3188 in Offline Marketing

    I want to get a couple of things through trade and was looking for an Ad I could use for craigslist. I am looking for the usual stuff cars, electronics, ... [read more]

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    Calling out Adam!

    rolltide in Offline Marketing

    I am calling out Adam . We have been struggling in the offline game for 9 months. Some good months and many not so good months. Not blowing smoke here. ... [read more]

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    Help with PPC Ad Proposal

    DennisMc in Offline Marketing

    I have a client that I am going to submit a PPC ad proposal to. I thought I would charge $100 to set up his account and $50/mo maintenance. The ... [read more]

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    Google Places Title Question

    A client has used a very long business name (60 chars) for Google Places. Although G Places allows it, many top citations limit to 50 or even 40 chars causing ... [read more]

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    Recommendations on website scrapper

    mikemcghee in Offline Marketing

    I have about 5000 websites for targeted clients..does anyone know a program that can mine all of these sites and pull phone numbers and/or email addresses? Thanks

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    Local SMS Marketing Questions

    Well, I decided that this is going to be my business model, and my plan is to get 10 clients by myself paying about $200 a month and then once ... [read more]

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    SMS provider

    Aaron Doud in Offline Marketing

    Who would you recommend to use as an SMS provider? I would like to offer SNS service to local customers and wonder who to use as my backend SMS solution.

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    Serps in the Android Market

    maile15 in Offline Marketing

    Diid anyone worked on the Serps in the Android Market? A friend of mine started to build a game and he needs advice how to come to the first Site!

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    What is the best rent a site wso?

    Would appreciate any and all recommendations on the best rent a site wso. Thanks, Jim

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    can i do offline marketing in pakistan??

    nabila1230 in Offline Marketing

    I do not have enough money for telemarketing, so what would be the best way for me to go about in distributing fliers ? and how many should I distribute ... [read more]

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    how to promote your online buisness?

    Martin1977 in Offline Marketing

    Anybody has any good idea or proven method how to promote your online business opportunity in the offline world? If there're any cost effective methods please share!

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    WordPress Theme Grief

    Okay, this is the goal: ONE simple, customizable WordPress theme that I can easily change the background and theme colors, and is easily mobile-ready, so that I can customize the ... [read more]

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    For those doing local marketing

    Are you only doing local marketing because you believe there is a lot of $ or because you have tech skills. Or have you spent years understanding marketing?

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    New Method I Will Test | Need Some Suggestions To Perfect It

    P1 in Offline Marketing

    Ok so basically I'm one of those people that like to drop flyers/brochures door to door. But it is hard to make the manager/owner understand the value of having a ... [read more]