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    Sick amounts of success with video method

    J R Salem in Offline Marketing

    Been awhile since I posted here, as i officially quit the day job and started a full-time business! With paperwork, setup, clients, marketing, etc things have been nuts. But without ... [read more]

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    Another Super Simple Way To Get New Clients For Free - I Just Signed Up A Contract Today Doing This

    Web Junkie in Offline Marketing

    Hey warriors... I just sent this to my offline marketing list members today. But, I just decided to share it with you guys too... It's a quick video (3 minutes ... [read more]

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    Finding Adwords Advertisers

    markkro88 in Offline Marketing

    Hey everyone I am looking for a program or software or database of current Adwords advertisers using Google Adwords with small budgets. I found geo.sem rush. com but they charge ... [read more]

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    Looking for WP Themes

    Bruha in Offline Marketing

    I'm looking for a good Wordpress theme for a daycare business I'm working with. Anyone know of any specifically that work? I've been on google a while and found some, ... [read more]

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    What Competitive analysis tool do YOU lean on?

    BradB in Offline Marketing

    Guys and Gals. I did it again.........sheesh......someone kick me in the Wasted like 4 phone calls and a trip into town on someone who has no budget..........(place favorite cuss word ... [read more]

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    Offline Business diversification ideas

    Langeani in Offline Marketing

    Hello fellow Warriors, I have a company in Brazil (where I live) that is based on one kind of alternative media (that is, using bread packages as media). I've been ... [read more]

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    Worst... Cold Call... EVER...

    "What Never... EVER To Do In Telemarketing..." I recently got off the phone with a telemarketer who was trying to sell me a backlinking service package... She was employed by ... [read more]

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    Please, a bit of a review if you dont mind...

    RentItNow in Offline Marketing

    I've worked for many clients doing online and offline marketing and finally realized I better market my own biz. Can anyone give me a bit of comments on my newest ... [read more]

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    How to host an offline internet marketing workshop for big money?

    bertuseng in Offline Marketing

    I have seen people holding internet marketing seminars for over $500 per person per day. It seems that there is a lot of money to be made for people who ... [read more]

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    Domain Name registration for Offline Client

    WAWarrior in Offline Marketing

    Ho warriors, How do you manage domain name registration for offline clients ? Say you need a new domain, do you... 1. ask the client to register it themselves ? ... [read more]

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    Restaurant Mobile site question

    rugman in Offline Marketing

    I am doing a site for a restaurant owned by a friend. His daughter started it with front page but I am going to use WP so they can easily ... [read more]

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    Facebook "check In" query

    Sarah_Lyle in Offline Marketing

    Hi, can anyone advise me about getting the "check in" app to an offline clients fan page. For instance when you first create the fan page do you need to ... [read more]

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    Can someone help me with a Godaddy mobile issue

    rolltide in Offline Marketing

    I have been on phone with Godaddy for the last 3 days trying to get this custom mobile site uploaded for my customer. Unfortanately, my customer used website tonight so ... [read more]

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    Templates - does anyone do URL redirects?

    KarenNZ in Offline Marketing

    Hi folks This is my first post and many of you will be thinking that this is a no-brainer ... Anyway, the above question comes from the fact that our ... [read more]

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    Want to start SEO/Offline consulting biz with me?

    norenaj in Offline Marketing

    Hi I'm Norena, 41 yrs old and from Norway. I've been looking at doing SEO consulting for small/medium sized businesses for a while but find it daunting to go out ... [read more]

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    Will This Offline Marketing Idea Land Me in Jail?

    Success81 in Offline Marketing

    I have a few clients that own home repair businesses. A service that I thought about adding was to contact homeowners that post their house for sale or rent in ... [read more]

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    What? My Non Mobile Site Fits Fine On My New Smart Phone!

    rlhurst in Offline Marketing

    I just came home with a new Samsung Droid Charge, phone. I typed in a site that had came up on my old phone as HUGE... a prime candidate for ... [read more]

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    Local Marketing Using Facebook?

    Hey guys, I just launched a job search website in my area today. I'm going to school right now, so I only have time to email businesses and connect with ... [read more]

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    Mobile marketing is the next big opportunity for making big money online!

    globatext in Offline Marketing

    Bulk SMS if a feature that allows you to send a mass text message out to contacts in your database. It is a powerful mobile marketing tool being used by ... [read more]

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    Twilio and VBX or Twilio and Custom Code, Which Way to Go?

    scarab in Offline Marketing

    I been reading searching this forum and the google monster to find the best answer and so far it has lead to a lot of reading and many tiger chases. ... [read more]

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    Have you been try mylikes?

    hello guys first i would like to apologize if i post this in a wrong section i just dont have any idea where to put thi thread.I just want to ... [read more]

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    Is this realistic?

    P1 in Offline Marketing

    For my offline marketers that do footwork of walking into businesses. Out of 20 businesses is it realistic to land atleast 2 clients? I'm trying to see how much work ... [read more]

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    Warriors I need your help in picking my Coffee Business name!!!

    DrewBru75 in Offline Marketing

    I am in the beginning stages of starting my own coffee company. I have got everything almost completed and am now working on developing my labels. Before I make my ... [read more]

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    Weird Facebook fan page issue - like button disappearing

    grantsja in Offline Marketing

    Has anyone encountered this problem? I created a mockup of a Facebook Fan Page for a client. He currently has a Fan Page using the default wall. I have been ... [read more]

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    What is your pitch for selling web design?

    I'm sure I am not the only person that wonders this on here. I have just started to bring in some clients, via craigslist and then some business owners I ... [read more]

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    Google now offers SMS daily deals

    k60mall in Offline Marketing

    HI Guys I just saw on TV that Google is now offering daily coupon deals via txt in the New York area. They are only offering it to their android ... [read more]

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    An actual prospecting email

    I ask all of my clients to send me any "sales" pitch they get. First, so I can use anything good, and also because you need a good laugh every ... [read more]

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    Cover Your Ass When You Make Sales Over The Phone!

    Master099 in Offline Marketing

    Ok so I'm about ready to go into a new venture that involves cold calling some businesses and I'll be making a lot of sales over the phone. I've already ... [read more]

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    How to outsource seo for your clients website?

    guicoe11 in Offline Marketing

    I got my first job, im redesigning a paving companies website. Im using homestead to build and design the site. Im still a little confused about outsourcing the seo work ... [read more]

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    How to make $125 in 30 minutes giving free consultations

    NateRivers in Offline Marketing

    This is something I've done a few times lately, I don't do a lot of offline stuff- I've mostly done membership sites online up to this point. Anyways- through CJ ... [read more]

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    Emails vs. In Person?

    Hey guys, I have a local job search website that I'm looking to go live with in the next week. I really need to contact businesses to let them know ... [read more]

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    Client site review/report software

    Hello Fellow Warriors, Does anyone know of any software that I can use to review prospect clients sites and make a report that I can send them. I want to ... [read more]

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    email for offline facebook fan page clients

    Hi guys, i have had a lot of PM's asking what kind of message i send out when getting clients for fan pages. I just use a short easy message. ... [read more]

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    Guerilla Strategies for Offline Consultants

    DaveOffen in Offline Marketing

    I just did an interview with Barry Plaskow and he blew me away with some of the strategies he suggested. Barry is a Guerilla Master Trainer - a title bestowed ... [read more]

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    Today's Cold Calling Results

    techlover in Offline Marketing

    Today I only called 7 places offering mobile websites as I have to do something the rest of the day, but here are the results: 2 are interested, took down ... [read more]

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    Mobile Websites! Easy way to Install and handle Redirection ! Script included !

    Hey guys, I've seen plenty people around the forum having problems with installation and redirection for the mobile websites they build and i wanted to provide you with detailed explanation ... [read more]

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    (UK) Noob success renting 2x sites (so far)

    seabro in Offline Marketing

    Hi, I am quite new here. I was looking at creating and renting some local sites then I realised I had two that I wasn't using. I checked the first ... [read more]

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    Need Theme For a Tavern / Pub

    UNOIT in Offline Marketing

    Have a potential client that needs a site built for a tavern. Anyone know of any good wordpress themes to use for this?? Thanks in advance!!!

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    Artisteer 3 for offline marketers

    Quentin in Offline Marketing

    If you build wordpress sites for customers you really should have a look at artisteer. YouTube - ‪How to Use Artisteer version... If you want to see the bigger version ... [read more]

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    Joint Venturing with other businesses?

    allegrity in Offline Marketing

    Hey WF, So, as I am still on the hunt for my first client, I am thinking and implementing various different methods. One thing I read before that has worked ... [read more]

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    digital sign outside a sports arena

    There is a digital sign outside a sports and concert arena where i live. It has a lot of traffic that goes by on a daily basis.Has anyone ever tried ... [read more]

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    Coach needed to take Offline Business to A Higher Level

    brazielr in Offline Marketing

    I have already established my offline business. Most of the business is already put together. Everything from lead capture pages, autoresponders, reports, direct mailers, flyers, training for my Sales reps.......... ... [read more]

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    Looking for WSO on creating Google Search videos

    HeyAdMan in Offline Marketing

    Has anybody seen a WSO on creating videos for offline clients using Google search? OK ... I just found what I was looking for. Thanks! Randy

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    Connection Hub WHAT?!?!? QR Codes and NFC Tags w/ Kimtag?

    pplicon in Offline Marketing

    Has anyone used a connection hub llike kimtags? What are the benefits and potential uses for connection hubs?

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    Have You Guys Heard About Google Talkbin For Mobile, Customer Reviews etc?

    jsherloc in Offline Marketing

    Like the title says, have you guys heard about this at all? Curious to hear people's thoughts here regarding this as it sounds pretty interesting. TalkBin Hmmm....

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    Videos and QR codes for Realtors

    Has anybody offered to make QR codes for real estate agents that can be used on home flyers? I just put together a short video using existing photos of a ... [read more]

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    any other warriors making a killing with facebook and offline clients?

    Hi guys, I have just started a new venture, by offering offline clients a facebok fan page setup. All i done to get clients is get a bunch of email ... [read more]

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    Offline Marketing in the uk simplessssss!

    Hi guys, i just wanted to ask how fellow warriors how easy\hard they are finding Offline Marketing in there city? In the uk it seems that there are a lot ... [read more]

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    Google Places Question for Client servicing a large area

    Falkonator in Offline Marketing

    I currently have a client who only has one central location, but services a large area in our state. I heard about setting up P.O. Boxes in other towns but ... [read more]

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    Affiliate Program that won't pay up

    Nathaniell in Offline Marketing

    I've got an affiliate program that won't pay up the affiliate commissions they owe me, and have not responded to any emails requesting information about which part of Terms and ... [read more]

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    What Plugin are you using to add Google Maps in WP?

    AussieT in Offline Marketing

    What plugin do you recommend so I can add a simple Google Maps to a clients WordPress webbsite?

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    New SMS Marketing Player

    Quentin in Offline Marketing

    There is a new player in the SMS marketing and I think they could be really good as I have been talking with them over the last few months. Jay ... [read more]

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    Providing Phone Number To Client???

    Shalach72 in Offline Marketing

    Hey Everyone, So I've gained two more clients since yesterday's testimonial (which is freakin awesome) but one of the clients wants to communicate outside of e-mail. He wants me to ... [read more]

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    Great start to cold calling

    MKBridge in Offline Marketing

    I made my first cold call today, and got an appointment! It was for SMS marketing. In this case appointment reminders. I thought I would start by phoning dentists. It ... [read more]

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    A Question for Cold Callers ...

    S3Ware in Offline Marketing

    How long do you wait before calling back when you don't get through to the decision maker? Also, how many times will you call (without being told that they are ... [read more]

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    Free Google Mobile Websites

    Quentin in Offline Marketing

    Here is a way to set up your own free mobile website sort of like Google blogger. YouTube - ‪Google Sites: Bob's... Google Sites - Mobile Templates While they are ... [read more]