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    Prospecting - A Modern Approach?

    A bit of background - we sell something akin to a B2B SAAS. Average contract value is $5-10k/year. Great margins, but not wholly software, so not 98% margins like those ... [read more]

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    How far do you plan for?

    socialentry in Offline Marketing

    I came across this blog post by Mark Cuban. Originally Posted by Mark Cuban The first step to getting rich is having cash available. You arent saving for retirement. You ... [read more]

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    What type of marketing is this?

    My friends and I are web developers and we know that this university advises its film and music students to have web presence. We would like to provide that service ... [read more]

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    Best tool for getting phone numbers (direct lines)

    Hey guys, I know this isn't related to digital marketing but hopefully someone can answer. What's the best tool for getting direct lines? I'm in the B2B space and would ... [read more]

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    Marketing supplements fitness industry

    Hi Guys, Let introduce myself i am new on this forum, my name is Dylan. I started my own supplement company, but i do not know what is the right ... [read more]

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    I need serious help

    NEED SERIOUS HELP - I've bit off much more than I can chew running an online-based business whose transactions are processed via inbound calls, and not outourcing any part of ... [read more]

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    Good telemarketing lists?

    Mediabuyers in Offline Marketing

    Has anyone on here used ? Any feedback for this company is greatly appreciated. We are considering buying from the,

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    Copy for an in store review request

    Hi all, New to this forum, looking forward to learning a lot here! I work in a mens clothing store, and we're working on getting more reveiws (yelp, FB, google). ... [read more]

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    Sending Postive Thoughts and Energy to Rus Sells

    digichik in Offline Marketing

    Just got an email that Rus Sells has suffered a very serious health issue. He's contributed alot of positive help to many of us. I'm sending positive thoughts and wishes ... [read more]

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    New Job - Where to find property investors?

    iRunThis in Offline Marketing

    Good ol' WF. I was recently brought onto a new company that lends hard money to potential property investors. My role is to sell the service. I receive a commission ... [read more]

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    Have you had luck generating leads for a Bail Bonds company?

    I've been working with a friend of mine who is a bail bondsman and the problem I run into is that bail bondsman can not give discounts because the prices ... [read more]

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    "It Takes Five Closing Attempts Before You Get A Sale". Where It Came From, Myth Or Reality?

    If you've been in sales more than a week...or in advertising...or advertising've heard it..or a variation of it.... "It takes five closing attempts before they buy" "You need to ... [read more]

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    What do you think of machine learning?

    socialentry in Offline Marketing

    In the other thread, ewen mentionned that Target knew a girl was pregnant before her father did. We rarely hear about machine learning on the WF, so I thought it ... [read more]

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    Is anyone still using CRMs?

    KosenIvra in Offline Marketing

    I dont know if this thread should be in this subforum, I think so, because CRM are not necessarily an online marketing technique, in fact some may dispute it is ... [read more]

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    CRM Phone Integration Help!

    Hi, guys! I'm thinking of integrating our current CRM system with our VoIP. We have 45-47 real estate agents and we're managing just fine but I've heard that computer telephony ... [read more]

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    A 21 Year Old Ad Rep Called Me For My Best Advice. Here It Is

    Guys; I just posted this on my blog, and thought it would be worth sharing here. The links have been removed. This happened earlier today. I've written several books on ... [read more]

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    30 sales calls 0 sales could really use some help

    The last couple months I've had well over 30 sales calls and I closed 0. I think you could call that kind of a problem. Many of those calls were ... [read more]

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    Proper way of contacting business owners

    Joe Cohen in Offline Marketing

    What is the next step. I do restaurant menus and food photography for local restaurants in my local area. I spoke to a local restaurant via the phone a few ... [read more]

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    The brain science of comformity

    socialentry in Offline Marketing

    From the WSJ: Originally Posted by WSJ . The discovery that everyone disagrees with you turns out to typically activate the amygdala and the insular cortex, brain regions associated ... [read more]

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    Exhaustive List of Small and Medium Scale Business You Can Start With and Make Money

    Ani David in Offline Marketing

    Below is an exhaustive list of 300+ small and medium scale business which you can start now and make money. Scan through and chose the one that suits your passion ... [read more]

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    Complete SEO Appointment Setting Script for Cold Calls

    elijahharry in Offline Marketing

    Hey guys! I posted a video a few months back of me making cold calls and setting up SEO appointments. Click here to watch the video. Anyways, a lot of ... [read more]

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    When a farmer sows a seed

    Oziboomer in Offline Marketing

    When you place an advertisement or start an advertising campaign how long are you prepared to cultivate? Here's the thing. . . When we can all target buyers in our ... [read more]

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    Help to Find Good Marketing Channel and Method on TV & Computer Screen Cleaner

    johnfuki in Offline Marketing

    We have developed a unique innovative TV and computer screen cleaner. It works (VERY WELL !) with any microfiber cloth to clean any kind of screen. It is under U.S. ... [read more]

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    My 3 month cold calling test results - Inexperienced caller, ridiculous script, results

    shadow92 in Offline Marketing

    This section gets pretty boring at times. I think a lot of it is because many like to kick back and talk about imaginary sales techniques with imaginary customers. I ... [read more]

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    Sales Lesson from my Mom - There's Two Types of Salespeople

    Kurt in Offline Marketing

    Many years ago when I was young my Mom and Step Father owned a door to door sales company. My Mom gave me a piece of advice that has stuck ... [read more]

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    Facebook Ads

    Hi everyone! I have a quick question. I'm looking to doing Facebook adverstising with my offline business. However, I'm not entirely sure about how to do this sucessfully. Right now ... [read more]

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    One line of copy that stole 2 million in sales in 2017

    Oziboomer started a great thread on here titled "When a Farmer Sows A Seed". Got us all debating about the value of nurturing prospects versus going after ready buyers. I ... [read more]

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    What's Your Advice on Becoming a Star Salesman?

    CFamm in Offline Marketing

    Hi guys, I know questions about how to sell and the best products to teach selling are a dime a dozen on this site. I've played with the search function ... [read more]

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    Lead Generation for Motoring Roadside Assistance using FB , Instagram,Pinterest and Youtube.

    edem_sosu in Offline Marketing

    As I mentioned above I am trying to generate leads using the four platforms above to generate leads.This is how I intend to go about it: 1.Facebook: I shall be ... [read more]

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    The Issue With Billing For Value or Charging What Your Worth

    "Billing for value" or "Charging what your worth" is being heavily pitched. I keep seeing this and you likely do as well. It is really being hammered by everyone selling ... [read more]

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    So how WOULD you sell me this pencil?

    joe golfer in Offline Marketing

    Yes, it's contrived and corny. But, really... If I asked you to sell me this pencil, how would you do it? Here's how most people do it, and how you ... [read more]

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    Cosmetic Surgery Email List

    Hi - anyone know of ideas / email campaigns for cosmetic surgeons to re-activate and get return business from their existing database? I can definitely imagine their existing client base ... [read more]

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    Ask me anything about selling over the phone

    SalesGod in Offline Marketing

    Whats stopping you from closing deals? what obstacles are you running into? what do you need help with? I'm feeling generous.

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    Unethical Offline Prospecting?

    sunshne721 in Offline Marketing

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased an offline marketing course from a pretty well-known marketer. His training basically goes through how to provide web design and landing page services to local ... [read more]

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    Anybody Generating Leads for Offline Businesses using FB Ads?

    TMets5 in Offline Marketing

    There's a lot of information and products out or coming out that focus on lead gen and using FB ads to drive more sales for offline business consultants. Are others ... [read more]

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    Business lists and data

    I currently use infofree for all my business data. It's pretty good as it offers lists of businesses in any geographical area, their annual revenue, phone # and address. I'm ... [read more]

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    Who's your perfect client?

    Let's pretend I'm a genie and I can give you the absolute perfect small business client. Who is that for you? Is it a client who comes to you in ... [read more]

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    I have too many clients for me to handle, how do I scale?

    NDPI in Offline Marketing

    Hi Guys, I'm really not someone who really posts on here so forgive me if sound a little odd, it seems to be strange typing this and asking strangers for ... [read more]

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    my offline marketing tactic for getting web design clients doesn't work

    loginname in Offline Marketing

    Hi I'm looking for ways to get web design clients, any ideas are most welcome This is what I have done so far and it doesn't work: * I have ... [read more]

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    Who would be a good customer to send this postcard to?

    I was thinking about ordering these postcards that advertise my companies benefits But was wondering what kind of list should i send this to? Meaning what customers would go ... [read more]

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    FR call leads

    Teemos in Offline Marketing

    Are here some members who use FR services or ? If you have locked content and use gateway by these services people who want pass your locker need ... [read more]

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    Offering Postcard Direct Marketing

    Jamyson in Offline Marketing

    Offering Postcard Direct marketing on my sales rep behalf. If I offer this in my business opportunity would I have to say where I got the mailing list in my ... [read more]

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    How do I write a business case for a software product?

    Steve23 in Offline Marketing

    I had an interview the other day for an account executive role at a company offering a shipment tracking software. As part of the selection process, I have been asked ... [read more]

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    How to Sell More Books: Run a $1,000,000 Contest!

    Best Seller in Offline Marketing

    "But I don't have $1,000,000 to give away as a prize," you're saying. That's okay. You don't have to. Neither do the businesses who offer those $1,000,000 "hole in one" ... [read more]

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    Built a 100k list of untargeted subcribers (what to do with it)

    james dare in Offline Marketing

    Hi every one, my team was able to build a list of 100k subs in a week but it's untargeted. Who has had the experience of marketing to an untargeted ... [read more]

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    How to network and potential clients ?

    Is there a website or anything that will help us to find , for example, small companies, emegering companies, or singers/actors.... models network event........

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    Newsletters vs straight pitching for freelance work

    Delta223 in Offline Marketing

    I'm a freelance writer thinking of using newsletters to follow up and stay top of mind. Part of my target audience is editors though, and they receive a lot of ... [read more]

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    Is this a fair exchange of value? How would you improve it?

    Oziboomer in Offline Marketing

    Exchange $10 for a $10 Silver Coin This is the premise behind an offer that was mailed to Australian households today. I've included five images of the contents of the ... [read more]

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    One of the biggest mistakes you can make when selling over the phone

    SalesGod in Offline Marketing

    I'm going to go on a short rant about objection handling and closing over the phone. People ask me all the time how to handle certain objections they get when ... [read more]

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    have an apple ID?

    savidge4 in Offline Marketing

    just thought I would share this.... I have 16 different apple ids.. of the 16 14 of them had charges I did not make this morning. I would suggest considering ... [read more]

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    Promotional Pens

    Not sure if I should post here in the DropShipping forum, but my idea is to send via snail mail a pen with my company name and URL to each ... [read more]

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    I started a FB group for cold callers

    James Beech in Offline Marketing

    Hey warriors, My primary means of taking on new clients is cold calling, but I find it so hard to get motivated to do this sometimes I have to turn ... [read more]

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    how to market a Local Party Marketplace

    Tee Rexx in Offline Marketing

    Hello, I'm a french CS student and I created a site that allows users to create / join home private parties in the city. The one who organizes the party ... [read more]

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    Is This Headline So Compelling That It Forces You To Read The Rest Of The Post?

    OK, I admit it, that was my attempt to be cute. Do you want to create ads that really sell? The one glaring mistake that I see over and over ... [read more]

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    "The display ad design guru's you NEED to study..."

    Hey, Off and on over the past few years, I've subtly dropped a few hints in posts and emails that I regularly use display ads to get clients. And no ... [read more]