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    Who Uses Groupon...Here Are Some Demographics

    The other night, I shared this on my TMN Show. Here are some demographics. The folks on the call founds somethings surprising. What are your thoughts.|coupon|1|,R pp:25,Ro:-1 CT

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    Is It Really Okay to Email Small Business Owners?

    I've written a few emails to send to businesses offering my services, but I've hit a wall. After researching the CAN-SPAM Act and making sure that my messages would be ... [read more]

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    Can This Amazon Site become a stud vs the dud it now is?

    Metro123 in Offline Marketing

    I bought this site last year. Sales info touted automated, etc. and a good money maker. Just promote, and money would be coming. Not true. I did communicate to seller ... [read more]

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    Local Lead Maximizer Pro & Power Leads Pro?

    Anyone know when these two programs are gonna be available?

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    Will this work?

    Evan887 in Offline Marketing

    I have a local realtor client who needs leads. We were thinking of posting ads on Craigslist that said "Think You Can't Sell Your House? Think again." Then it would ... [read more]

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    Google Places KW question

    yourdogguy in Offline Marketing

    When I look at a keyword like- San Diego plumber - in Google's KW tool it says that there are 12,000 searches per month. Would that total include people in ... [read more]

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    Those using the Rent-A-Site model - What about Google Places?

    krzysiek in Offline Marketing

    Hey friends! Just a quick question aimed at those using the rent-a-site model. I want to also make a Google Places listing for my client in addition to the website ... [read more]

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    STOP REHEARSING SALES SCRIPTS!!! These plr sales scripts should be a study guide for you, not what you say word for word to a potential client. This goes back to ... [read more]

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    What to do to keep website ranking on page 1 of Google Places (7 box)?

    joe0074 in Offline Marketing

    Hi there, I get my client's website ranked on Page 1 of Google Places right now. I'm wondering if there is an easy way that my client can do to ... [read more]

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    I have extra credits for a direct mailing list. Anyone interested?

    I am getting ready to change mailing services and I have a little over 20,000 credits for direct mail b2b leads with a very reputable company. ( pm me for ... [read more]

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    How does Google Places help increase sales for the customer?

    I have sent out quite a few postcards to local businesses in need of a few basic internet marketing tips. My goal is to get a few face to face ... [read more]

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    Where can I get warm to cold callers?

    RepATX in Offline Marketing

    I am looking for a few cold callers. I have the places to call but the last few people completely flaked on me.

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    Google Places - Merged New & Old Business Information

    Lauryn in Offline Marketing

    Hey! Google places merged an old business listing's information with the new business listing's information. Old business is closed. How can I correct and/or remove this? If you have any ... [read more]

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    Selling websites to local businesses

    Has anyone ever done this? I heard from someone that they'll create a website (ex: car repair) and get it to the top of Google for a certain state/town/etc, and ... [read more]

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    How should you handle clients that service different areas?

    mavericx in Offline Marketing

    Had a question for you guys: I'm talking a little bit with a local upstart company (trash collection) that services different cities/counties. What would be the best way to approach ... [read more]

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    How to convince people they need QR codes, mobile sites, now.

    AshleyPS in Offline Marketing

    Hi there, I'm having a bit of trouble convincing business owners of the use of QR codes a mobile optimised site etc. right now. All the business owners I speak ... [read more]

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    Lead generation pricing model

    lingo in Offline Marketing

    Hi, I have recently been looking at providing local lead generation services but im struggling to nail down a structured pricing model. At the moment i am selling leads to ... [read more]

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    Getting Offline Clients With Limited Time

    danr62 in Offline Marketing

    Hello everyone. I am really excited about this forum. I am looking to break into local marketing, however, the problem I have is that my time is extremely limited. I ... [read more]

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    local seo packs

    Matt_S in Offline Marketing

    I have been approached by a local business to do some seo work for them. They are related to my own business, however not a competitor, and approached me about ... [read more]

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    Looking for opinions on direct mailing

    GameVoid in Offline Marketing

    I am pushing my writing business more into the offline world. I am currently working a full time job and between that and existing writing contracts for my online clients ... [read more]

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    Shameless plug for the only offline Wordpress theme package you'll ever need, after trying many...

    Guys, I've been building websites for clients, "renting" sites to local businesses, and selling ad space to local businesses for a while now. Just wanted to say that Scott Blanchard's ... [read more]

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    How to get traffic on website ?

    Balvinder in Offline Marketing

    How to get trrafic on website thro offpage ?

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    Webinar Experts Needed

    Hey guys! Going to a meeting tomorrow with a client that wants a webinar system developed and promoted and moderated. I'm really excited about this opportunity and am really enjoying ... [read more]

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    "Insurance + City" - Local SEO Competition?

    superdevo in Offline Marketing

    Hi All, I know that "insurance" is generally a super competitive industry & market. With that in mind, is it possible to rank a local client in the top 7-10 ... [read more]

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    How to embed Google map in website? New Map changes = wtf?

    krzysiek in Offline Marketing

    Hey guys, The link to "link to this page" or whatever has now disappeared from the Google Maps page. I don't know how to now embed a map onto my ... [read more]

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    Free Domain vs Custom

    Is there a difference? Say you were building a website in hopes of selling it to a business one day, could you hypothetically rank a free domain as easily as ... [read more]

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    Tools for presentations

    Hi! When you are in front of a customer, face-to-face, do you use a laptop or maybe an iPad for a presentation? How do you show what you do? Thanks! ... [read more]

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    Telemarketing and the "do not call" service

    sam770 in Offline Marketing

    Hi Folk, I heard that the "do not call" list applies for private people (individuals) only. Does anyone know if its really legal to call ANY business in the US ... [read more]

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    Looking for Mobile Marketing Helpers

    dorimt in Offline Marketing

    Hi All, I got involved in mobile marketing recently but as I am from Europe I cant find a company that provides shortcodes and that I can send text messages ... [read more]

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    What kind of SEO is still working???

    rolltide in Offline Marketing

    Since I started my biz earlier this yr, I have been using mainly spun articles from a very well known provider on this forum. They were money up until the ... [read more]

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    .info vs .com

    When you're ranking a website to sell to a business, is there any benefit in .info vs .com?

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    Lost a Deal because of Google Maps and Google Palces!

    No Whining! Just the facts. I even know the owners very well, and my wife worked there! Damn! I do SEO for many local businesses, and have great references (which ... [read more]

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    Cold Calling- Getting Past Receptionist & Answering Machines

    Mary Green in Offline Marketing

    I'm having trouble getting past receptionists when making cold calls, and I'm stuck on answering machines as well. Any suggestions?

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    I will help you to reach First Page for local terms for your testimonials

    Dear Warriors, I am looking for some testimonials for my SEO services First page for local terms or Money Back I will give 5 review services to well established warriors ... [read more]

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    Google maps

    scottbe1 in Offline Marketing

    Have you considered listing your business on Google maps? I looked up similar businesses in my area and only found one. I think it is one of the important steps ... [read more]

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    No Competition... But Still No Luck With Video Marketing 4 Local Business?!?

    There was a thread started about how to get easily rank for local keywords with video marketing so u could attract local businesses to obtain your services for 189/month So ... [read more]

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    How To Get Offline Clients With A Limited Time & A Small Budget

    Shot this 100% content video for you: YouTube - ‪How to get the offline... Enjoy Tim PS: Feel free to post your thoughts about the video below [read more]

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    How to fire your worst clients.

    BrianTerr in Offline Marketing

    Some here know that I'm in the print game. Yesterday I had a client request a quote on swing tags and business cards, (client is a specialty sneaker shop) I ... [read more]

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    #1 piece of advice for any marketer is...

    Know as much as possible about whatever it is you're offering. I'm not saying sit there and learn for weeks w/o taking action but try to stay current with everything ... [read more]

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    Offline Marketing Contracts?

    benbro in Offline Marketing

    Does anyone know where I can find a sample offline marketing contract? Thanks in advance!

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    Is BaseCamp the best PM software for clients?

    Dexx in Offline Marketing

    Just curious, since I've always used BaseCamp (tho I did try DeskAway) for client communication / project management, if there are any other online services being used by other consultants? ... [read more]

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    Instant Corporations? Hmm...

    When I first read about this...I was completely dumbfounded...and intriqued. So this is how some of em invest a few thousand (probably mortgaged their house or properties to raise the ... [read more]

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    How to develop great social network?

    Hi guys! Every now and then, I am listening to people emphasizing on a need to build big links and a vast social network.. Yes, a big social network and ... [read more]

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    How do you market a client to a wider area?

    Supafly in Offline Marketing

    For those of you who have clients in the suburbs or surrounding communities of a large city, how do you market their local listing for that larger area? For example, ... [read more]

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    Advice for New Client

    I have a new client who sells clothing to curvy and plus size women. She has two goals: increase online sales and get people to book home parties to sell ... [read more]

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    Need advice on SEO packaging and Pricing

    simbot82 in Offline Marketing

    I really need some help defining what it is a client would get from me at different tiers of SEO. I have sold my first package in the $150-300 range ... [read more]

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    Best wso or information source for google places?

    Well first off guys I would like to thank you all. Between reading here, few other forums I have started building my offline empire. I started out doing sites and ... [read more]

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    Lead generation for mortgage businesses?

    Steve Wise in Offline Marketing

    What would be the most cost effective way for me to generate leads for mortgage businesses? I've worked in UK financial services for over 20 years and have lots of ... [read more]

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    Increasing CPM earnings

    Moneyperk in Offline Marketing

    I just recently started using Contextweb advertisements. I believe they are a relatively new company and strictly CPM advertising. Anyway, I am just wondering if anyone could help me increase ... [read more]

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    I just had a brainwave

    Adam Smith in Offline Marketing

    So I was thinking... I live in a town of around 60,000 people. What if I created a facebook account in the name of my town and began adding everyone ... [read more]

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    Land your first client and make upselling a BREEZE!

    areevez in Offline Marketing


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    Potential Goldmine? Or Not Worth The Effort?

    hawynstud in Offline Marketing

    Ok, I been thinking of doing offline marketing in my local area but have been debating if it is worth it. When searching for competition for town and businesses I ... [read more]

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    Scarface lesson; never underestimate the other guy's greed. $110,000 cheat...

    Here is an interesting story. It happened to me last year. Many of us here are good people. You can see many threads with offline Warriors asking questions, wanting to ... [read more]

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    Are you going to add Google+ to your Social Media Marketing for clients?

    My first though was that Google is chasing Facebook's big fat tail, trying to keep up. After doing some research and watching a few videos on Google+, I think they ... [read more]

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    Suggestions for this client

    octobergal in Offline Marketing

    I had a Chiropractor email me today about setting up a WP site and blog. I thought he wanted it for his Chiropractor business because he doesn't have anything online ... [read more]

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    FB Apps for local businesses

    Steve Wise in Offline Marketing

    I've been looking at a couple of products today, FB cash 2.0 and App Cash Hijack. Each one says that the apps can be used for local businesses to get ... [read more]