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    Finding accurate names of business owners

    klittle in Offline Marketing

    What are you guys currently using to find the names of business owners? I had a couple of resources that no longer work. Suggestions?

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    Told one of our clients yesterday that Mobile is the future.

    flowbee77 in Offline Marketing

    I went to see a client of ours and told him that mobile sales and marketing is is the future and if he did not adapt he was going to ... [read more]

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    Can I refer local business owners to you? If so, I need a link to your business site...

    One June 1, we are launching a new series for local business owners in video format that will walk them step by step how to market their business effectively online. ... [read more]

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    Is email marketing worth ?

    anaxtech in Offline Marketing

    Can some one tell me is email marketing worth sending HTML email to target clients and get sale ??? since i have email database of emails with 100% accurate details ... [read more]

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    Need Help on My PostCard Headline

    jspmedia in Offline Marketing

    Hi, I am trying to create post card for mobile site design service... but I need a help on headline sales statement... I am using "Do you have Mobile Site ... [read more]

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    SMS Campaign for radio stations

    virginiad in Offline Marketing

    Hi, I met a man who works for a company which operates several radio stations (in this area they are all music stations). He is interested in learning more about ... [read more]

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    Can Anyone Recommend Me An Offline Guide For The Uk Market?

    squeezecpa in Offline Marketing

    Hi, I am basically after anything which covers the Uk market, laws, contract etc. I have looked around but I can't seem to find anything which covers the UK. Hope ... [read more]

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    SMS Cross Promotions

    virginiad in Offline Marketing

    I heard an idea the other day which makes a lot of sense to me. When a client sends out a text coupon, etc to their list, they could offer ... [read more]

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    Critique my cold calling script.

    Hey, the TMF is kind of slow and I really want to implement this starting tomorrow if I can get enough cash in hand to buy the three things I ... [read more]

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    I might get a SEO deal with the biggest marketing firm in my city

    misc92 in Offline Marketing

    Just some information before starting: - Im not in the USA and SEO is still premature here, non-english speaking country. - I happen to know the director of the biggest ... [read more]

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    Best offline prospecting Tips

    tush in Offline Marketing

    Hey Warriors, Need help here... I know that there are some people who are very successful at getting prospects offline. This is for any business, real estate, network marketing, etc. ... [read more]

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    17 Years Old - Offline Marketing

    iRunThis in Offline Marketing

    Hey Warriors, I'm only 17 years old and I've been looking into offline marketing for quite some time now but really stuck to Affiliate Marketing because I viewed my age ... [read more]

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    How much to charge a Wronful death lawyer for SEO???

    valdivz in Offline Marketing

    I had a referral come in for a Wrongful death lawyer who would like to get more of these cases. These lawyers make anywhere from 30%-40% of the amount they ... [read more]

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    Offline clients

    Hi warriors, im just beginning to venture into getting offline clients. Done my homework in regards to who i'll be targeting, and the criteria i'll be working with. Would just ... [read more]

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    Are you Sure You Want To Be Your Own Boss? - Why Telemarketing Isnt Working For You.

    People ask me all the time why am I not succeeding like the telemarketers you talk about…? Or they say “I don’t know what you are talkin about but it ... [read more]

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    Do you have an upcoming event for small businesses? Let me know and I will publish it.

    DaniMc in Offline Marketing

    Hello offline Warriors. I know some of you use classes and seminars as part of your marketing activity. We are launching a new site soon which will be for small ... [read more]

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    How Would You Ramp Up Bids at Local Charity Auction

    I'm offering a mobile website design with one year of hosting for a local charity auction this Friday...the charity coordinator requests a "gift certificate" to display for bidding. Seems a ... [read more]

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    Best Way to OutSource Calling to Phillipines?

    Hey Guys, What is the best way for someone in the Phillipines to call into the US? Skype? Virtual Pbx? Other? Jack

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    Latest Apple Video Says Barcodes, Not NFC

    mclpro in Offline Marketing

    Here's the original post: Apple Rejects NFC, Says QR Codes In Latest Promo Video » McLoughlin | Promotional Marketing Done Right. And the video: YouTube - Apple - iPhone 4 ... [read more]

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    Ideas for split testing fliers?

    IsGabeW in Offline Marketing

    Hi, I have an offline client who actually gets lot of business from passing out fliers in neighborhoods for his service. He has consulted me to help increase his current ... [read more]

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    Google Places - What happens if the business only has a cell number?

    eshber in Offline Marketing

    Is there anyway around having to wait 2 weeks for a verification postcard from google? As they don't verify the google places listing on cell phones.

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    Offline marketing is the sh*t

    Its just amazing. I've spent many many months struggling with other online ideas, but offline stuff seems to be so much more satisfying and the cash generation possibilities are endless. ... [read more]

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    Looking for Tech Help for a Potential Customer

    Hey guys! Just got a great lead on a potential customer from someone who works in the company. She mentioned something that the customer is looking for from the website ... [read more]

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    Project Management equals SUCCESS

    grin in Offline Marketing

    I have been going over some of the things I know about project management and wanted to share some thoughts as well as get other viewpoints who are interested in ... [read more]

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    Clickable phone #'s for mobile sites?

    MarthaD. in Offline Marketing

    Can anyone tell me how to do this? I'm creating a mobile site with my phone number on it in both text and using a phone image icon but not ... [read more]

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    Managing E-Mail Campaigns

    Tradewinds in Offline Marketing

    I'm just sending out my first e-mails to attract offline Clients. I had thought I might use an AutoResponder to track who I'm sending to and which groups etc. However ... [read more]

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    Fiverr Question

    Does anyone use Fiverr for citation building. I see a lot of people advertising directory submissions. If you do use Fiverr for this, can you recommend a good GIG. Thanks

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    stressed out, out of pocket, package lost, who's to blame?

    thedog in Offline Marketing

    Hi guys. Seriously stressed out here, and looking for some feedback on who's at fault. I had some flyers made up for a big show in dublin. Got the exact ... [read more]

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    Help-Looking for Large Current PLR SEO/Internet Marketing ebook

    TheShark in Offline Marketing

    Hello, I've done some searches, but can't find a good one (or even two or three). For my offline marketing efforts I'm looking for a PLR ebook/book that on internet ... [read more]

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    HELP! Whats the best way to get a massive amount of numbers to local businesses without scraping GP?

    Entertize in Offline Marketing

    I am wanting to know if there is a faster way to generate leads to cold call. I am a one woman show here and work full time already (even ... [read more]

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    misharuski in Offline Marketing

    First off i will make flyers that say FREE PARTY with my site on the back, and distribute them across the schools in my city. I would then get a ... [read more]

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    outsourcing web design for offline?

    aclacy in Offline Marketing

    Hi guys, I have had web designers over the years, however many come and go. Any suggestions for web designers who understanding offline web design? Any suggestions would be great, ... [read more]

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    outsource offline work

    jc123 in Offline Marketing

    Well I tried Backpage but got no response. Can't post on Craigslist as I live in UK and need US workers (offer is US only) Elance and Odesk also no ... [read more]

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    Lets Disassemble / Reverse Engineer Groupon........ Please?

    momo3 in Offline Marketing

    Hey guys I hope this thread gets some love. I am just curious I know Groupon is, you know, real big. And they must have MASSIVE ROI because their ads ... [read more]

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    Posters in commercial buses

    seeyou in Offline Marketing

    Have you tried Pasting Posters in commercial buses, note that your words should be short as possible adding your phonh and website url. This works great. So guys what is ... [read more]

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    Got An Appointment, What Should I Bring To It

    Hi all, Besides my success last week, I actually got an appointment setup for tomorrow Tuesday 3/15/11. It's for re-doing a clients website and was curious to know what I ... [read more]

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    Need SEO Advice (Removing Negative Statements For Company)

    Warriors, I have a potential client that is asking me for some answers that I don't know. Here's the story: Whenever you type the business name, Google Instant gives keyword ... [read more]

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    Offline CRM / Support & Billing software..?

    cagwatson in Offline Marketing

    Hi, Do any of you offliners have any customer relationship management software that you could recommend, preferably with some sort of support system to allow clients to raise requests for ... [read more]

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    I registered one of my offline clients with and now they're soliciting my client

    I registered one of my offline clients with and now they're soliciting my client directly with phone calls. Anyone else know anything about this?

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    3 Directory Citation sites

    I have set up 3 free directory sites to build citations, and backlinks. If you would like to add your clients, use the url's below. These sites are Wordpress sites, ... [read more]

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    Ideas for QR codes for auto repair shops

    johnhoefer in Offline Marketing

    Someone has an interesting thread on QR codes for auto dealers, I didn't want to hijack his thread, so I started a new one. What do you think about QR ... [read more]

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    Is this a pot of gold or dog poo?

    slatron25 in Offline Marketing

    This is kinda an offshoot of Mike McAleer thread Make money with Domain Name Directories but a different approach. I didn't want to hi-jack that thread so I'm starting this ... [read more]

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    Facebook Marketing

    mscherrah in Offline Marketing

    Hi All, I posted something similar to this in the main marketing discussion, but I think it is miscategorized, and is going to be erased. I am having trouble figuring ... [read more]

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    One way to get your first offline client for free

    Trying out a new camera. Enjoy this quick video on how you can get your first offline client for free. YouTube - How To Get Your First Offline Client... [read more]

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    Creating A Social Networking Website Profile that Attracts Views like Crazy

    cka233 in Offline Marketing

    How you would like to meet and communicate with other internet users, especially ones that share the same views and beliefs as you do? If you would then you may ... [read more]

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    Outsourcing for offline biz clients

    mjbmedia in Offline Marketing

    The promos we see in the Warriors for hire forums, without wanting to insult anyone, would the quality of the majority of work offered in that forum be acceptable for ... [read more]

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    New facts & info why marketing on Youtube is important

    ronr in Offline Marketing

    I'm looking for some info I can use in a presentation on what a force youtube has become in search engine traffics and why it should be included in any ... [read more]

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    I made a new client today just talking...

    Ouroboros in Offline Marketing

    I'm helping a friend do some major repairs on his swimming's not just any swimming pool, it's his business and it's freaking huge. 20K square feet and 400K gallons ... [read more]

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    AT&T Pushing Mobile Barcodes & Helping You. (QR Codes)

    Everybody knows QR Codes and similar codes have been talked about a lot on here and in the WSO section, but one of the knocks on them was the fact ... [read more]

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    Over 8K in contracts since live MARCH 22

    Tess D in Offline Marketing

    Hi Warriors - You may have dowloaded my Google Places guide that I created for a free local workshop and shared with all of you, or my Local SEO guide ... [read more]

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    Get Past the "gatekeeper" with your message

    Saw this on another forum....true guerilla marketing ? I love the idea of getting my message past the you just need the right message in 60 seconds or less

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    Can anyone teach a little bit CALL strategy?

    kjwlegend in Offline Marketing

    Hello guys, I find some good potential clients in the local market. I have so much confidence to build a website, optimize their website (rank in 55 now) and get ... [read more]

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    How Much To Ask For A Local Domain Name?

    Vijay M in Offline Marketing

    Guys, A big shout out and thanks to all the regulars posting their nuggets of wisdom. I have been holding on to a local domain name from 2007. Its something ... [read more]

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    Yikes! A locksmith client! Any tips?

    Supafly in Offline Marketing

    So, like many of you, I've avoided the locksmith industry because of Google's heavy handed restrictions caused by so many scams; however, a potential client really wants me to solve ... [read more]

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    I got my first paying offline client the other day

    I got my first paying offline client the other day. Here's how I went about advertising my services. First I picked 10 businesses and analyzed their websites for keywords, search ... [read more]

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    Is This a Good Idea for Stealth Marketing?

    mrfixituk in Offline Marketing

    I was thinking of purchasing books at wholesale on a health related subject such as heart disease to interested buyers. I then print something on the inside cover pointing them ... [read more]