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    What to sell to this client?

    LookAhead in Offline Marketing

    So, I was working with a newspaper publishing director on his facebook campaigns to increase likes and engagement, paying me around $160/month. I actually didn't find this client myself, he ... [read more]

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    Softare or Tips to Get Business Phone Numbers Quickly?

    Jay Rhome in Offline Marketing

    I have lists of businesses with name and full address I want to contact. But I'd like to find their phone numbers too. It's easy to get this data one ... [read more]

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    How to choose your offline business name(And domain) ?...

    yosk in Offline Marketing

    Hi guys. How u doing ? I have some question about owning an online business . How should I name it ? I want to sell Videos and other social-media-related ... [read more]

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    Do you use paid links to boost your clients standing?

    timpears in Offline Marketing

    I here buy links, i hear don't buy links. I hear build your own blog network for SEO for your clients or your own purposes. So I want to know ... [read more]

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    Best Lead Gen Software

    sodomojo in Offline Marketing

    I have used Places Scout quite a bit, but my license expired. Now I am trying to decide between Places Scouts and Mobile Renegade. In the past I used Scout ... [read more]

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    Web Design & SEO Offline Agreement

    Hey guys, Thank you in advanced. If you get a client that will pay you monthly for $200 a month for web design, hosting, mobile website, and seo - the ... [read more]

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    In Search Of What Prospects Want, But Not Getting

    ewenmack in Offline Marketing

    Delving into the world of another person can be quite a mystery, if you even get that far. You've got your problems so thinking about a stranger doesn't reach the ... [read more]

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    What to give a client for under $100/month?

    Goalie35 in Offline Marketing

    Hey, guys. 1st post & let me 1st say I've been reading & researching internet marketing for the past few months. Even purchased a program but this forum is BY ... [read more]

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    Debt Niche PLR

    mattfraser in Offline Marketing

    Hi, Does anyone know if this video was a WSO Product: and if I can get a Debt Niche PLR site? Thanks, Matt

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    Lead generation companies responding faster to their leads

    Lead Generation Companies Are Finally Responding Faster To Their Leads: Latest Research - Forbes

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    Help with ID'ing Niche please

    Scatter brains this a.m. an II need some help to focus. What are some example businesses(loca level or otherwise) that extend financing options to their customers? I know many medica/dental ... [read more]

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    Local SEO Recommendations

    KaterSD in Offline Marketing

    I'm looking to learn Local SEO for my own offline business. Can you guys recommend any WSO's, or courses that have helped in learning LOCAL SEO Including Youtube Marketing. The ... [read more]

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    Lead Generation Site Questions

    scout99 in Offline Marketing

    If I'm starting a local lead generation business, is it best to have a totally different domain for each client? Or can I have a main site with each city ... [read more]

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    Where to get software made?

    Through working a vertical, I have an idea for a software/program that will provide a solution to a problem that many of the business in that market face. Have any ... [read more]

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    question about short url service

    JoelDean in Offline Marketing

    Hello I know that some short url service are like 301 and some not. How can I understand when a short url service is 301? thanks

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    Need help dating niche!

    Gatis in Offline Marketing

    Maybe somebody can help me make 15-30 leads a day? skype- gatens4

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    Marketing computer training and tech support

    How would I go about promoting PC support and training to home users and small businesses? Anyone do this already and do it successfully? Thanks, Dave

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    what type of fb page for custom cabinet builder

    sbishop in Offline Marketing

    I am working on my friends custom cabinet business. he has no online presence. I want to set up a FB page for him, but I am not sure if ... [read more]

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    What's working for local local SEO

    AussieT in Offline Marketing

    What is currently working to boost the rankings for a brand new local biz website? What would you do first besides on-page SEO to get the maximum benefit? The site ... [read more]

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    How's everyone doing in January so far?

    wb_man in Offline Marketing

    Are you working towards your new year's resolutions? Getting new clients? Working on new projects? How many new clients this month? Share your success story.

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    For those interested in destroying their Local SEO

    bad golfer in Offline Marketing

    If you have a desire to destroy all of your Local SEO efforts, there are many ways to do it. Here are seven.

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    Best Traffic method To Youse?

    seanpbh in Offline Marketing

    I have just completed my website where I am selling business cards. However, I do not have much experience/success in traffic generation and am wondering what the best method would ... [read more]

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    [ORM] How to be alerted when a new review is left across several review sites?

    krzysiek in Offline Marketing

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if there is a solution to stay updated and be alerted of any new reviews (good or bad) made against a business across several review websites? ... [read more]

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    Direct mail - Do you sign the letter?

    qu4rk in Offline Marketing

    I was just reading something where it was saying that the 1st thing people read is the signature in a direct mail sales letter. Do you guys sign yours or ... [read more]

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    Who Has or Who Knows how to find this type of Data or Database...[Desperately Looking]

    Fellow Warriors, Does anyone have or do any of you know where I could find a list or updated database of Companies or Businesses in the U.S.A. showing annual Printing ... [read more]

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    How to do call tracking?

    wb_man in Offline Marketing

    Let's say you are doing PPC for a dentist/doctor/lawyer and you want to know if people are calling them after they click on the PPC ad. Do you change the ... [read more]

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    What next after you've used direct mail, newspaper ads and Yellow Pages advertising?

    ewenmack in Offline Marketing

    Where do you find growth when you've maxed out the different media channels? One option is to tweak and test ad variations. Another option which may yield higher rewards is ... [read more]

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    Can you guess why these people DON'T call?

    misterme in Offline Marketing

    Here's the situation: I do a give away. People enter on line. I was sending an email once a week, notifying everyone who had entered during the previous week, to ... [read more]

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    Is SMS a viable business idea?

    As I move into the new year I find myself evaluating different aspects of my life, and the financial aspect of my life is really gaining solid attention. I am ... [read more]

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    Hiring lead generator

    How many leads can a lead generator do per hour? How long should it be before an average lead generator starts showing results? Is Odesk and Elance good place to ... [read more]

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    Services to Offer Clients

    stacyfox in Offline Marketing

    Here are some services you can offer your offline clients. I'd love it if other people chimed in with additional services too. Web Design – Contact businesses that don’t have ... [read more]

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    Direct Mail - irresistable offer

    qu4rk in Offline Marketing

    Ewen has a great thread about Case Studies as the irresistible offer. I am in the process of doing a direct mail pc. for a service helping clients with negative ... [read more]

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    The Worst Marketing Idea Ever

    savidge4 in Offline Marketing

    The other day I was at Home Depot. I saw one of the cashiers I know, and she was taking magazines off the shelf and throwing them in a cart. ... [read more]

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    how can I tell if a google plus local page is verified/claimed or not?

    If I'm using this to prospect for new clients (contacting them to tell them their page is not verified and I can help them verify it).. is there some way ... [read more]

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    Which is best Offline Theme

    I am looking for some best Offline Wordpress theme for SEO Services. Does anyone know about this. It can be free or paid theme, I need the one that looks ... [read more]

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    Who could JV with a landscape gardener

    Hi Gang I have somebody who is a landscape gardener and I was trying to think of businesses he could JV with to get leads. He said all of the ... [read more]

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    What Resources Do I Need For My New Web Design Business?

    Tim Bazley in Offline Marketing

    Hi I recently set up a new site for my own offline business (handyman services) and despite being pretty basic and doing minimum seo, it's generating lots of leads and ... [read more]

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    Thinking Of Accepting Bitcoin?

    I am thinking of starting to accept Bitcoin from my business clients and also from people who want to take my course. Is anyone else taking and or using Bitcoin ... [read more]

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    20 Years Old. Trying to set up a business plan.

    iRunThis in Offline Marketing

    What's up WF, It's been a while. I'm a 20 year old college student attending a University in North Carolina, US. My major is Marketing (Thanks to WF and my ... [read more]

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    Did anyone take smart strategy masters with Peter maxwell?

    veebot in Offline Marketing

    He seems to have gone missing and never finished the course. Have you all been contacted or left hanging like me? I would also like to know what you have ... [read more]

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    Any good white label Google Places or Plus guides out there

    I'm looking for a good guide to google places or plus or whatever it's called to offer as a giveaway to some and to sell to others. Would be great ... [read more]

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    Anyone familiar with No-More-Bad-Hires?

    Rags2Richs in Offline Marketing

    This is offline marketing (ad on CL) to companies hiring new employees. They are charging $10K to $1 Million to market their system.

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    guy expertly photoshops himself into shots with celebrities

    bad golfer in Offline Marketing

    these are good. Guy Continues to Photoshop Himself into Celebrity Photos - My Modern Metropolis edit: oops - please move to Off Topic Forum

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    Anyone try magnetic signs on their car with success?

    Bruce99 in Offline Marketing

    Hi, I am a dog walker and sell dog treats nationally in Australia. My competition has magnetic business signs on both sides of their car. DO any of you use ... [read more]

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    Need More Optins using IPAD...

    Chris Cho in Offline Marketing

    I recently bought an ipad to add to our marketing. Today was the first day I put it up and so far we had 3 people who filled our all ... [read more]

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    Step by Step: a Quick $750

    kindsvater in Offline Marketing

    Step by step, how I just made a quick $750 from offline marketing. It wasn't from my marketing, but you'll understand in a second: Step 1: Signed up for the ... [read more]

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    Do you Sell Mobile Coupons services? Need quick advise plz..

    Mystery777 in Offline Marketing

    Hello, if you've been selling mobile coupons services to local businesses for a while, I'd just like to have your opinion on one thing, based on your personal experience. It's ... [read more]

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    Hey Guys I am looking for software that can help me blast emails to several different niche business

    Forteam04 in Offline Marketing

    Has anyone had any luck with any offline software that has helped them email many businesses fast and efficiently? please provide a link even if you like matt

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    WHAT can be sold to bars / nightclubs???

    Rockrz in Offline Marketing

    OK, I know someone who has access to alot of bars and nights clubs and is wondering what products are there besides booze and food that can be sold to ... [read more]

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    citation template

    sbishop in Offline Marketing

    Does anyone have a template to use for citation sites? I know that it is important that all the citation sites have the same info. Or is there a online ... [read more]

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    Fastest way to cold call/ finding clients?

    Kasparov in Offline Marketing

    Hello Warrior Forum. I've been trying my hand at cold calling for a while now, it's going really well and I'm learning a lot. Right now I'm trying to improve ... [read more]

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    Using Articles To Market Offline Businesses

    pplicon in Offline Marketing

    Has anyone used article writing and submission to promote a local business for either branding or traffic? If so, would you mind explaining the benefits, and where I may find ... [read more]

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    selling uk geo domains

    footpod in Offline Marketing

    I have a few UK geo .biz domains. I really would like to develop them but I have no time - any links to suitable outlets please

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    Eminem sales training

    joe golfer in Offline Marketing

    James Altucher shows how Eminem uses recognized persuasion techniques to get customers to agree with him and bury his competition. How To Get An MBA From Eminem | TechCrunch Altucher ... [read more]

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    getting mailing lists.

    ShaneS19 in Offline Marketing

    Does anyone know where I could obtain mailing lists with all kinds of niches?

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    Google + Local (Google Places) *SCAM* - A warning to all Warriors.

    I have received SO many PMs and emails about this, I have to speak out. I know I'm going to tick off many people. There are some big names on ... [read more]