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    Thank you, WF! Just picked up a check for $2,917!

    Synnuh in Offline Marketing

    About 3 months ago I got off my "1.5 year retirement" and came back to the IM game. I started out with an authority site, a couple small niche sites, ... [read more]

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    Channel sales for easier $$

    I love direct sales and the thrill of closing. However, it is a severely unleveraged business model. You only eat what you kill even when you are calling from warm ... [read more]

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    Buyer or seller, which one is scarce?

    awledd in Offline Marketing

    I am not fond of local marketing, one thing because I am not good at communication or I simply do not want to deal with people directly. You know I ... [read more]

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    You Tube Changes

    TheCG in Offline Marketing

    Has the ability to stop the "Recommended Videos" screen at the end of a video been removed in a recent YouTube change? Not sure I want my potential customers to ... [read more]

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    Has anyone tried the FRIDGE MAGNET idea? Tell me your story.

    Ron20 in Offline Marketing

    Hi! As the title goes. Have you tried the fridge magnet idea? Like a magnetic calender with business listing on it or a fridge magnet directory. Like selling 15 - ... [read more]

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    Is this a good idea?

    kevd10 in Offline Marketing

    Hello there. I am trying to come up with a legitimate way to make money in the online game. I live in a part of the UK which was hit ... [read more]

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    Hiring commission only sales people

    Jays80 in Offline Marketing

    Warriors, "Commission only" sales reps. Do they exist? What is the starting point to search them? Any pointers in this regard? I have had not so good experience with hourly ... [read more]

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    Personalisation and possibly 3D printing.. .the possibilities

    mjbmedia in Offline Marketing

    Over here in the UK, personalisation is taking off, people making their 'own' versions of otherwise generic things, dolls, chocolate bars, etc etc, and many ways of now using 3D ... [read more]

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    Google Keyword Planner - Inaccurate Results - Proof Inside.

    Riz in Offline Marketing

    If you are doing keyword research for localized terms using the keyword planner then expect extremely inaccurate results. From my experience they are showing 5 to 7 times lower search ... [read more]

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    Running my Local Coupon marketing is working!!

    the05boss in Offline Marketing

    Revised I have been running a coupon marketing campaign to local businesses, from restaurants to dental offices. I started two months ago and now earning $3k per month and building ... [read more]

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    Loyalty Card System

    RyanGillam in Offline Marketing

    I have developed my own loyalty card system. It is currently in beta testing in 25 different locations. I currently have four different card types out there: 1. Basic Plastic ... [read more]

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    WORST Cold Walking Experience EVER - Offline is not for me.

    dmaster555 in Offline Marketing

    So it was 6PM and I noticed a "closed" sign on the window lighting up, but I saw that the door to enter was slightly cracked and there was some ... [read more]

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    Hoping for help as I'm just (as the title of thread says)....TRAPPED! I lost my job after many (MANY) years and am now up against the 8 ball! I can't ... [read more]

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    Struggling to sell SEO services... HELP!

    WillST in Offline Marketing

    Hi guys, I seem to be doing OK(ish) at generating leads via the message 'we can improve your hits/visitors/enquiries/sales through your website'. Once I have a bite (mainly through email ... [read more]

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    Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

    Rearden in Offline Marketing

    JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI - Official Trailer - Magnolia Pictures on Vimeo For you guys with Amazon Prime, it's free to watch. What a wonderful piece on the dedication and ... [read more]

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    This money making idea was one i didn't put into my new WSO, see my signture below, so I decided I would share it here for free. MAKE $700 WITH ... [read more]

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    Looking for stories and testimonials from people who have used 9x12 or EDDM successfully.

    Hello friend, Yes, I am calling you a friend, even though I don't know you. I'm calling you a friend because I do know that you, like me, are a ... [read more]

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    Take away not wanting to do a special offer

    bigmaz in Offline Marketing

    Hi guys, I have developed a good friendship with a local take away, and he was kind enough to offer a prize for my competition. I was asking if he ... [read more]

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    Google Gets into the Reputation Management Game - New Update Rolling Out Now

    I've been BETA testing a new product for Google that I think business owners will love. I just made the official announcement and wanted to share it here because I ... [read more]

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    Offline Promotion Ideas

    Here are 20 offline ideas to spark your upcoming promotions. 20 Offline Marketing Ideas That Work Need more ideas?

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    killing everything to maximize hangouts on air

    bob ross in Offline Marketing

    I want to start doing some hangouts on air but my internet connection has a really slow upload speed so I'm trying to do everything I can to get the ... [read more]

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    Got my first client :o)

    bigmaz in Offline Marketing

    Ok, so starting a new SMS coupon service. To build my subscription list, I am going to be advertising a deal to be used in a local shop, and to ... [read more]

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    Power Editor Trubles

    kjkjk87 in Offline Marketing

    Hi everybody, I am Giovanni Terzi, the display manager of an italian startup in Berlin. I am using Power Editor since I have started working a pair of month ago. ... [read more]

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    Information On Local SEO Website??

    Hey everybody, I'm offering my services to local businesses and already landed a client!! I do not have a website...been busy created one for my cousin. I need a website ... [read more]

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    How do you get top notch photos for webdesign?

    its in Offline Marketing

    I look at other companies, templates and so forth. I feel my designs right now are being held back because I don't know the best resources to find images. Any ... [read more]

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    Global Revolutionary Revenue Stream For Offline Marketers and Their Clients

    maizie123 in Offline Marketing

    Hi Guys, I am posting today to intorduce a new revenue stream for those working in the offline niche worldwide. There is a new loyalty cash back card just hit ... [read more]

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    Is your portfolio website important ?

    If you are into offline marketing . is it important to have a personal portfolio website ?or our company website ? how much is it important from a scale of ... [read more]

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    Newbie with questions

    Hi there, I've been lurking here for quite some time but I realize the best thing for me to do is jump in and start participating to get the most ... [read more]

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    FREE Webinar: “State of Local Search” Mike Blumenthal, Andrew Shotland, Phil Rozek & More

    Wanted to invite you guys to our new free LOCAL SEARCH Webinar series. BrightLocal and I are starting a free webinar series focused on all the latest topics in local ... [read more]

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    Cold Calling advice needed

    Garble in Offline Marketing

    I'm selling websites (trying to) by cold calling. I've been focusing on the construction trade in my rural area and I find that a lot of these businesses are run ... [read more]

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    Reputation management white label

    omarketing in Offline Marketing

    Hi was on a webinar with the local coach jay fair brother. He was promoting a rep management system. He said it was white label so I am trying to ... [read more]

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    what services do you offer clients and how much do you charge?

    like the title says.... to your offline clients what services do you sell and how much do you sell them for?

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    Offline listing..

    xXn00bXx in Offline Marketing

    We've heard about namelist, sales letter, email list and so on.. But how to captured an offline listing? We've been busy with the IM lately, have you guys considered to ... [read more]

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    Need Help With Marketing

    pbdollars in Offline Marketing

    I can do web design and programming in PHP / ASP.NET. Looking to setup a marketing campaign where by I can get constant leads. Can you please suggest some marketing ... [read more]

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    When you say you close 1 deal out of 100 calls, what does that mean?

    Ron20 in Offline Marketing

    Hi, I have heard many people saying that the average closing rate for cold calling is 1 deal per 100 calls. I have a question, when you do 100 calls, ... [read more]

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    Anyone promote themselves as a virtual marketing manager?

    ronr in Offline Marketing

    Anyone actively promote themselves as virtual marketing managers for busineses bigger than a local mom and pop. Instead perhaps B2B clients. With small local businesses you have the constant grind ... [read more]

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    Best WP Solution for taking restuarant takeaway orders online?

    Hi guys, I haven't had many restaurant clients in the past, but the market is wide open in my city, and i need to provide these guys with a ordering ... [read more]

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    Good Idea/Bad Idea?

    umc in Offline Marketing

    Obviously the WSO model is a success. Put up a course of some sort for free or a reduced price, then upsell on other services or private mastermind groups. I ... [read more]

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    OMG Claude Whitacre!!

    Who remembers when Borders bookstores went out of business? In my zeal to scoop up all the books on marketing, advertising, business and sales at deep, deep discounts, I didn't ... [read more]

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    Batkid Saves Social Media Company or How I Learned to Love Self Promotion

    Aaron Doud in Offline Marketing

    Inside The Social Media Strategy That Made Batkid Go Viral | Co.Exist | ideas + impact I just found this article and couldn't help but share since I found the ... [read more]

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    Questions for the successful Lead Gen guys

    What are some of your strategies/methods for landing clients? How are you pitching them? Thanks, Darrin

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    Probably like my greatest post ever...

    TheBigBee in Offline Marketing

    21 Ways Rich People Think Differently | teremity Sent chills up my spine. Think big.

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    Hi, I have a huge stumbling block that I have putted off solving for a long long time. I have a very high level of anxiety when I am around ... [read more]

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    afbjv in Offline Marketing

    Has anyone ever asked a business owner for referrals when they first started out? I'm talking about an owner who has a business that's non competitive to yours and your ... [read more]

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    getting leads in other countries

    stranger11 in Offline Marketing

    Hello Warriors, I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to get leads in other countries, like China, Mongolia, United Arab Emirates, or other countries in Asia. Something like ... [read more]

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    Domain Flippin

    pelytu12 in Offline Marketing

    Can someone tell if this works IRL. 1. Purchase a Domain Name with Key word for specific markets 2. Create a One Page Website optimized for the keyword(s) 3. Place ... [read more]

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    I'm mad and I'm not going to take it anymore....

    MRomeo09 in Offline Marketing

    So, I'm semi-retired now. I only do work on occasion for direct referrals of long term clients with a minimum monthly fee of $1,500. (I sold my entire business 4 ... [read more]

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    Tips on selling leads to realtors?

    richie311 in Offline Marketing

    Does anyone have experience on selling home buyer leads to agents? I was thinking of offering a 20 lead free trial, but then I thought well internet leads don't exactly ... [read more]

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    Is there a way I can make money by advertising my client's product on ebay?

    He has an awesome unique product that nobody is offering and is in great demand. Each sale earns him thousands of dollars. He doesn't know a thing about the internet. ... [read more]

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    Video Marketers - 1 YT page or multiple

    9999 in Offline Marketing

    I have about 20 keywords that I would like to rank videos for (1 video per keyword), this is for a local company. I have a few questions: -Would it ... [read more]

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    Offline Clients What to Offer & How Much???

    Hey warriors! What kind of services do you offer your offline clients? I been doing affiliate marketing for a while and made some money and would like to throw it ... [read more]

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    How to add value for website hosting at £15 per month? What else can i offer included for that price

    Ron20 in Offline Marketing

    Hey as some of you know I do website design and SEO. So long i was giving my clients 1 year's free hosting and £70 - £100 from the next ... [read more]

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    1/2 Reality and 1/2 Theory - But Here's How To Make Some Quick Holiday Cash!

    shockwave in Offline Marketing

    I might as well throw this one out there since I've only partially completed it (hence the title to this post). And besides, there's plenty of work nationwide, so don't ... [read more]

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    Free Business Info Services

    trevstar22 in Offline Marketing

    Hey guys, what are the best business info sites that provide at least some free info. There was one beginning with M That I am trying to remember. I have ... [read more]

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