I want to become a PPC expert.

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Where do I start?

I currently have general working knowledge of adwords.
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    Bing/Yahoo. PPC is less than a third of adwords. Seems to get higher conversions too. But do remember bing is a smaller market share.
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    If you want to become a PPC expert you should run a successful PPC campaign, which requires having such skills:
    - you should expertise in the mechanics of PPC marketing;
    - necessary for deep understanding of business;
    - logical thinking on process optimization.
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    Let’s start for PPC books, forums, sites and experts advices! I think that everything will be great and you will improve some of your knowledges! Very important to develop your skills, good luck))
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    If you are really interested in being a PPC expert then I would suggest you to take Google AdWords Certification exam. A simple search in Google will generate lots of information about how to prepare, appear in exam and get certified.
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    Try searching google, there are websites talking specific about adwords and also try it with a small budget for a specifc website.
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    After you read and learn the basics, you will have to create your first campaign.

    Bing might be easier to use because you can either use a simple landing page or sent the traffic directly to an offer(not recommended but easier to do for your first campaign). With AdWords you have to follow guidelines, have policy pages, a decent website and promote only quality products.

    Most likely you will not make any sales but you should analyze the campaign and try to understand what went wrong. Then you start changing things and create the campaign again and see if it improves.
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    You say you already have general working knowledge of Adwords. That's a start. Don't stop learning.

    But basically as others have said, to be an expert you need to gain experience. Run successful campaigns. Knowing the basics does not mean you can run profitable campaigns. Start by advertising your own products/services or even some affiliate marketing. As with most other fields, there's a difference between knowing and doing. Do and supplement with books (PPC specific as well as general marketing and sales), reading forums, asking questions. Maybe you can find a mentor or even a job in the field (entry level of course).
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    Less work More money More time

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    Read tutorials. Focus on researching profitable niches and affiliate sites with big commision. Create your ads. observe which ad perform best and delete the low performance and replace it with other new ads.
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    Make Money, Don't Let It Make You

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