Anyone still using old self-hosted Prosper202?

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It's 2017 and I've been out of the PPC game for a while. I was last using the self-hosed P202 ver 1.7.2 which I knew very well (even after buggy later version came out)

It looks like sometime in the last few years they switched over to hosting it themselves? Is that correct? (the Docs page says it's up to ver 1.9.37)

But is anyone out there still using the old self hosted version for anything?
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    Hi there yes Prosper202 is no longer free, the switch was made in mid 2016.

    The last free version was 1.9.30.

    The most current version for paid users is 1.9.40 as of a few days ago.

    I switched focus to only the paid version because it was the best and fastest way to fund the development costs needed to keep up to speed with the pace of innovation in the industry.
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    Thanks for the Reply.... is it still possible to download ver 1.9.30 free from this page? (to try it)

    I tried logging in with my old account but it takes me to all places other than where I can find the free download.
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    Nana is from Prosper 202 so what he said is correct. I have last free version hosted on my own domain. Though I have used it till early 2016 then I moved has-offers.
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    I'm aware of that... but is the last free version (1.9.30) still available for download?
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      Hi unfortunately no, I've taken all copies of the old software offline.

      For a while I considered leaving it online. However, since the self-hosted version is no longer being maintained, it gives people a bad first impression of the company when people download it and have zero support or updates.

      I'm evaluating offering the latest saas version available for self hosting. But It's not set in stone yet.

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