PPClick or PPCall for Insurance verticals?

by BobanV 6 replies
From your experience, which one is better for Insurance lead generation?
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    Both can work.
    It just depends on your experience, if you know PPC better, you will likely do better with PPC. If you know Pay Pay Call better, you will likely do better with pay per call.
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    This is going to sound stupid, but I'm new... Are you talking about legit Insurance, as in Life, Automobile, or Renters Insurance? --- I've seen other posts about Insurance, is this a profitable market?

    Thank you in advance!
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      Yes insurance verticals are very profitable if you know how to run a PPC campaign, higher CPC's but bigger CPL.

      Less work More money More time

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    Never run pay per call but pay per click is very profitable if you know how to run a PPC campaign.

    Less work More money More time

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    I would suggest to not use PPCall at all (for most businesses), the only exception will be a type of business where people only call to inquire and do not look for extra information first (read page text and call if interested), PPCall may work for all types of emergency services (you call to get somebody to come),

    Problems with PPCall:
    1. people are used to see the website after click and bounce back when they see their phone calling (tested!),
    2. most inquiries people want to see/read something before they decide to call you
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    Hi BobanV,

    Typically, lead generation for Insurance is done through web form more than any other method.

    There are some types of businesses that call-only campaigns perform better (i.e. locksmiths, bail bondsmen, towing services, taxis, etc.).
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