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Hi Guys,
For the Google Display network, I understand that the Ad gallery is a tool which helps us to create ads but I am confused and have a few queries which are:

1. If my client is the owner of an automobile dealership whose main aim is to increase sales and thereby drive a higher ROI as opposed to the previous year, then should I use an HTML 5 ad or Flash ad?

2. For instance, if my client owns the Jewllery brand and wishes to increase brand awareness online and increase sales from the website, then what format should the ad be in - flash or html 5?

3. Could you also elaborate any other scenarios under which html and flash should be used?

I would highlyappreciate any feedback/guidance.

Thanks !
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    Hi Siraj,

    HTML or Flash or Text Banners, really doesnt matter to increase ROI. It would be better if you can create a specific png or jpg banner as what adwords offer for free is a simple way to help non tech people.

    I have some clients who get better results with HTML and some with text ads on display network. Your best bet would be to create multiple banners for each format and test.
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    Whats good for the goose may not be for the gander - Split test
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    Hi Siraj,

    You don't need to choose between HTML5 and Flash. Adwords has already phased out the Flash ad format and accepts HTML5 for animated ads. They quit accepting Flash ads last July and stop displaying pre-existing ads at the end of last year.

    HTML5 is the official replacement format for Flash ads.

    Official notification of the discontinuance of flash ads: https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/6249073?hl=en

    Instructions for HTML5 Dynamic Display Ads: https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/3265299?hl=en


    Don Burk

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