I am a newbie in CPA Marketing. Need help

by greatdsa 11 replies
I started with the registration of three networks.

1. CPALead
2. CPAGrip
3. AdworkMedia

I tried the offers of Adwork Media and CPAGrip for testing only. I think there is some problem in the network/offers or maybe I am not doing it right. I was confirmed about 3 leads but the reports of the network show 0 leads.

Can anybody help me in this issue?
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    the CPA may have rules in their TC and your leads haven't qualified
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      I think there was some problem with the offer also. Because I tried one offer named "Coke vs Pepsi" but when I opened the link it redirected me to some other link and I am sure that wasn't "Coke vs Pepsi" offer.
      The requirement of the offer was only Email submission and I still haven't got any lead. Although I have more than 67 clicks.
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    What source traffic do you use?
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      Social PPC, Search PPC.

      Recently, my Peerfly account got accepted and I tried to promote a CPL offer but FB and Bing ads didn't accept the link of Peerfly saying that it violates their policy. I tried another offer of Peerfly then it again repeated the same error. I tried reading their policies and my ad wasn't violating any of them. Then, why are they not accepting my ad? Any idea?
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    your best bet on a new network is to talk to your affiliate manager gain some trust and start testing with them directly....make sure all is working before you push hard.


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